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Poolside Meetings

Jan 16, 2015





  • 1. Poolside meetings

2. Long ago, in a place called Mohenjo-Daro there lived a priest-king named Vivek. Vivek had a daughter named Kalyani whom he loved above all else.Her mother had died many years ago and she was the only thing Vivek had left. 3.

  • Kalyani was never allowed to do the things everyone else got to.King Vivek would keep her home every night and never let her had any freedom.
  • Although he might seem like horrible father, he did these things because of love, not simply to be cruel, and Kalyani understood these things.And so it had been this way for as long as either of them could remember.

No freedom 4.

  • It was because of this that Kalyani was so interested in the world around her that she never got to experience on her own.Not surprisingly, she eventually started sneaking out after King Vivek had already gone to bed.
  • It was on one of these night trips that she first met Sohan.

5. It was her second or third time out of the house on her own and she had no idea what she was doing.Sohan had seen how misplaced she looked standing alone at Mohenjo-Daros public bath and gone over to help her.Every night since then Kalyani snuck out to the poolside to see him.They were undeniably perfect for each other, with one small flaw 6.

  • Sohan was a servant, and Kalyani knew better then to expect her father to accept her love for a servant or the fact that he was the reason she disobeyed him night after night.
  • However, blindedby love, Kalyani had completely disregarded the fact that eventually her father would notice her absence.Because of that one small fate, Kalyani and Sohans love was doomed from the very first night.


  • It was late one night, King Vivek had been at a party all night long at got home very late.He was just passing the town bathing center in front of his house when he heard a giggle from around the corner.Curious, he stuck his head around and strained to see who the two figures were sitting in the dark alley.
  • It only took him a moment.Kalyani had betrayed him. And for a boy, none the less a servant boy.He was infuriated.


  • He wouldnt let his daughter be involved in such nonsense.He was completely ignorant to the fact that it was the first time his daughter had smiled sincerely ever since her mother had passed away.
  • He made a vow then and there to put an end to there secret meetings no matter what it meant he had to do.

9. The next night King Vivek was ready for them.He was waiting in the shadow for the two lovers to arrive.He was in a rage, practically foaming at the mouth, listening for the slightest movement to attack.All the sudden he heard someone move and looked up to see that someone was climbing the wall to Kalyanis room. 10.

  • This was what he had been waiting for.He had caught Sohan in the act and he was not about to let this opportunity slide.
  • He ran screaming from his hiding place, propelled himself up the wall, and ripped Sohan from the wall and throwing him into the pool. He ran over to the figure floating limply in the pool ready to fight, but when he got there he saw something he had never expected.


  • The figure in the pool had long hair and wasnt Sohan at all.It was his beloved daughter Kalyani.She had landed on the edge of the pool and broken her neck.King Vivek couldnt believe it.He wouldnt.It wasnt possible.
  • At that moment Sohan ran into the courtyard.He froze dead in his tracks upon seeing the scene laid out in front of him.The love of his life laying face down in the pool motionless, and her own father standing over her.He sprung at King Vivek.


  • King Vivek didnt have a chance to see him coming.All the sudden they was on top ofeach other, each taking out all there anger on one another.Sohan wasnt going to let the murderer of the one good thing that had happened to him in his entire life off with a warning.He was prepared to kill him and nothing would stop him.
  • Sohan and the King brutally battled poolside until Sohan pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed King Vivek with all his might.Vivek had no chance, he took a step, started to sway, and fell backwards into the pool next to his daughter.


  • Sohan was terrified. He was alone again, he had murdered a man, the king none the less, and he couldnt think of any reason to live now that Kalyani was gone.
  • Sohan gazed down at her body, and slowly built up the courage to go over to it.Seeing her lifeless face looking back at him he knew right away that he couldnt bear a day without her.He took his knife, kissed her forehead one last time, and plunged his knife deep intohis chest and laid down next to her for the last time.