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Portfolio Sebastiaan Krijnen

Feb 18, 2016







  • Hi.

    My name isSebastiaan Krijnen*.

    2* Sebastiaan Johannes Krijnen | 14 - 10 - 1993 |

  • and I like ...



    3*** Yes, I made this portfolio in InDesign arts.

    industrial design | graphic design | webdesign | playing the piano for 13 years | playing the guitar for 7 years | composing and arranging music for 8 years | recording and produc-ing music for 4 years |

    Photoshop | I l lustrator | InDesign*** | Dreamweaver | Premiere Pro | After Effects | Cinema 4D | 3ds Max | CryEngine 3 | Unreal Development Kit | Fl Studio 10 | Arduino / Processing / Java | Max/MSP / PureData |

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  • 6 Aphorius: into the worldThe story is about someone mak-ing his own way through different social situations. Eventually, the outcomes or causes of these situa-tions are reflected in the story and environment. By this, the goal of this game is to create awareness regarding Identity Crisis. These are the overall outlines of the game, but to be more specific, there is an underlying story. The player follows the story of a k id who is locked up in a dark place. He passes some so-cial confrontations as a flashback, in which he can make his own choic-es. These mini-levels are visualized in an abstract way. Increasingly, the

    dark place lights up and appears to be a room in which he is locked. Af-ter encountering four different situ-ations, he can leave the room and explore his environment. This envi-ronment then seems to be the real and realistic place of all the con-frontations he has passed, but then with the effects and consequences after the choices he has made. In this stage, a realistic world, caused by his own choices can be walked through, being a metaphor for his own raised awareness of his iden-tity.

    - watch trailer on youtube- watch walkthrough on youtube- read project report


    Aphorius: Into the World | september - december 2012 | Department of Industrial Design ( TU/e) 6 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN

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    Screenshot from the videogameA shot from the final scene of the game. The image shows the realistic version of the woods in which the player walks.


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  • 9Screenshot from abstract worldThe final scene in the abstract world can be seen on this image. The rest of the page dis-plays the realistic version (that is seen later in the game) of this environment.

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    But my greatest hobby is ...

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    ... and will always be


    *and I mean music in its broadest meaning: I l isten a lot of music, but Ive played various instru-ments as well. The most significant ones: piano and guitar. During the 13 years of activity in music, I have played, per formed, participated in competitions, arranged for orchestras and bands, composed in all different musical styles and recorded/produced my own music. In the upcoming pages you will find a brief selection of my own songs.


  • 14 Composition 4 (yet untitled) | september 2008 | own music project

    First pop record (5:36)My very first pop song was writ-ten around my 15th birthday. Up to now, I still think this is one of the most interesting songs Ive ever written. The first warm piano chord that is played immediately sets the atmosphere of the song: warm, deep, but unusual. A title is still missing, as the lyrics are not finished yet, but the lines (for ex-ample A blanket of leaves filled my warm underground) image a set-ting of wildered marshlands in an autumn storm of waving branches and leaves. I t has a very threaten-ing and dark undertone (for exam-

    ple the lurking limbs will come and get you), and as this tone rises and comes to its climax, the music explodes into some massive piano chords accompanied by a full instru-mentation. When all of this comes to a climax, everything falls back to the beginning piano chords. The song ends with the pianos begin-ning chord, but changed in such a way, that it leaves a still mysterious tone after the raging storm of mu-sic. As if this storm has ruined the piano chords.

    listen on soundcloud


    14 MUSIC

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    just a photo captionHere, I will give you some extra information about the photo, if that is necessary

    First film music (5:54)A song I originally wrote back in 2009, afterwards used for a school project. This project resulted in an action-horror game called The Watchmaker , which I created from scratch together with a fellow stu-dent. The music was also written by me and completed as an entire soundtrack around the game, com-bining classical film music with al-ternative rock and electronic music. This is the title track to the game and I am still in a recording pro-gress for the other tracks. I am even working on an extended version of the soundtrack, aiming at the style

    of a full-length album.

    - listen on soundcloud- watch trailer on youtube


    The Watchmaker | september 2010 - februari 2011 | Stedelijk Gymnasium s-Hertogenbosch

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    Film music again(5:00)Being the subtitle of Aphorius , my own created serious game, the song Into the World is fully built around the idea and atmosphere of the game. The game is about soli-tude, and a journey and search to someone. The simple solo piano line in the beginning sounds opti-mistic in the beginning. But as the D major chord with its melody line adds an unusual B flat, the atmos-phere becomes slightly darker. Con-tinuing the song, it builds up with the addition of strings, drums and a choir, until it falls down to anoth-er sad piano line. When this again builds up into a heroic film sound, followed by the again sad piano solo, the song has changed in its character a few times. I did this to

    emphasize the doubtful mind of the main character, slowly building up into something more self-assured, but still uncertain about the future.

    listen on soundcloud


    Into the World | september - december 2011 | Department of Industrial Design ( TU/e)

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    phone of satisfying quality and a proper Ibanez acoustic guitar, the record has a more human touch to it. Until then, the instrument tracks had all been recorded via my MIDI piano. The addition of an acoustic guitar, a better way of recording my electric guitar and some more effort in mixing the song gave the record this realistic feel.

    preview on soundcloud

    A guitar record (5:22)My Way was the first song I wrote entirely form the guitar, while I ac-tually just played the instrument for a few years then. This was the beginning of a more guitar-driven period of music. When I recorded the song some years later again, my skills were higher, so it was easier to make a better record of it. At the same moment, it was my first song featuring an acoustic guitar. Having bought a condenser micro-

    MY WAY

    My Way | august 2009 | own music project

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    An exercise in record-ing and mixing (4:48)This song that I wrote during some months and recorded over a few days demonstrates the unexpect-ed path a recording can make: it initially started as a Ludovico Ein-audi sounded piano piece. This formed into a more Adele sound, to a standard pop song, to a more rock-driven Muse sound, until it fi-nally ended up as a combination of all of them. Through time, I am developing my recording and mix-ing skills. Being a quite simple song on its own, recording Making Leg-ends was a complex task to do. For instance, while it sounds as some simple chords and riffs, it features six different guitar tracks. The title

    Making Legends comes from the meaning of the lyrics (which you cant hear on the track yet, as it is an instrumental version):

    Not being together with someone you are interested in in a loving way, just before or after a relation-ship can result in daydreaming and fancying. In these thoughts you sometimes create your whole new and glorified version of that person. I t then becomes in fact the standard way you think of that per-son. You have actually made the legend about that person. Howev-er, we all know legends cannot be just made.

    listen on soundcloud


    Making Legends | may 2013 | own music project

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    just a photo captionHere, I will give you some extra information about the photo, if that is necessary

    Conceptual cover artMaking some experimental cover art gave me the opportunity to express my musical ideas in a visual way.

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