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Platinum Gazette 30 January 2015

Apr 07, 2016



Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

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    Platinum GazettePlatinum Gazette 30 January 2015

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    Look how they run! (and jump and sing)

    Photograph supplied by Laerskool Burgersfort

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    ASA Metals is committed to uplift the communities in the areas it is operating in. One of ASA Metals core values is Care, whereby the company continuously develop people holistically in all areas.

    ASA Metals main objective is to develop the quality of education for learners as a long term investment in order to create a pool where to draw skilled labour from in the future, thus their intension to fund schools for educational development.

    Burgersfort remains one of ASA Metals important labour sending areas, with a remarkable number of employees living there. The Department of Mineral Re-sources (DMR)M statement to the mines recommends that areas from where employees are coming and do contribute to the companys production, need to be developed even if it is outside the radius that the com-pany covers in terms of Social Development initiatives.

    Therefore the company decided to donate an amount of R200 000 to Laerskool Burgersfort. Accord-ing to the Principal, Mr Coert Erasmus, this money will be utilised towards the completion of new classrooms which are much needed to accommodate the huge demand of new learners.

    Bottom fl tr are Mrs Elize Moll (SGB), Mr Coert Erasmus (Principal, Laerskool Burgersfort), Mr Hardley Ramodgadi (ASA Metals) and Mr Kleinjan du Toit (CEO ASA Metals).

    ASA Metals give to

    educationLaerskool Burgersfort benefi ts

  • 3NUUS30 JANUARIE 2015

    Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.Deuteronomy 32:2 (NIV)(Photograph: Ruben Zwart)

    Mototolo rewards hard workers

    Mototolo Platinum Mine recently held their Fouth Quarter Production Awards Function. At this function the company recognises the contribution by employees in the various departments. Outstanding achievements are also recog-nised. At Lebowa Shaft the following awards were given: Best Miner - Willy Masinga; Best Shift Supervisor - Cec-il Gilbert Booyse; Best Mine Overseer - Patrick Papala; Best Miner - Back Shift - Cornelius Johannes Britz; Best Shift Supervisor - Back Shift - Michael Joseph Roberts; Lebowa Shaft Engineering Awards: Best Artisan - Patrick Nkanyani; Best Foreman - Alistair Davis. Borwa Shaft: Best Miner - Thabo Dibakwane; Best Shift Supervisor -

    John Pheelo Mosiuoa; Best Mine Overseer - Johan Henry Arnoldi; Best Miner - Back Shift - Phineas Mamoloko Peo; Best Shift Supervisor - Back Shift - William John Wolfgang Pretorius. Borwa Shaft Engineering Awards: Best Artisan - Marius Bar-nard; Best Foreman - Akesh Premraj. Departmental Special Awards: Best HR Employee - Gertha Jacoba Lourens; Best HSEC Employee - Christelle Claase; Best MRM Employee - Isaac Jacobus van der Linde; Best Admin Employee - Gert Oosthuizen; Best Service Employ-ee - Dan Ngele and Best Service Employee - Lebo Makua. (Information & photograph: Mototolo Mine)

  • 4 NEWS 30 JANUARY 2015

    Houtsport op Ohrigstad

    Laerskool Ohrigstad het verlede week Saterdag hul jaarlikse hout-sport gehou. Die kinders ding dan intern mee in verskillende baan- en velditems. Die beste presteerders word ook gedentifi seer om aan volgende by-eenkomste te gaan deelneem. Die Kiaat- en Olinhoutspanne het albei verbete vir die beker mee-geding. Uiteindelik het Kiaat die atletiekbeker gewen terwyl Olin die sangbeker verower het. Die skool bedank graag al die leerders wat deelgeneem het asook elke ouer en ondersteuner wat gehelp het om van die dag n sukses te maak deur as beamptes op te tree of op ander maniere ondersteuning te bied.

    Fotos: Daleen Erasmus; Inligting: Laerskool Ohrigstad

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    Run Burgies

    run!Last week Friday Laerskool Burgersfort held their annual inter house sport. The Skillies and Hasies competed in the track and fi eld events. The following records were broken: 60m Girls u/8 - Angela Vengelsamy, 80m Boys u/10 - Tshepi Chulu, 80m Boys u/11 - Loagan Geyer, 150m Girls u/12 - Kgothatso Dibakwane, 75m Hurdles Girls u/12 - Lydia Power, High jump Boys u/10 - Dy-lan Blignaut, High jump Boys u/13 - Onkarabile Ngate, High jump Girls u/12 - Lydia Power, High jump Boys u/13 - Bonke Nkosi. The team competition was won by the Skillies.

    (Photographs & information: Laerskool Burgersfort)

    30 JANUARY 2015

  • 7NUUS30 JANUARIE 2015

    Eskom this week again warned South Afri-cans that load shedding may be necessary as the country is vulnerable to faults in the elec-trical supply system, especially during times of extra load. They called on customers to switch off gey-sers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential items during the day. Eskom do load shedding (switching off sup-ply to certain areas for a few hours at a time) in different stages. Stage 1 allows for up to 1000MW of the national load to be cut, stage 2 for up to 2000MW and stage 3 for up to 4000MW. On Tuesday this week Eskom start-ed with stage 1 cuts but later escalated it to stage 2. Platinum Gazette asked readers if theyve ex-perienced any recent load shedding and how they cope with this.

    Mr. Johannes Riba said: Ive experienced it where I stay. It is not good. I have extra lights that we charge and use when the lights go out. We save electricity by switching almost everything off.

    Mnr. Gerrie van Vuuren s: n Generator is seker al oplossing wat ons nou het. Dis maar moeilik. By die besigheid kan n mens nie reg-tig spaar nie en by die huis is dit maar normale elektrisiteitsverbruik.

    Mr. Thabang Skhonza, Ms. Alonia Machubeng and Mr. Rollen Mashe-go said: We dont have back-up plans for when the electricity goes out. When it comes to where we work. We lose customers because of load shedding. Government must really do something. Away with load shedding! We try to save by switching off the geyser in the day. We do our part to save electricity.

    Mr. Frederick Lesinya and Mr. John Ngwane said: We are not that much affected. When there is no power it is just back to the old school way of life. We try to save by unplug-ging things during the day not just to help Eskom, but because electricity is so expen-sive.

    Mr. Walter Mokoena said: Yes, sure Ive ex-perienced it. It is not good. If each and every user save just 10% by switching off their gey-sers and appliances that are not in use it will be better. I keep candles as a back up. I ex-perienced load shedding very badly in 2008 in Johannesburg. Here it is a rural area and we can use wood and the three-legged pot to cook. I think the load shedding here has only started.

    Ms. Lerato Tjie, Ms. Nadia de Jager and Mr. Bongani Phephenyane said: At work we experience it. It is hard. People come in and just start using the computer and then the power goes off. It is frustrating us a lot. Nadia added: At home we also experience it. It is usually off be-tween 18:00 and 21:00 and then you have to make plans to cook. We try to save electricity. We have timers on our geysers and it only comes on at night for a few hours.

    Mr. Moses Maile said: When there is no electricity we use paraffi n, coal and fi re to cook. It is danger-ous. We struggle without electrici-ty. We switch off geysers and other things, so we are trying to save where we can.

    Right: Mr. Thaba Sole said: In the workplace it is af-fecting us. When there is no elec-tricity the smoke extractors are not working. We are also losing custom-ers while the rent is staying the same. We are losing. Ive not really experi-enced it at home. When I leave in the morning I switch off my geyser we are trying to help Es-kom.

    Left: Mr. Benny Mnisi said: It af-fects our working environment. Our equipment, air con-ditioners, fridges and other things dont work. How will be we pay our rent if there is no business because there is no power?

    Ms. Joana Mnisi and Ms. Smilly Malapane said: It affect us at our work. We lose a lot of customers. We do get notice of the power cuts, but we are still losing. There is no back-up plan. When the electricity is off, the air con-ditioners are not working and customers dont want to stay because it is too hot.

    Mnr. Thabo Mongadi s: Dit gebeur baie by die werk maar nie by my huis nie. As dit ge-beur is die besigheid sleg en kan die mense nie werk nie.

    Left: Mr. Mzam-ani Baloyi said: Yes, Ive expe-rienced it. It is frustrating. Es-kom must give us the electric-ity we want be-cause we suffer damages if there is no electricity. I want them to warn me when there will be no electricity.

    Mr. David Mndawu said: It is happening. It is frustrating. It happens when you work or shower and suddenly you stand in the dark. They should do load shedding during the day and keep it on during peak hours. I am not always prepared. The shops also close when there is no electricity.

    Right: Mr. Willy Seloane said: The business-es are suffering. Children cannot use the com-puters at school so now they will fail. There is nothing we can do.

    Mr. Jim Nkuna said: At the moment we dont have much load shedding but R100s worth of electricity only lasts 3 days. We only have the fridge, TV and lights on. It is becoming too expensive.

    Right: Mr. Patrick Mnisi said: It hap-pened to me. It is just gone with-