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Nov 04, 2014



My presentation is about LAND POLLUTION and clearly gives all points regarding land pollution effectively with images.Feel free to share with your friends and comment.


2. BEAWAREOF 3. LANDPOLLUTION 4. Land pollution is the degradation of the Earth's land surface often caused by human activities and their misuse of land resources 5. the degradation of the Earth's land 6. caused by human activities 7. misuse of land resources 8. CAUSES :1. Agricultural depletion of soil nutrients through poor farming practices2. Deforestation is removal of a stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non-forest use 9. 3. Overgrazing occurs when plants are exposed to intensive grazing for extended periods of time4. Inappropriate irrigation and over drafting 10. 5. By mineral exploitation6. Indiscriminate disposal of urban waste 11. 7. Soil contamination The presence of chemicals in natural soilChange the soil qualityAffects normal use of soilEndangering public health and living environment 12. THE HUMAN RACE WILL BE THE CANCER OF THE PLANET -Julian Huxley 13. EFFECTS :1. Waste disposal site affects one's health 2. Groundwater gets contaminated due to the toxic chemicals 3. Disturbs the balance of the ecosystem 14. Land pollution indirectly affects respiratory system of human beings. Breathing in polluted dust can result in number of health problems related to respiratory system.Skin problems are often diagnosed due to land pollution. It is said that improper disposal of household wastes leads to allergic reactions. 15. Land pollution has been found as one of the leading causes for birth defects. Pregnant women living in unhealthy and dirty environment can incur breathing problems and a number diseases. 16. Land pollution has serious effect on wildlife. Flora and fauna which provides food and shelter to wildlife, are destroyed. 17. MEASURES TO CONTROL :1. Use environmentally safe products 18. 2. Compost garden and kitchen waste 19. 3. Recycle everything 20. WHEN WE HEAL THE EARTH, WE HEAL OURSELVES - David orr...