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Pinterest Basics - How to Use Pinterest ?

Oct 17, 2014


Social Media

What is Social Media? Is it only about Facebook and Twitter? Is it only about sharing thoughts, special moments and tweeting? Social Media has much more to offer. Are you aware of Pinterest? No? Worry not! Come, and learn about the most interesting social media platform and the ways how to use Pinterest.

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The New Hot Social Network

What is Pinterest? Pinterest, launched in March 2010, is a virtual pinboard that allows users to post, organize, and share images with other users online.

By Using Pinterest, I CanPinOrganizeCategorize

Its a Great way to Collect/PlanWeddingFoodStyle SelfiesMakeup TipsIndian CultureBollywood FashionHomeTravelArts and CraftsKids

Top Pictures Shared On Pinterest

Top Categories of Activity By Network

Most Popular Brands/Boards by Followers On Pinterest

80 % Of Users On Pinterest Are Female

Why Is Pinterest Popular With Women ?Pinterest is visually appealing by nature and women are naturally inclined to make everything prettier

The Home Page Shows Pins from the people you follow.Pinterest Home Page

Profiles & Settings


Did you know: 80% of pins on #Pinterest are repins.

You Can Choose Given Categories For Your Photos & Videos:

Creating Your Boards

Creating Your Boards

Pinterest Etiquette Source Images ProperlyWrite a Full CaptionA Pin Addict ?Think About Who You Want to Share WithDont Be Stingy with InteractionAlways Be RespectfulReport Objectionable Content


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