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Pinnacle - Rebirth

Jul 22, 2016



John Carroll's 48th annual literary magazine (2015).

  • Rebirth Pinnacle 2015

  • Outside Cover Art - Sunset, Nicole Ishak 15

    Award WinnersArt

    Medusoza | Kelley Reilley


    Acer Palmatum | Erin McCaughey


    Frankly in an Unlocked Heart | Garrett Hefner


    Redemption | Cameron EmelyMusic

    Tunnels | Conrad Gagnon

  • RebirthPinnacle 2015

    We all hope for breakthrough rebirth moments.~ Dane Cook


  • StaffEditors-in-Chief ~ Kathy Deaver & Rawlison Zhang

    Art Editor ~ Nicole IshakLayout Editor ~ Vanillae Tong

    Photography Editor ~ Hailey IshakProofreading Editors ~ Katie Benisch & Angela DeCarlo

    Publicity Editor ~ Jamie TeramaniModerators ~ Alison Amato & Allison Hall

    Other Editors ~ Adriana Guidi, Brooke Hare, William Jump, Charlotte Molali, Megan King, Alexander Nyce & Shelby Umbarger

    ColophonThe 2015 Pinnacle was designed solely by students using the Adobe InDesign soft-ware. 800 copies were printed by School Publications Company in Neptune, New

    Jersey. The cover was printed on 100 lb. glass paper, and the inside pages were printed on 80 lb. gloss text paper.

    The Pinnacle selects material for publication from the submissions of John Carroll students. Works are selected for publishing based on their individual artistic mer-

    its. Works in any medium are considered.

    Special AcknowledgementsThe Pinnacle Staff of 2015 would like to acknowledge Ms. Amato and Ms. Hall for

    their never-ending support as our advisors during this production.We wish them the best of luck next year.

    The PinnacleThe John Carroll School703 Churchville RoadBel Air, Maryland 21014

  • Contents

    VivificationMy Name is Eliza Victoria Caldwell 16 8Frankly in an Unlocked Heart Garrett Hefner 17 10Sure Christina He 18 10Untitled Chul Park 16 11Azul Faith Ensor 16 12 Mind Games Nicole Kanaras 18 14The Lonely, Not-So-Lonely Heart Danielle Connolly 17 15The Electric Wizard Dreseden Boulden 15 16The Watchmaker Garrett Hefner 17 16Reaching Out Jessica Hastings 15 17Michael Jackson Jerome Brown 15 18Connected Katherine Runser 16 19Knowledge Elijah Long 15 20Numb Katherine Sullivan 16 20New Beginning Kimbal Mackenzie 15 21Meryl & Charlie Beth Sapitowicz 17 23Untitled Lauren Brulinski 15 24School Stress Malik Tyne 15 24Persephone Opus 01 Nicole Ishak 15 25Redemption Cameron Emely 17 26Frozen Moment Yena Kim 17 26Kinoaha Nicole Ishak 15 27

  • Pinnacle 2015


    RenewalFly Away Angela Niceli 17 28Let Your Light Shine Taiylor Kriss 17 28Plane Down Conor OBrien 16 29Blue Angels Jamie Teramani 15 29Words From the Soul Rachel Amrhein 15 30Whatever Floats Your Boat Taylor Brewer 17 30Gears Logan Elliott 17 30Painful Rain Garrett Hefner 17 31Untitled Chul Park 16 31Medusoza Kelley Reilley 16 32Kitty Love Daphne Karas 17 33Old Time Pictures Emmy Dallam 15 33

    Spring to LifeLanding Jamie Teramani 15 34Flower Brooke Hare 17 34Leafy Daze Ava McDermott 17 34Bel Air David Carrier 16 34Leaves Leaving Giana Liberatore 17 35The Changing Mateus Macceri 15 35Trees Henry Peng 16 36 Something Great Jesseca Dunnett 17 37Riddler Jacob Rosaschi 15 37Acer Palmatum Erin McCaughey 17 38A Night Never Forgotten David Carrier 16 38Recreation of Sunset on Venice Nicole Iorio 15 39Troll Bridge Rachel Amrhein 15 40

  • Rebirth


    Autumn Bliss Sara Dieter 17 41 River Dream Taylor Sommer 16 41Sun Diego Kathryn Benisch 15 42 Driftwood Reminds Me of Winter Erin Paradiso 16 42 Tree Adrianna Guidi 17 43Depending on the Rain Victoria Caldwell 16 43 Glimmer Vanillae Tong 16 43Park Here Madison Taylor 15 44Saltwater Hailey Ishak 17 44Stripes and Sunshine Hailey Ishak 17 45New Heights Danielle Connolly 17 46Soaring High Zach Miller 17 48Tunnels Conrad Gagnon 16 49

  • Pinnacle 2015


    My Name is ElizaVictoria Caldwell 16

    My name is Eliza, though most people just drop off the e and call me Liza. I live in a small city in Georgia called Montrose with my family, or at least a couple of lonely people that just barely resemble a family. I have a little sister named Margaret, though we call her Peggy because she hates the way Margaret sounds. Shes pretty opinionated for a 6-year-old, which can be pretty annoying. I was 5 when she was born, which was about the same time when things started to really go downhill. It was normal in our household for my parents to bicker, but their arguments quickly grew more frequent and more violent after my father got laid off work, which meant there was little income to support a wife, a 5-year-old, and a newborn baby. My mother tried to find work, but it was hard to keep a job when you had a baby to look after, and I had been too selfish to offer any help to my tired, overworked mother. What little money we had saved up was quickly depleted by my fathers alcohol addiction, and I saw less and less of him as time went on, es-pecially after my mother forced him to move out. Occasionally I would catch him wandering around town, looking poor and lost, but I never bothered to talk to him. Im 11 now, and the only time I see him is when he comes by begging my mother for some money. I know this be-cause I can always hear them shouting, even after my mother shuts Peggy and I out of the house so we wont be around to see it. I could never understand why these things happened. After my mother had to work two jobs to support our family, she didnt have much time for me. Either she was working, or playing with baby Peggy, or getting drunk on the weekends to stifle her sorrow, but it wasnt long before we drifted apart. I searched for her attention, but I rarely received it, and I began to lash out at her and Peggy. I met a few kids in our small town who were in the same boat as me, poor, who smoked cigarettes and broke into the houses of people who had more money than we did. It wasnt long before I joined them, abandoning my family altogether. I stole, but I only ever used the money for myself. Looking back, Im sure my mother knew, but she was too busy to try and stop me. Either way, she wouldnt have been able to. I think she knew that. My anger festered when I was with these kids, fueled by the malice that they felt toward their own fami-lies. Irritation at my situation evolved into anger, and that anger quickly grew to hatred. I hated my father, my mother, and my life. And I hated Peggy the most at first because I thought that she was the curse that had brought the havoc upon my family. Later, when she was old enough to express her personality, I hated her because of how much better she was than me. I hated how smart she was and how helpful and how brave, even though we were barely making it by, living from hand to mouth. And here I was, after everything went wrong, drifting away and hanging with the other delin-quent kids in town; never raising a finger to help my mother who worked day and night at two different jobs just to clothe us and get food on the table. I hated how Peggy was always smiling, like she knew she was perfect, always looking on the bright side, always helping out. It had been a cloudy day when Peggy came running up to me, a cheerful smile on her face as she asked if I could come with her to help mother hang out the laundry to dry. I said no,

  • Rebirth


    spitting the word at her. She asked why not, and I glared at her, an expression so full of malice I wasnt surprised when her smile faltered and she took a step back. Why do you have to be so grumpy all the time? she asked, not accusatory or bitterly, just a simple inquiry as easy as asking why the sky is blue or why the birds fly south in the winter. I thought about not answering, but the anger inside me, the hatred I felt toward my family bubbled up inside me, too fast for me to stop the volcanic eruption of my emotions before they exploded in a fiery inferno of rage. Because I didnt ask for any of this, okay? I responded, yelling at my sister now. Because I dont deserve to have a dad whos never around or a mom who can barely pay the bills. And neither do you! My anger kept flowing outward in waves, and I pelted my little sister with terrible insults. And its pretty annoying that you just take it all without a complaint like the perfect little martyr you are. Always smiling and laughing and acting like nothings wrong, when we both know everything is a huge mess! How can you stand it?! She tried to approach me comfortingly but my hand raised instinctively to sharply slap her across the face. Peggy stumbled backward, falling onto her back with one hand clutched to her face where I had struck her. I paused to breathe, feeling a lot emptier now that I had ejected all of the feelings I had kept inside for so long. Not caring at all about my little sister who I should be protecting, or my mother who did all she could to keep us alive. Caring only about myself. I hardly felt any re-morse for slapping Peggy, who was still holding her cheek. Maybe thats why I was so surprised at her next words. Because, Peggy smiled at me, her eyes full of some kind of wisdom I knew I would never have, even if I lived a hundred years, sometimes things just have to get a whole lot worse before they can get better. We just have to make it by until that time comes. She looked at me with her big, brown eyes, full of warmth and understanding. And even though she didnt say anything more, the message was clear. I love you,

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