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point of sales magento2 - Boost My · PDF file 2020-02-14 · Point Of Sales for Magento2 Warning At the moment, POS for Magento 2 only manage Simple, Virtual and Configurable...

May 30, 2020




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    juin 03, 2020

  • Contents Point Of Sales for Magento2 1

    1. Overview 1

    2. Installation 2

    First Installation 2

    Upgrade 2

    Disable extension 2

    3. Configuration 2

    POS configuration 2

    General 2

    Cash drawer 2

    Checkout 3

    Guest customer 3

    Receipt configuration 3

    Debug 3

    Multiple Payment configuration 4

    4. Checkout 4

    User and store switcher 4

    Select customer mode 4

    Add and edit products 5

    Add product to the Checkout screen 5

    Using the search function 5

    Using the shortcuts pop-up 5

    Using a barcode scanner 5

    Edit product details 5

    Chose shipping method 5

    Set payment details and create order 6

    5. Other features 6

    Available screens 6

    Checkout 6

    Sales 6

    Customers 6

    Reports 6

    List 6

    Z-Report 7

    Settings 7

    Cash drawer opening value 7

    6. FAQ 9

    What product types are supported ? 9

    What payment methods are supported ? 9

  • Point Of Sales for Magento2


    At the moment, POS for Magento 2 only manage Simple, Virtual and Configurable products.


    Catalog and Cart price rules are managed by POS

    1. Overview Point of Sales extension for Magento 2 integrates a complete Point Of Sales system in your Magento admin panel.

    Main features

    • Barcode scanner and receipt printer support

    • User interface optimized for touch screens

    • Support Multiple payments, coupon code and custom pricing

    • Support guest, existing and new customers

    • Z-report generation

    • Create shortcuts to quickly add best sellers to cart

    • Multiple users, multiple websites

    • Integrated Store pickup shipping method

    Point Of Sales for Magento2


  • 2. Installation

    First Installation To install a boostmyshop magento2 extension on your platform, process the following steps:

    • Download zip archive from your boostmyshop customer account

    • Upload files on your server : once uploaded, module must be in directory app/code/BoostMyShop/PointOfSales

    • Connect on your server via SSH, and run the following commands:

    php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_PointOfSales php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento setup:di:compile php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Once everything is done, go back in Magento, select menu system > web setup wizard, then click on the component manager button : you should see the new extension here.

    Upgrade The upgrade process is exactly the same as the installation process

    Disable extension To disable an extension, select menu system > web setup wizard, then click on the component manager button.

    Find the extension you want to disable and select “disable” in the “Actions” column.

    3. Configuration

    POS configuration


    These settings will define the global rules of POS.

    Option Description

    Barcode attribute Products barcode attribute

    Disable sounds Disable sound when a product is added to POS checkout screen

    Authorize the sale of out of stock products

    Allow to add out of stock products to POS checkout screen

    Filter sales In POS Sales tab, display only sales of the store currently used in POS

    Search mode Defines the way search from products search pop-up will be triggered

    Cash drawer

    These settings are related to the cash drawer opening pop-up that will help you to define which amount is in the cash drawer of your shop at the beginning of each working day.

    Option Description

    Enable opening Display a pop-up to setup cash drawer opening value at the first time POS is opened every day

    2. Installation


  • Method Payment method used for cash drawer openeing value


    These settings will defined the global workflow of POS checkout screen.

    Option Description

    Default Shipping Method Default shipping method selected in POS. We recommand to select Store Pickup

    Default Payment Method Default payment method selected in POS. We recommand to select Multiple Payment

    Automatically download receipt

    Download order receipt automatically once an order has been completed through POS

    Enable customer notification Send an email to customer once an order has been completed through POS. This option requires Magento running in production mode

    Email identity Email identity used for customer notification emails

    Email Template Email template used for customer notification emails

    Guest customer

    There you can define guest customer data, that will default customer data used when orders are created without customer selection.

    Option Description

    Group Guest customer group

    First name Guest customer first name

    Last name Guest customer last name

    Email Guest customer email address

    Street Guest customer street adress

    City Guest customer city

    Country Guest customer country

    Region/State Guest customer region/sate

    Postcode Guest customer postcode

    Telephone Guest customer phone number

    Receipt configuration

    There you can setup basic information about receipts generated by POS once orders are created.

    Option Description

    Width Receipt width (in cm)

    Header text Text displayed in receipt header

    Footer text Text displayed in receipt footer

    Logo Logo displayed on receipt


    This option should only be used if BoostMyShop support requests it through support tickets.

    Option Description

    2. Installation


  • Flush current user settings Flush all POS settings from Magento registry

    Multiple Payment configuration Multiple payment is a payment method part of POS extension, that will allow you to affect different payment methods to a single order, created through POS.

    Multiple Payment settings are available from menu Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods > POS Multiple Payment :

    Option Description

    Enabled Defines if Multiple Payment method is enabled

    Title Multiple Payment method title, displayed through Magento backend

    New Order Status New order status affected to order created with this payment method

    Sort order Payment method sort order

    Methods Payment methods available when Multiple Payment is affected to an order

    Method to use for change given Payment method used for the change when payment amount exceed order total


    Method used for cash : Before being able to configure this, save previous changes clicking on Save.

    Use example : When you create an order using Multiple Payment method, payment records total exceed order total : order total is 78$, customer gives you a 100$ bill. In this case, POS will create an additionnal record of -22$ to handle the changeusing the Method to use for change given payment method.

    Methods : In this field, you have to separate all payment methods by a coma.

    For example : cash,check,credit card,bank transfer

    4. Checkout The POS interface is available via menu sales > Point Of Sales > Checkout.

    You are directly redirected to the screen to place a new order

    User and store switcher POS supports Magento multiple store and users : when you create a new order, it will use the current store and user.

    To switch to a different store or user, use the button at the top of the screen (click on the user name / store name).

    When the order is created, the selected user is stored in the order. You can retrieve the user that created an order from the “Sales menu” on the left.

    Select customer mode POS orders support 3 different modes :

    • Guest: you don’t need to enter any customer details to create the order. In this case, the system will use the settings configured in sales > point of sales > configuration > Guest customer to create the new order and fill customer details.

    • Existing customer : choose an existing customer from Magento database.

    • New customer : create a new customer entering customer name, email address and group.

    4. Checkout


  • To select a mode, click on the customer button a the bottom : a popup opens where you can select the customer mode.

    Whatever method you use, you can enter or edit the customer address and details in the first tab of the popup “Customer details”.

    Once you have configured the customer settings, click on the “Done” button to apply.

    Add and edit products

    Add product to the Checkout screen

    You have 3 different possibilities to add products to POS checkout screen :

    Using the search function

    Click on the magnifier logo in the top right corner, to open the “Search products” pop-up.

    It will allow you to search products by Name, SKU or by barcode (depending the barcode attribute configured in the module configuration).

    Once results are displayed, click on any product to add it to the current quote.

    Using the shortcuts pop-up

    Click on the “Shortcuts” button at the bottom of the Checkout screen to open the “Shortcuts” pop-up.

    To add a product to the Shortcuts list take a look at your products attributes, you should find a “POS