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Phil's presentation

Dec 04, 2014





2. She Needs Love He wants respect 3. SIMPLE SECRET TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE Be willing to Ask for Forgiveness Do not keep Secret Communicate is key. 4. CRAZY CYCLE She needs to be loved He needs to be respected According to the diagram, no love results in no respect No respect results in no love 5. HOW MEN AND WOMEN SEE THE WORLD A lady sees the world through pink glasses A guy sees the world through blue glasses 6. PINK AND BLUE GLASSES 7. Appreciate his to Conquer, work and achieve. Value his personality Dont dishonor him Express your faith in him Dont dishonor or criticized him. Show more love Tell her daily how much you love her Cuddle her, kiss her and value her Be quick to listen and listen and just listen Help with house work Buy her gift MORE ADVICE FOR HUSBAND/WIFE Wife Husband 8. EXPLORING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN Men are like CopperWomen are like Porcelain 9. THE REWARD CYCLE Trust GOD to work Remain quiet dignified instead of arguing. Matthew25;31,37,39,40.whatever I do for my spouse I will do for GOD. 10. THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE Obey and please God. 1Peter2.20 When you are disrespectful ask forgiveness Respect and motivate one another. Inner freedom Live the same truth what you teach. Allow to enter in discipline the knew way of thinking. Step in future he will help and strengthen you. Make the decision to change. 11. Revelations; Talk to God. Ask God to fulfilled your desires. TRIED PRAYERS 12. THE PERFECT BLEND When blue blends with pink it becomes purple. And Purple is the colour of God and Royalty. Blending together will reflect the very image of God.