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Powerpoint Presentation Technology Class

May 18, 2015




Activity 5 PowerPoint Presentation

  • 1. Mrs. Wittrigs 1 stGrade Class PowerPoint-Learning the basics and creating with PowerPoint

2. Using PowerPoint for the first time

  • Start by double clicking the PowerPoint icon and choose the template choice to build a slide show from templates that have been designed for us.
  • This is one example of a template that has been designed for use.

3. Choose a Title for your Presentation

  • Example: Welcome to Mrs. Wittrigs 1 stGrade Classroom
  • Insert Graphics by clicking on the insert button at the top left of the page and choose a picture from the clip art choices like this

4. Use key phrases in your presentation like this

  • Creating Slides
  • At the top right corner of the toolbar, click on the new slide choice and enter to create another slide when you have finished your slide and are ready to move to the next.

5. Tips for students creating a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Avoid using too much text (writing) in in each slide
  • Limit the number of slides used in the presentation
  • Make sure the title is at the top and the slides are easy to follow
  • Do not use fancy fonts so we all can read the presentation with ease
  • Use contrasting colors for the text and background of the presentation
  • Text can be difficult to read on patterned or textured backgrounds so that is something to keep in mind.
  • Keep you color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.
  • Use animations carefully as well as the transition options

6. Moving from slide to slide

  • To move to a previous slide: click on the upper double-arrow button on the lower right corner of the PowerPoint window.
  • To move to the next slide: Click on the lower double-arrow button on the lower right corner of the PowerPoint window.

7. Adding Color to Text boxes

  • Click the text box to select it.
  • Find the drawing toolbar and click on the color of choice for example yellow and click on the yellow in the box and the box will turn yellow.

8. Changing Font

  • To change the font, click on the text box and select it and place the pointer on the boxes border and click again.
  • Go to the Format menu at the top left of the page and click on font.
  • Choose the type of font you want and click o.k. to it to apply to the text in the box.
  • You can also change the color of your words in this format area and bold words if you would like.

9. Changing Background Color

  • Click on the Format menu at the top and click on background.
  • Click on the Fill choice in the background and choose the color you would like.
  • Click o.k. once you have chosen your color to apply and to close the color option box.

10. Adding ClipART

  • On the toolbar at the top, click on the insert clipart button.
  • The Microsoft Clip art Gallery box will appear and you can click on the Clip Art Tab.
  • Pick a category for a picture you may want to use like education for example.
  • Click on an image you like to select it and click insert and it will be added to your presentation like this.

11. Saving your presentation

  • Click on the file menu and click save as
  • Type the name of your presentation
  • Click save
  • Your presentation will be saved to the hard drive.

12. PowerPoint Uses in the Classroom

  • We can create reports with photos and things like biographies
  • We could use presentations for our lessons for example spelling words or finding answers in a multiple choice option
  • Making presentations of student work to display online as well as in class
  • Slides allow students to think through and organize their work and can prepare the students for reports being done orally.