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PicsArt Monthly Magazine August

Aug 26, 2014


Art & Photos

PIcsArt Monthly Magazine for the month of August. Find useful information about the new features available on PicsArt Photo Editor accompanied with diverse tutorials, featured photo galleries and many more.

  • ased in Mountain View, CA, PicsArt is a fun and full-featured mobile photo editing and drawing app for Android and iOS. A full art studio packed into a mobile photography solution, PicsArt enables anyone to become an artist and share his/her work with a global community of other artists. PicsArt dominates Google Play for photography and has the highest customer rating among the top 50 apps. B With over 77 million downloads for Android & iOS and monthly growth of more than 5 million downloads, PicsArt's organic growth continues. In addition, PicsArt's social network continues to show phenomenal growth, with the network now having more than 7 million registered users, 3 million daily unique visitors and 60,000 photos uploaded daily. August 2013 About PicsArt
  • Photo Gallery CREATIVE PHOTO-EDITS BY PICSARTISTS hotography is as much about provocation as it is about reality. Sometimes artists want to do something surreal, something strange, clever, shocking, surprising, something that makes you double-take, scratch your head, or gasp. Something different! This gallery is a collection of surreal photos, staged or edited by talented and creative individuals who want to do something else other than capture the world as it is. These artists took a different road, and remade the world with their art. Instead of looking to the outside world, they looked inside, reaching into their imaginations to come up with new and exciting artistic visions. P
  • New Package FOOD CLIPART ur new mouth watering food clipart in, a 63 item menu with everything from burgers to pizza! O
  • Photo Tutorial WHAT IS SHUTTER SPEED CONVEYING MOTION very camera has a "shutter", whether it's a DSLR, a cell phone, or a Kodak Brownie; it is a little trap door behind the lens that opens, exposing the sensor (or film). Like the other points in the exposure triangle, the shutter speed - the length of time the shutter is open for - controls how bright your picture will be. Unlike the others, it also controls the picture's sense of that often- forgotten fourth dimension: Time. E How Shutter Speed Works Say you take a photo using a shutter speed of 1/5th of a second. As soon as you hit the button, the shutter will open. Then, 1/5th of a second later, it will close again. While the shutter is open, the sensor is recording any light, including motion, that it sees within that 1/5th second. As you can imagine, a lot more motion can happen in 1/5th of a second than 1/500th of a second, and that's why a faster shutter speed will freeze your image, and a slow shutter speed will cause blur. Either one of these techniques can create a sense of movement and change.
  • Photo Tutorial Any time you have an object in motion, shutter speed matters it makes the difference between that object appearing sharp, or like a formless streak. Fast shutter speeds are a huge focus in sports and wildlife photography, as well as for parents of speedy children. Slow shutter speeds, however, can be used creatively to blur out a moving subject. When Shutter Speed Matters
  • Photo Tutorial We'll often use shutter speed to slow down something that is moving fast. This can capture a moment that might otherwise happen too quickly to see, like the behavior of a water drop. High- speed photography has been integral to observing the details of elusive and fast-moving subjects and situations, and has done much to improve our understanding of the world around us. It also creates strong compositions by showing us a single instant in time, isolated from its past and future. Freezing Movement
  • Photo Tutorial Using blur intentionally can create a unique impact all on its own. It can show the path that your subject travels, or it can obscure details for an impressionistic composition. Motion blur is popular in landscapes, as the appearance of clouds and water smoothes out with movement. It is used to record the lights that streak through a city at night, or the stars as they trail across the sky. Panning uses slow shutter speeds; with this technique, you freeze detail by following the moving subject, holding it in the middle of the frame as the camera exposes the picture. If done right, this keeps the subject still and puts the motion blur in the background. Motion Blur What Settings to Use If you're using a DSLR or manually-capable compact camera, you can set your shutter speed through either the Shutter-priority (S or Tv) or fully Manual (M) modes. Automatic cameras can't select a specific shutter speed, but can mimic the effect. Most cameras, including PicsArt's, will have scene modes; they're usually in the menu, near the ISO option (indicated by three squares on the PicsArt camera). The sports or kids modes will use fast shutter speeds, while the night, sunset, or fireworks modes will select longer ones. Also, it's important to remember that your camera must be mounted on a camera tripod or another sturdy surface during long exposures, to prevent camera shake.
  • PicsArt Contests Sports Drawing Challenge Winner hotography and drawing contests at PicsArt Photo Studio are a great way to improve your drawing and photography skills, have fun, and reward your hard work with some well-earned recognition while youre at it. PicsArt offers a diverse array of imaging contests to test different skillsets and push your creativity. Its a place for friendly competition, where you can share your talents and pit your very best work against the efforts of your peers. P
  • PicsArt Contests Quotes And Sayings Graphic Design Contest Winner
  • PicsArt Contests Quotes And Sayings Graphic Design Contest Winner Jump Weekend Art Project Winner
  • Photo Gallery Disarmingly Beautiful Colors olors are one of the first things that grab a person in a photo. They jump out at us. Red is passion, blue is cool, yellow is happy; colors are tremendous vehicles for emotions. Just as how in a painting it is paramount where colors are placed and what colors they are placed with, the same holds true for photography. Opposite colors enhance each other, whereas similar colors blend together. When done correctly, the right composition of colors can be disarmingly beautiful. C
  • Android Update his August we released a brand new PicsArt update for Android devices. The update includes the Color Tool, new Lens Flares, Doodle Frames, an upgraded user-profile, the ability to enter multiple lines of text, and an enhanced undo option. This update expands and improves on our already critically acclaimed user-experience, making it more engaging than ever before to create and share with PicsArt! T
  • Upgraded User Profiles User profiles have now been upgraded with a new About section and customizable profile cover images. Users can express themselves by telling people what theyre about directly from their profile page and choosing custom profile cover images to appear behind their profile pictures. Furthermore, the background image will dynamically change between beautiful randomly generated images, if users decide to opt out of customization. Android Update
  • Android Update New Lens Flares With the new update users have access to even more customizable Lens Flares from which to choose.
  • Android Update Doodle Frames Users now have access to a new series of frames called Doodle Frames. These are some really fun frames, and each one can be adjusted to any color and opacity level. Multiple Lines for Text Users can now use the Enter option when writing texts to insert multiple lines of text at once. Enhanced Undo is tweak gives users more freedom to make mistakes, allowing users to undo confirmed changes. The confirmation checkmark is no longer a permanent decision, changes are accepted but not fixed in place, and can be undone.
  • Photo Gallery Seeing: A Gallery of Eyes here is truth in clich, the eyes are the windows to the soul. More specifically they are the windows through which we see and through which we are seen in kind. Just as the world is revealed to us through our sight, we use them to reveal ourselves to the world, sometimes whether we like it or not. They blink and flicker around wildly when we are nervous, they look down when we are ashamed, they light up when we are happy, and they spill over when we are heartbroken. More importantly, they are how we connect to others, the way we guess what the other is feeling and how we let them know we feel the same way. T
  • PicsArt Tutorial ot only does the PicsArt app allow you to edit your photos, but you can also blend two of your photos together. This technique can be used either to create abstract effects by say overlaying a street with translucent pedestrians, or to make more deliberate transformations like changing the weather. As with any editing technique, experimentation is key, because sometimes you achieve the best results when you start without any particular end in mind. Here is a tutorial to show you how t