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Mar 28, 2016



Philippine Independence Day 2012 Souvenir Book

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    in Vienna, Austria

  • Happy 114th

    Independence Day



    I t is my honor to greet my fellow Filipinos as we celebrate the 114th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence.

    Once again, the Filipino people are writing a significant chapter in our history. Like all turning points in this narrative, this chapter is an outcome of collective will, manifested by our desire to fulfill our countrys great potential, as exhibited

    by the ability, creativity, and fortitude of the Filipino. Our patriots embodied these qualities in all of their undertakings, particularly in their greatest enterprise the formation of this Republic. Today we also take inspiration from our countrymen who demonstrate passion, excellence, and integrity in their chosen fields, thereby carrying on this legacy of solidarity and nationhood from our forefathers. As we celebrate our Independence, let it be our duty to reaffirm the values that have shaped and strengthened our nation, and to forge ahead in fulfillment of the destiny envisioned by our heroes.

    Let us uphold the spirit of hope and confidence that complements the momentum of change in our time. May we also remain proud of our heritage and diversity, the foundations that distinguish our beloved Philippines. Inspired by the past we now commemorate, we move forward to establish a future that accords with our rightful place in the community of nations.


    MANILA 12 June 2012

  • Council of Filipino Associations in Austria

    M E S S AG E

    A s we pause to celebrate our nation's 114th Anniversary of the

    Proclamation of our Independence, please take time to re-

    member that most Filipinos who celebrated our nation's maiden

    Independence Day in 1898 are no longer among us. We honor

    their memory and legacy by showing our love for our family and

    friends, our respect for each other, and reaffirming our oneness as

    a people.

    We owe it to our founding fathers and mothers, and to all Filipi-nos, to avow that wherever flags are flying, no one is more deter-

    mined than us in ensuring that the Philippine flag flutters high above those of many na-tions. The theme of this years Independence Day celebration , Kalayaan- Pananagutan ng Bayan Para sa Tuwid na Daan , inspires us in nation building and focuses on President Aquinos vision of a nation of sovereign people , highlighting the accountability and re-sponsibility of Filipino citizens as embodied in the Constitution that carries immense weight as a significant part of Philippine history. Admittedly, the way to the straight and narrow entails much of a sacrifice but as one, we will surely succeed as a great nation our forefathers envisioned us to be. I greet all my kababayans with love and respect , and send my best wishes for a joyous Independence Day and Barrio Fiesta celebration. Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay Tayong Lahat !!


    Rolando R. Mercado Chairman, CFAA




    Administration CFAA Chairman & BABAYLAN

    Program BisPa, UNVICCF, CFAA Chairman

    Decoration Circ. Caviteno, PAA, PAMET

    Sponsorships Solicitation ANEA

    Tombola Tickets Distribution APA, BAFAA

    Barrio Fiesta Booths Distribution ICA

    PIDC Ball Entrance Tickets Distribution

    & Seating Arrangement BABAYLAN


    (Photos & Souvenir Magazine) FAMA & Bikol Society

    Ways & Means ANEA, ICA, Circ. Caviteno

    Ushering All Member Organizations

    Marshalls All Member Organizations under

    Circulo Caviteno

    First Aid PINAA, PNAA

    Advisory Philippine Embassy

    Philippine Independence Day Celebration Events 2012

    Painting Exhibits

    Independence Day Ball

    Barrio Fiesta

  • On 23 June, Vienna PE/PM hosted the Vernissage of the Art Exhibition by Philippine Contemporary Visual Artists at the Museum of Young Art (MOYA) in Palais Schnborn, Vienna. Artworks of three distinguished Filipino visual artists: Rafael Cusi, Rene Robles, and Aris Bagtas were on display at MOYA last June 2012. The vernissage was attended by HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol of Thailand, members of the Diplomatic Corps, representatives of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Vienna, academics, business community and leaders of the Filipino community in Austria.

    Exhibition of Art Works by three Philippine Contemporary Visual Artists at the

    Museum of Young Arts (MOYA) in Vienna

  • On 25 June, Vienna PE/PM hosted the Opening of Impressions: An Art Exhibition of Paintings by Manuel D. Baldemor at the lobby of the Vienna International Center (VIC), home of the United Nations Offices in Vienna. Manuel Baldemors IMPRESSIONS is a revisit of his mural at the VIC Rotunda entitled Pasasalamat depicting the cultural and religious traditions of the Filipinos. The mural is one of the few international artworks in the entrance hall of the VIC and was unveiled by former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos in 1999. The event was also attended by the members of the Diplomatic Corps, representatives of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Vienna, academics, businessmen and leaders of the Filipino community in Austria. The 39 art pieces are on display until 29 June 2012.

    Impressions: An Art Exhibition of Paintings by Manuel D. Baldemor

    at the lobby of the UN Vienna International Center

  • PART I

    Invocation and blessing of food Fr. Jose Conrado Estafia


    Part II

    Philippine National Anthem led by VIC Club Filipino


    Ako ay Pilipino Ms. Andrea Marzan-Tenorio

    and representatives of Filipino organizations in Austria

    Piliin mo ang Pilipinas Representatives of Filipino

    organizations in Austria led by the VICCF Folklorico


    Welcome address Mr. Rolando Mercado,

    Chairman, CFAA

    Introduction of guest speaker Reynaldo Nuez,

    Vice Chairman, CFAA

    Message H.E. Lourdes O. Yparraguirre,

    Ambassador Extraodinary and

    Plenipotentiary of the Philippines

    to the Republic of Austria


    Ang Bayan ko / Matud nila Ms. Shirley Dimaano, Singer

    Helmut Berger, Acoustic guitar

    Max Kampichler, Bass guitar

    PART V

    Tinikling Teachers of Stegersbach Neue

    Mittleschule Burgenland

    Ms. Thess Waitzbauer and Mr. Jerome Morales

    Tinikling is considered the national folkdance with a pair or pairs of danc-

    ers hopping between two bamboo poles held just above the ground and

    struck together in time to music.

    Kuratsa Ms. Andrea Marzan-Tenorio

    and Mr. Jiggs Ablog

    The Kuratsa commands a sense of improvisation which mimics a young

    playful couples attempt to get each others attention.


    Rigodon de Honor Representatives of Filipino

    organizations in Austria

    Rigodon de Honor is an elegant stately dance that was brought to the Phil-

    ippines by the Filipinos who returned from their travels abroad during the

    Spanish era. It is so called because it is usually performed to open a state

    social function like the Presidents inaugural ball, participated by high gov-

    ernment officials, member and diplomatic corps and friends in the society.


    Dance Dance Dance

    Tombola 1200 a.m. - Major Price: Business Class Ticket Vienna

    Manila Vienna- Sponsored by: Vienna Commerce Tours

    114th Philippine Independence Day Ball Programme

    Marriott Hotel, 1010 Wien, Austria Sa