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Portfolio 2

Mar 08, 2016




After first intern

  • PortfolioKevin Qian

  • The Hidden Jungle

    The Gowanuss Art Show

    Washington Park Installment

    The Winter Garden

    The Floating Garden

    Construction Drawings


  • On top of a MTA train station, under an exist-ing building, this project was to create a place of entertainment for everyday riders to enjoy. The core concept was to bring greenery into a

    concrete jungle. This area contain a lot of skyrise buildings, office buildings, and commcial but

    not much greenery. The design was presened to the people who is working or shopping in the

    area so they have a green area to rest.

    The Hidden Jungle

  • Located inside the Gowanus Canal, on the cor-ner of 3rd avenue and 3rd street, this project

    was to renew the area from being an industrial wasteland into a main tourist attraction. The

    design was inspired by the existing artist and the industrial industry within the area. The uses in-clude a small art manufacturing plant, an educa-tional area, and a free market place for the artist

    to display/sell their work.

    The Gowanuss Art Show

  • Located inside Washington Square Park, this park installment was created to bring a place for relaxation and a bit of entertainment. Inspired by a tree, this structure lifes the rider up into

    the air, inside its pods to around the hight of a tree. This provides a new experience for daily park users and an overview of the park for new


    Washington Park Installment

  • In the corner of Adams St and Sands St, the purpose of this project is to create a fitness cen-ter. Being able to look pass into the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge, this building is designed to attract daily citizens who uses the Brooklyn

    Bridge, College students whos on a gap between classes, and normal citizens who lives in this

    area. Within this building, there is green floor, where plants grown even in the winter, a swim-

    ming pool, and typical fitness equipments.

    The Winter Garden

  • Located in the corner of York Street, and Bridge Street, connecting to the 278 Brooklyn Queens Express, this project was to design a dorm for

    the college student in the area. The focus of this project was to attract people from the highway, into this school by creating a garden on the roof at the highway level. Seeing floating trees and young adults relaxing in that area while driving

    on the highway will spark some curiosity and at-tract attention.

    The Floating Garden

  • Construction Drawings (Floor Plans)

  • Construction Drawings (Detailing)

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