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Playbill for The Honky-Tonk Angels

Mar 29, 2016



The playbill for Swift Creek Mill Theatre's production of Ted Swindley's The Honky-Tonk Angels, playing March 28 - May 4, 2013.
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The People’s Playhouse for Over 45 Years

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Records indicate that Swift Creek Mill was in existence as early as 1663. It is believed to be the oldest grist mill in this country. Henry Randolph I, born in Little Houghton, Northhamptonshire, England, migrated to this country about 1640. In 1655, he acquired a large tract of land in Bermuda Hundred on Swift Creek where he erected the present mill.

An heir of Henry Randolph I, William Bland Randolph, deeded the mill to William Rowlett on February 20, 1805, and it became known as Rowlett’s Mill. In 1852, the Rowlett heirs conveyed the mill to the Swift Creek Manufacturing Company.

On May 9th and 10th, 1864, a battle was fought around the mill while General B.F. Butler’s Army of the James attempted to cross Swift Creek. Following the Civil War, the property became Schmidt’s Distillery, making corn whiskey. Following this,

the property changed hands several times, was operated as a grist mill and became known in 1929 as Swift Creek Mill. It continued to operate as a grist mill until about 1956.

On December 2, 1965, Swift Creek Mill Playhouse opened its doors. To convert the old grist mill into a dinner theater required an addition to the three story building to house the kitchen, dressing rooms and

restrooms. Stairways were built leading to upper and lower dining levels, and to the theatre located on the top floor. Much of the old equipment in the mill was refurbished to lend a rustic atmosphere.

Swift Creek Mill has been preserved as both an historical landmark and cultural outlet for the talent of local artists, skilled actors, directors, designers and technicians whose efforts have made possible the artistic achievements of the Mill. The 300 year old Swift Creek Mill has been made a Virginia Historical Landmark and has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

HiStOry OF SWiFt Creek MiLL

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yOutH SerieS 2012-2013

Drifty's Polar Parade by Paul Deiss. Monday November 26 - Saturday, December 22, 2012. Grades Pre-K - 2. 10:15 a.m. & 12:00 noon (12:30 Sat.). $9.75 individual, $8.75 group rate - includes lunch. Doors Open 30 minutes prior to showtime. The Mill’s grand tradition continues with an all-new show in our Drifty the Snowman series. Christmas is coming, and Drifty is pulling out all the stops for the yuletide season. He’s planning a parade from the North Pole to the South Pole, and all of his friends will be marching along. Join Cowboy Jim, Pepita the Elf, Mrs. Claus, and Santa himself for another very special holiday adventure. English – K.1, K.2, K.8, 1.1, 1.9, 2.1.

The Amazing GaliNewtoVinci Show: Devotion to the Notion of Motion by Tom Width and Paul DeissMonday, February 4 – Friday, March 1, 2013. Grades 4-6. 10:15 a.m. & 12:00 noon. $9.75 individual, $8.75 group rate - includes lunch. Doors Open 30 minutes prior to showtime. It’s a circus of fun as three of history’s greatest minds meet each other and compare notes. Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo daVinci will demonstrate the fundamental principles of their notable achievements as they perform The Amazing GaliNewtoVinci Show. Come and see just how amazing these men really were! Entertaining and educational, too!Science – 1.2, 1.6, 2.2, 2.6, 3.2, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 4.2, 4.3, 4.6, 4.7, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.6, 5.7, 6.2, 6.3, 6.8. English – 1.9, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.5, 3.6, 4.4, 5.1, 5.3, 6.4

Jack and the Beanstalk by Tom Width and Paul Deiss Monday, April 8 – Friday, May 3, 2013. Grades Pre-K – 3. 10:15 a.m. & 12:00 noon. $9.75 individual, $8.75 group rate - includes lunch. Doors Open 30 minutes prior to showtime.Our version of the classic fairy tale is full of fee-fie-foe-FUN!! Jack trades the family cow for some magic beans, and when those beans grow into a skyscraper-sized beanstalk, he climbs it to find that his giant hosts aren’t so scary after all. He learns some great lessons about family and friends along the way, too. Don’t miss Jack’s exciting escapades!English – K.1, K.2, K.8, 1.1, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.5, 3.6. Science – K.6, K.7, K.8, K.9, K.10, 1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 1.8, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 3.4, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11. History – K.6, K.7, 1.7, 1.8, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9.

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TheaTre SpoTlighTA Swift Creek Mill Special Feature

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Nashville, Tennessee, near the well-known honky-tonks and historic Ryman Auditorium. It is operated by the County Music Foundation, a nonprofit created to preserve and celebrate the uniquely American institution of country music. As a museum, the Hall of Fame encompasses a large collection of music-related gems, spanning over 100 years and including items such as records, instruments, costumes and other memorabilia. The following facts are just a sampling of the culture and content surrounding The Country Music Hall of Fame. • The Country Music Hall of Fame was founded in 1961 but did not have its own

building until 1967, so the inductees' plaques were hung in the Tennessee State Museum.

• Between 1967 and 2000, the museum grew to encompass educational programs, CMF Press, CMF Records, the Country Music Foundation Library and the historic sites RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print.

• Elvis Presley made over 150 recordings at Studio B, more than anywhere else.• Country music's original "Honky Tonk Angels," Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette

and Dolly Parton, were inducted into the hall of fame in 1988, 1998 and 1999, respectively.

• Elvis Presley was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1998.• The museum's ongoing exhibit "Sing Me Back Home: A Journey Through Country

Music" incorporates a fascinating multimedia component called "Dreaming My Dream" available online at

• Even though contemporary stars still record here, private groups are also allowed to make recordings at Studio B.

• Rushing to her first recording session at Studio B in 1967, Dolly Parton drove her car into the side of the building.

• Chet Atkins requested the building of Studio B, and the initial plans were drawings on a napkin by chief engineer/recording manager Bill Miltenburg.

• Hatch Show Print, owned by the museum, is an icon in its own right, as one of America's oldest working letterpress shops, and has printed posters for stars such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Wynonna and for events such as vaudeville acts, circuses and minstrel shows.

• Interestingly, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum does not select inductees to the Hall of Fame; the Country Music Association reserves that privilege, and as of the writing of this article, the three 2013 inductees have not been made public, but they are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

How many times has country music impacted your life? An American outlet of expression and storytelling, even people who do not listen to country with any regularity can appreciate its roots as an art form.

The Country Music Hall of Fame

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BandyWorkSCiTy iCe

BreCkinridge ChiropraCTiCBoulevard FloWer gardenS

CaTFiSh and Company ad SpeCialTieSdanCe XploSionerie inSuranCe

hale'S heaTing & airJaniCe logue

miChael doran, Cpamr. handyman oF CheSTerField

neW york liFepeTalS & BoWS

peTerSBurg alarm CompanyroSlyn Farm CorporaTion

Sarah'S CroSS STiTChSherWood TiTle Company

viTal SignS oF CheSTerThe goddard SChoolvillage Coin Shoppe

village neWSWilkinSon adverTiSing promoTionS

WilSon graphiCS

Thank you To our SponSorS

SeaSon SponSorS

ShoW SponSorS

program SponSorS

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The Mill has had a wonderful relationship with author Ted Swindley!

We produced his “Always Patsy Cline”, starring Debra Wagoner in the title role, and “The Honky-Tonk Angels”, starring the same three ladies you will see tonight, more than a decade ago, and Mr. Swindley chose the Mill to produce the world premiere of his sequel "Honky-Tonk Angels II: The Christmas Spectacular” in 2002. Our audiences have always enjoyed his work,

and we have loved doing it! I am thrilled to welcome back our original cast to perform this great show for you! I hope you enjoy it!

noTeS From The arTiSTiC direCTor

Page 18: Playbill for The Honky-Tonk Angels

a CounTry muSiCal FaBleBy Ted SWindley

The honky-Tonk angelS

Page 19: Playbill for The Honky-Tonk Angels


Angela Bodine Robyn O’NeillDarlene Purvis Debra WagonerSue Ellen Smith Robin Arthur

direCTorS & deSignerS

Directed by Tom WidthMusical Direction by Paul Deiss

Lighting by Joe DoranCostumes by Maura Lynch Cravey

Scenic Design by Tom Width

SpeCial ThankS To our WonderFul mill volunTeerS

Produced by special arrangement with Ted Swindley Productions


Act ILos Angeles, California

Waxahatchie, TexasThe Mississippi Delta

A Greyhound Bus

Act IIHonky-Tonk Heaven, Nashville, Tennessee

There will be one 15-minute intermission.


Piano/Conductor Paul DeissFiddle Anna BishopBass Christopher HarrisonGuitar Sam KindleDrums Nick Oyler

Page 20: Playbill for The Honky-Tonk Angels

muSiCal numBerS

Technical Director Tom WidthLight Board Op Becky LussierSound Board Op Stephen WestStage Manager Jesse MattesAssistant Stage Manager Tom WidthProperties Jesse MattesStitcher Alia RadabaughWigs Maura Lynch Cravey Alia RadabaughPhotography Robyn O’NeillSet Crew Malcolm Thomas Noah DownsRunning Crew/Dresser Casey Walsted

produCTion STaFF

Act ISoldier’s JoyHonky-Tonk AngelsStand By Your ManCoal Miner’s Daughter9 to 5Ode To Billy JoeDon’t Come Home A-Drinkin’The PillIt’s All Over, Mister WalkerThese Boots Are Made For Walkin’I Will Always Love YouParadise RoadDelta DawnAmazing GraceCalling All AngelsIt’s Time For Me To FlyI’ll Fly Away

Act IITrashy WomenYour Good Girl’s Gonna Go BadSilver Threads and Golden NeedlesNight LifeCleopatra, Queen of DenialHarper Valley PTAFancyRocky TopBarroom HabitsCornell CrawfordAlmost PersuadedSittin’ On The Front Porch SwingI Believe in MusicAngels Among UsWill The Circle Be Unbroken

Page 21: Playbill for The Honky-Tonk Angels

Robin Arthur is delighted to be back at the Mill playing with so many of her favorite people in the world! A native of Richmond, Robin enjoys working as an actor, choreographer, director, and teacher. Credits include: Church Basement Ladies, Pete ‘n Keely, Das Barbecu, and Radio Gals at Swift Creek Mill Theatre; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Clean House, Into the Woods, and Mame at Barksdale Theatre; Honk!, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Seussical, and Sideways Stories From the Wayside School at Theatre IV; and Death of a Salesman, Carousel, and Side By Side By Sondheim at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre.

Deborah Wagoner is delighted to be working with Robin, Robyn, Tom and Paul to bring the Honky Tonk Angels back to the Mill! Her previous Mill roles include Penelope Pennywise in Urinetown, for which she received the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle award; and Patsy Cline in Always… Patsy Cline, for which she received the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Phoebe award and the Theresa Pollack Prize from Richmond Magazine. She has also appeared in Nunsense as Sister Mary Amnesia, Children of Eden as Yonah, Into the Woods as Cinderella, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee as Rona Lisa Peretti, Souvenir as Florence Foster Jenkins, Das Barbecu as Brunhilde, and many more. She sends love to her husband Joe Pabst, and to her parents Janet and Mickey Wagoner.

Robyn O'Neill is just tickled to death to be reunited with two of her favorite gals (and Tom and Paul, too!) here at the Honky Tonk Heaven! This marks her 60th production since moving to Richmond in 1987. Favorite roles include Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, the Witch in Into the Woods, and Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at Virginia Rep; Eve/Mama Noah in Children of Eden, Martha in The Secret Garden, Daisy Hilton in Side Show, and Nellie Collins in Floyd Collins here at Swift Creek Mill; and Dot/Marie in Sunday in the Park with George at Dogwood Dell. Robyn has had the privilege of appearing as a soloist with the Richmond Symphony, and was the 2005 recipient of Richmond Magazine's Theresa Pollak Award. When not on stage, she can often be found shooting actors in the alley behind Virginia Rep!

produCTion STaFF aBouT The aCTorS

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The Mill, You Sponsor The Arts,

Education And Our Community

Swift Creek Mill Theatre is a 501c3 organization.

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many benefits of sponsorship.

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FeaTured arTWork

Terry Lacy’s history in Petersburg goes back to 1978, when she opened her jewelry business in Old Towne. “Ladysmith” specialized in handcrafted gold and silver jewelry, where Terry repaired, designed, and made jewelry by commission. The business is still active, and is now located in her Chester studio.Terry has been an artist most of her life, and has worked in many mediums. In 1990, she was influenced by the work of her friend, local artist, Faye Henderson. Terry began taking

watercolor lessons from Faye, and thus began her 22 year (so far) painting career. Terry’s work has evolved through the years, and watercolor led to acrylics, and then to oil painting on canvas. The subject matter has also changed greatly throughout her career, and now is based mostly around portraits. This has become Terry’s great challenge, to not only paint a good likeness, but capture the spirit of her subject(s), and make it a good painting. Interaction and relationships are important in works featuring more than one subject. Terry’s painting style would be considered representational, and bold color and contrast are ever present in the paintings.The artist is affected and influenced by events in her life. Terry often has a camera with her to capture certain moments that later become subject matter in the paintings. Common subjects include family members and her dogs. Women in all phases of life are a recurring theme, as Terry relates to their moods, emotions, and attitudes. Women are complex characters, and Terry enjoys painting their beauty, strength, vulnerability, sassiness and joy.Through the years Terry has attended many painting classes and workshops, which help to keep her inspired and on a path to growth as an artist. She has shown her work throughout the area, occasionally winning prizes and special recognition. The most cherished award came as a Best in Show winner during a Richmond Watercolorists Exhibit, judged by Skip Lawrence, in 2001. Terry is currently a member of PAAL, The Chesterfield Artists Association, The Visual Arts Center, Crossroads Gallery, and VMFA.Terry intends to continue the exploration of faces and figures in their relative landscapes. The challenge is formidable enough to last many years. She does commissioned portraits of humans and their animals.

For more information about the Featured Artist, or to purchase artwork,please see the Box Office Attendant

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You Don't Have to CrossThe James River For The Arts ...

Your Community. Your Culture.

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2011 - 2012 COntriButOrS

Producers ($10,000 and Up)Mitchell Wiggins & CompanyMarilyn and Robert Walker

Directors ($5,000 - $9,999)Bruce and Connie Thornton

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Performers ($1,000 - $2,499)AnonymousBoulevard Flower GardensBreckinridge ChiropracticCatfish and Company Ad SpecialtiesContainer First ServicesPam and John ComstockTom and Cathy CrewMichael S. Doran, CPA P.C.Deborah H. Garter (New York Life)Petersburg Alarm Co.Sarah's Cross StitchBob and Jean WeatherfordLTC (Ret) and Mrs. John G. WoyanskyBill, Cindy, Laura & Carrie Young

Technicians ($500 - $999)AnonymousBellwood MWRRoy E. Burgess, IIFranklin Butler (Erie Insurance)Regena CarrerasJosee G. CovingtonCultureworks, Inc.Dance XplosionEttrick Neighborhood and Business FoundationFort Lee MWRRobert and Louise FothergillJoan and Robert GoebelHale's Heating and AirLu and Ed HendersonJanice LogueMr. Handyman of ChesterfieldIlse Niedermayer In Memory of LTC Walter T.

NiedermayerPetals & Bows FloristSherwood Title CompanyThe Goddard SchoolMr. and Mrs. Larry C. TuckerVillage Coin ShoppeVillage NewsVital SignsWilkinson Advertising PromotionsWilson Graphics

Patrons ($250 - $499)Anonymous (2) In Memory of Anne Jenkins RobbMr. and Mrs. H. Lee DixonTom FitzgeraldLTC (Ret.) and Mrs. Edward J. FoleyJudith Futch and Gale MathenyDr. and Mrs. Richard A. GrenobleSterling L. HawkinsRobert and Kelly KindleMrs. Vera W. MooreSara Belle and Neil NovemberMr. and Mrs. Richard MellottRosa Davis OverbyMary Stewart and Ted RuhnkeShanel PropertiesRoger and Ruth Ann ShaulisBrent and Laura SlaughterDennis and Marcia SugumeleMr. and Mrs. Richard B. TaylorGeorge Tillman and Lloyd BryantMr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Williams

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S. AufillGwen BeallGeorge and Virginia BeasleyWilliam L. CanadaJim and Pattie CarsonMary and Thornton ClaryChesley Creek FarmMary Ellen ComstockKen and Nancy CoxFrank CreasyCliff and Hazel DavenportKenneth EderhartBrenda ElliottWayne and Kathy FunkLinda and Bill GillikinKathy and Chris GriffinRichard and Linda GuilmartPhil and Betty HanleyJohn and Jane HarmonMarshall and Susan HenryBetty Ann Grove HuntingRonald and Dorothy JaeckleChris and Peachie JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Parker JohnsonDr. and Mrs. Hans JosephsenBetty LovingScott MeltonDavid and Rebecca MillerJohn and AbbyWillie B. MorganAmy Perdue

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2011 - 2012 COntriButOrS2011 - 2012 COntriButOrS

Sponsors ($100 - $249) (cont'd) Dr. and Mrs. A. Wright PondJess and Heather PritchettMr. and Mrs. Harry RoyeJames and Rebecca SlagleCarl C. SchluterP. Michael SprakerNikki and Kenny SteingoldMr. and Mrs. R. E. StraussHoward and Evelyn TwilleyP. K. and Shirley C. WalkerKendra S. WarrenRussell E. Whitaker, Jr.Kathleen J. WiltsieDr. Patrick and Susan Young

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Friends ($99 or less) (cont'd)Ronald and Teresa DombrowskiRobert and Jean DunnAlden EldredgeJeanette FralinMr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Harman, Jr.Susan HaubenstockKathryn HorneKaren C. HowardJames JonesMarion G. JordanPaul LindseyElizabeth J. MatthewsNancy McMahonCharles MillerLiz and Charlie NanceGwynn C. PrideauxJohn H. SteveJayne Sneed and Lindsey BourneMarie O. TaneyJohn and Carolyn ThompsonNick WalkerPatricia WhiteRoy YorkKelly Vasiloff

Matching Gift CompaniesAmica Insurance FoundationHewlett Packard FoundationThe Cameron Foundation (2)The Dominion Foundation (4)The Franklin Federal Foundation

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Theatre Operations – Tom Width, Artistic DirectorPaul Deiss, Musical DirectorJoe Doran, Lighting DesignerMaura Lynch Cravey, Costume Designer

Operations and Programming – Jennifer Procise, Director of Development and Marketing

(Interim Managing Director)Darlene Arrington, Food Service and Office ManagerMegan Davis, Director of SalesPat Foley, Director of Children’s Theatre ProgrammingGenevieve Mellott, Development and Marketing Coordinator

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