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Pinnacle Sires | 2015 Legends In The Making

Apr 08, 2016



2015 K- Sire guide. Where they have to EARN the K- brand.

  • Where they have to earN the K- braNd.

    2015deaN Kephart 580.799.5705 Mat JohN 515.509.3552 WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

  • Dean Kephart 580-799-5705 Mat John 515-509-3552Kale hensley 765-624-9574e: [email protected]: pinnaclesires.coM

    pg 022015 Where they have to earN the K- braNd. WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

  • As we move into a new year, we are proud to offer you another exciting groupof new sires. More importantly, we are excited to offer you further insight intohow our bulls can be further utilized from previous years. In 2015, our philosophy remains the same and that is to utilize new and old genetics that will continue to help your program grow and become more productive with each passing year. We believe that with the combination of our bulls, our ability to provide you with a high quality product and accurate information, we will keep you ahead of the ever-changing industry.

    The 2015 breeding season is here and we invite you once again to study our bullline-up. We know that every year there are more and more sires to choose fromand many are fine choices; however we pay special attention to select traits thatwe feel are of the utmost importance. First, we believe that just like every goodman comes from a good mother; every good bull comes from a good cow. Ascattle grow and mature, more and more of their mothers traits are exhibited.Our bulls are backed by some of the most dominate show heifers, donors andcow families in the country. There is no doubt in our minds that the bulls inour line-up, when used correctly, will sire steers of the highest quality and willproduce the most attractive show heifers and the most productive cows. Secondly, we take structure and soundness very seriously. For us, our bulls must sire cattle that grow and perform they have to be functional. The bulls listed within our catalog must work in Western Oklahoma and survive on native grasses and they must be able to travel lots of terrain for food and water, stay in good condition to get cows bred. Our bulls are not going to spend their lives in nice pens at a bull stud. They must work to earn that K- brand.

    In a time when cattle prices are reaching all-time highs, we also need cattle with better weight-per-day of age and increased performance. We all know that justbecause we breed them to be show cattle, only a small percentage of them aregoing to make the cut. As we improve performance, we lower inputs and in-crease profit margins. Also, when traits such as reproductive longevity improve, these cattle live longer and produce more. This benefits everyone--the junior showman, owners and producers.

    Thirdly is overall completeness! We have selected bulls that put the most goodthings in one total package. We have bulls that are bred different and definitelylook different; but as we study them you can see that they combine power, eyeappeal, body dimension, structural soundness, highly maternal traits and thebacking of powerful cow families. We are confident that between our new bullsand the tried-n-true legends, we have a bull to improve every mating within agiven herd!

    Between Dean and Mat, you have 50+ years of breeding experience to utilize. We love the show cattle industry and want to see it continue to get better. We are not just offering semen on our bulls; we are offering you an opportunity to change and progress. If you have questions, we would love to answer them and offer insights on how to effectively mate our sires. This is our passion...use us as a tool to improve your program and become more successful!

    Feel free to contact us any time. Mat John will be traveling throughout theMidwest conducting farm visits, selling semen and searching for bull and showcattle prospects. Contact him early in the spring to schedule a farm visit andfollow his route on Pinnacle Sires Facebook page and Twitter. Dean Kephart willbe available within Oklahoma to answer questions, deliver semen and look atbull and show cattle prospects. Kale Hensley will have semen available in theStillwater, Oklahoma area. We would like to thank you for taking the time tolook through our catalog and we wish you the best of luck as breeding seasonchanges to calving season, then on into sale season!

  • striKin golDThis is one of the most exciting bulls we have ever offered. Strikin Gold is the total package sire. He truly hits every single criteria point that we look for when selecting our sire prospects. Strikin Gold is as stout a bull as we have seen in the last 20 years. He is so sound and functional, huge bellied, great looking through his front one-third and combines the most dominate cow families in the Charolais breed, FireGirl (Firewater x Thomas Ms Impressive 0641). FireGirls first natural calf was reserve calf champion at the 2011 North American and sold for $25,000. Strikin Golds full brother was named grand champion steer at the 2014 Ohio State Fair, a full sister to Strikin Gold sold at Garwood Cattle Company for $27,000 this past fall and the 2014 reserve pen of Charolais bulls in Denver where all out of FireGirl. We havent even mentioned all of the full sisters to FireGirl that have been so successful in the show ring and the donor pens. Strikin Gold has all the pieces and the right pedigree to become the most consistent and dominate colored bull of all time.

    owned by. Dean Kephart & Mat John bred by. cambell, polzin and suttles

    sire. Monopolydam. Fire girl


    muscle. H H H H Hstructure. H H H H Hcapacity. H H H H Heye appeal. H H H H maternal. H H H H

    breed. crossBreDdate of birth. 3.05.2014birth weight. 88 lBsth status. carrier pha status. Free

    pg 042015 Where they have to earN the K- braNd. WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

    Fire girlDam to Strikin Gold

    $27,000 garwooD heiFer

    Full Sib to Strikin Gold

    granD chaMpion steer, 2014 ohio state FairFull Sib to Strikin Gold

  • the BoZThe Boz is the first MAB son of the Infamous Thomas Ms Impressive 0641 donor to be promoted; a cow that has revolutionized the Charolais breed. 0641 has produced five of the last eight national champion bulls and females. She has been recognized as show dam of the year the last three years. Her progeny continue to dominate the show and sale ring. Some of her most prolific offspring include FireGirl, Sydney, Ivory Angle, FireFly and Turton. As well as the high seller at Hartmans, Thomas Ranch, Pulsons and Sullivans sales that were held in the fall of 2014. Her offspring dont just sell high--they win in the show ring and produce! Thats why we believe that The Boz will soon earn his place in line with the rest of these truly prolific 0641 offspring. The Boz is best described as rugged, what you see is what you get. He is so expressive in his muscle, has extra width and circumference of bone, is great big footed, good bodied with nice extension to his neck and loose and free out on the move. The proven consistency in his blood, design and his offspring will equate to more dollars in your pocket.

    owned by. Dean Kephart & Mat John bred by. campbell

    sire. Man aMong Boysdam. thoMas Ms iMpressive 0641


    muscle. H H H H Hstructure. H H H H capacity. H H H H eye appeal. H H H H H maternal. H H H

    breed. crossBreDdate of birth. 2.20.2014birth weight. 90 lBsth status. carrier pha status. Free

    pg 05deaN Kephart 580.799.5705 Mat JohN 515.509.3552 WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

    Fire FlyMaternal Sib to The Boz

    thoMas Ms iMpressive 0641

    Dam to The Boz ivory angelMaternal Sib to The Boz

  • pg 062015 Where they have to earN the K- braNd. WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

    Banshee may be one of the most unique bulls in our offering. He is stout, but remains flat, super sound and flexible. The longest necked half blood Simmen-tal we have ever seen. Hes deep sided and bold sprung in his rib cage. He is out of the 2010 American Royal Supreme Champion Female, Anita Loan. Bansheecombines a truly unique package of phenotypic and genotypic traits. Use himon TH carriers or clean cows and expect high quality bulls and heifers.We expect that his females will be as sought after and as prolific as Meyer, Irish

    Whiskey and Who Made Who daugh-ters. You can expect sexed female semen to be available on Banshee, when we satisfy the demand for con-ventional semen.

    owned by. Dean Kephart & Mat John bred by. BpF/wscc

    sire. BUilt rightdam. anita loan



    muscle. H H H Hstructure. H H H H Hcapacity. H H H H Heye appeal. H H H H H maternal. H H H H H

    breed. 1/4 Ma 1/2 siMdate of birth. 2.12.2013birth weight. 75 lBsth status. Free pha status. carrier


    Hot Sauce is an extremely maternal sire that produces highly productive daugh-ters, just ask Robbie VanHove. The Hot Sauce daughters are well known for their beautiful long necks, no chest, bold sprung rib cages, outstanding udders and great dispositions. Plus, he is a true calving ease sire that is proven to add value. Use Hot Sauce on first time calvers and cows that are just slightly above moderate framed to make highly valuable females. Dont be afraid to take him to TH carrier females for the great looking steers everyone loves. - DeceaseD - calving ease

    owned by. Dean Kephart & robbie vanhove bred by. Kephart

    sire. hUstler (SIM)dam. whisKey/anchor


    muscle. H H H Hstructure. H H H H Hcapacity. H H H H Heye appeal. H H H H H maternal. H H H H

    breed. % siMMentaldate of birth. 4.15.2007birth weight. 62 lBsth status. Free pha status. carrier

    hot saUce

    Hot Sauce daughter

    Hot Sauce daughter

    anita loanDam to Banshee

  • pg 07deaN Kephart 580.799.5705 Mat JohN 515.509.3552 WWW.piNNaclesires.coM

    Trapper is the cow changer for 2015. He is the first son of our very popu

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