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Jul 20, 2016



A compilation of my projects from Comm 130
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Table of ContentsProject 4 MontageProject 8 BrochureProject 2 Event AdProject 1 FlierProject 6 StationaryProject 7 WebpageProject 5 Logo

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Project 4 Montage

Description: This montage project was to blend two or more images, apply a filter to some, or all of the project, and add an inspirational quote or title.•Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): Using photoshop, I applied a mask and filter over the image of the Knight Hospitaller to give him what I hope comes off as a somewhat ethereal appearance. I thought that the quote and images worked well together with the decorative font in a sort of “ghosts of the crusades” theme. The castle ruins is actually an image of Krak de Chevaliers, a prominent fortress in the southern reaches of the Principality of Antioch (modern Syria) and the headquarters of the Hospitallers in the Holy Land. I brushed out a few tourists on the farthest visible portion of the wall. After all, Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue in their t-shirts and baseball caps detract a little bit from the message. The quote I chose was from Frederick Barbarossa who was a king who actually died on the Third Crusade.•Message: If you try to butter both sides of the toast, you make a mess.•Audience: largely English speakers with internet access.•Top Thing Learned: I learned quite a bit about the various brush tools and layers in photoshop.•Title Font Name & Category: Washington Text, Decorative•Copy Font Name & Category: Shruti, Sans Serif•Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site): The Knight Hospitaller image was one I had saved to my desktop a couple year ago and I unfortunately couldn’t find it on the website it was originally posted on. However the background image can be found here:

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Project 8 BrochureDescription: A brochure intended to illustrate concepts learned previously in the semester.b.Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used InDesign for the general layout for the brochure. I edited several of the images in Photoshop. I also created the Maltese Cross logo in Illustrator. The lines dividing the outside and inside of the brochure into thirds represent folds in the paper. They were created with the pen tool in Illustrator.c.Message: The Holy Land is in danger from Saracen aggression, and must receive aid at once.d.Audience: Higher ranking nobles capable of fielding large armies for an extended campaign.e.Top Thing Learned: I learned how using Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop in concert can create a far superior product to one using just one program.f.Title Font Name & Category: Morpheus, Decorativeg.Copy Font Name & Category: Arial, San Serifh.Word Count of copy: 250

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The Third Crusade

The ThreatJoin us on Crusade! Take up the Cross! The Holy Land itself pleads to you for redemption. Right now, Outremer is under siege by the vile Saracens. Through sword, rapine, and famine they have polluted the holy altars, desecrated the land of Christians with their foul practices, and seek to either kill or subjugate any who stand in their way. At this moment, the Greeks stand upon the verge of annihilation by these

encroachments while those who once ruled Jerusalem itself either lay dead or have been captured by men greedy for the ransom they might obtain from them. They plead for the aid of their fellow Christians. They must be freed and the land redeemed.

The CallWho shall answer this call if not you? You whose strength and glory in arms is renowned throughout the world! You whose prowess in battle is great enough to humble any who dare resist you. Your uprightness of

No Effort Is in VainIf it is but a small thing to make pilgrimage to Rome to visit the shrines of the saints there and yet you receive great reward for such a pilgrimage how much greater shall be your reward for liberating the land of the apostles and of Christ from such foul beings. Answer the call, and make your crusading vows today. Do not cower from such a monumental undertaking. Whether you receive the martyrs palm or return home victorious, you will have reward far greater than that which man can see.

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Project 2 Event AdvertisementDescription: This fictitious event advertisement was created using only a scanned image and Microsoft Word 2010. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Since the event advertisement I was to create was fictitious, I decided to have a little fun in creating a recruitment poster for the Imperial Guard in the Warhammer 40,000 science fiction universe. Having several large full bleed images to choose from in their source material also helped me decide the general direction to go with for the theme. For those unfamiliar with Warhammer 40,000; it is a gothic science fiction setting filled with both dark humor and religious overtones as I tried to bring out in the body text. Having scanned the image and cropped it, I then inserted it into Word. I finished by adding text boxes and adjusting fonts, colors and the placement of the text. Message: The Emperor wants you for the Imperial Guard! Sign up and your family will be second in line for food rations. Audience: Able-bodied Imperial Citizens Top Thing Learned: Even though Microsoft Office doesn’t put a lot of design options right in front of you, a little hunting for a good video tutorial can open up a lot of options you didn’t know were there. Title Font Name & Category: Morpheus, Decorative Copy Font Name & Category: Adobe Gothic STD B, San Serif Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: Codex Astra Militarum pg. 26, full page image, BYUI Library Commons

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Project 1 FlierDescription: This is a flier which I created for a graphic design class I am currently in.•Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The text, image, and logo were provided for me in the course materials. The goal of this project was to create a grayscale flier in Adobe InDesign while incorporating the design elements we had learned in class. The title and placement of the text are intended to create a good flow across the flier. I used arial font for the title while using times new roman for the body in an attempt to create contrast. I broke up the text block into small, sensible chunks so that the reader might not become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of text.•Message: The message is an invitation to attend a leadership seminar.•Audience: The intended audience is graduating seniors as the text indicates.•Top Thing Learned: The top thing that I learned in this process is a greater awareness of design elements than I had previously obtained.•Title Font Name & Category: Arial, Sans Serif•Copy Font Name & Category: Times New Roman, Old Style

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Project 6 StationaryDescription:•Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): In Adobe Illustrator, I used the pen tool to draw most of the top half of the sword image. I then used the pencil tool to create the rounded pommel. Next, I used the reflect tool to create the other half of the image. I matched up the two halves to complete the image and threw in a text box for “Sola Virtus Invicta” and a second box for the contact information. I then created two different 3.5 x 2 in. documents and placed the logo and contact information in the first and second files respectively to represent two sides of a business card. I gave the smaller files blue borders partly to define the edges of the business card and partly just for the sake of adding a little bit more action to the card. Finally, I placed the different images in Adobe InDesign giving us the final result.•Message: a personal business card and letterhead with a simple logo design•Audience: persons seeking to contact me•Top Thing Learned: I think I have gained a much better grasp of how to use Illustrator and InDesign together by saving files in a separate folder so they may be accessed by both programs•Title Font Name & Category: Morpheus•Copy Font Name & Category: Arial

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Project 7 Web PageDescription: An HTML and CSS file designed to showcase a logo I created.•Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): Illustrator, Photoshop, Notepad ++, Text Wrangler•Message: personal logo used to illustrate my skills•Audience: potential employers, me•Top Thing Learned: HTML and CSS are far easier than any-thing else so far this semester.•Title Font Families & Category: Morpheus- Decorative•Copy Font Families & Category: Times New Roman- Oldstyle•Changes made to the CSS: mostly editing the colors and font choices. Added in the logo and centered it, and increased the padding for the header.

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Project 5 LogosDescription: For this project I was tasked with creating three different designs for a logo for an organization or individual. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator’s vector imaging program to render the text and shapes involved in the three logos. I created the lion rampant using the pen tool. I varied the designs by creating one as mostly text, one that included shapes and text in equal proportion, and then one in which the focus was primarily the shape of the lion. Message: The Howard Family Motto of “Sola Virtus Invicta” translated “only virtue conquers” is one I found rather inspiring and wanted to express that. Audience: The Howard Family Top Thing Learned: Illustrator is far easier to use than drawing by hand. Votes on favorite logo: 4 Top, 0 Middle, 6 Bottom

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