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Phil Clothier - Conference Welcome Presentation

May 08, 2015



  • 1.Creating the Shift Towards a Sustainable Future

2. Why am I here? 3. #CTT2012 4. Phil Clothier Richard Barrett CEOChairman & Founder Network &Innovation ServicesOperations TeamCommunicationsTeam Finance & AdministrationCatherine Clothier Team Chris GomezTeamOps Director Tor Eneroth Dir of IS Network DirectorAllyn ChamblissAshley Munday Assessment Nathan Egge Liz Bridges Leader CollaborativeConsultant / Report Software Developer Finance ManagerStrategiesWriter Jenny QuinnPatrick McGuireHannah Lee AssessmentRick CrowleySoftware developer Head of ResearchConsultant / ReportPart time FDWriterReport WriterSara Olsen AssessmentTyler Kim Jessica Brown Recy BarnetteConsultant / Report IT AdministrationNetwork Coordinator Finance AssociateWriterEmma Riley Assessment Mark BrooksConsultant / Report Software DeveloperWriterMark TuckerSoftware DeveloperSeptember 2012 5. Barrett Values Centre 2012 LevelPersonal Values (PV) Current Culture Values (CC)Desired Culture Values (DC) 7 6 5 4 3 2 1IRS (P)=6-2-1 IRS (L)=0-0-0 IROS (P)=2-2-9-1 IROS (L)=0-0-0-0 IROS (P)=1-2-7-0 IROS (L)=0-0-0-0 making a difference 10 6(S)commitment 125(I) accountability9 4(R)Matchesfamily9 2(R) continuous 10 4(O)commitment8 5(I)PV - CC 5commitment8 5(I) improvement continuous8 4(O) CC - DC 10 PV - DC 3 humour/ fun 8 5(I) employee fulfilment10 6(O)improvement balance (home/work) 6 4(I) balance (home/work)9 4(O) employee fulfilment 8 6(O)Health Index continuous learning 6 4(I) customer satisfaction9 2(O) humour/ fun 8 5(O)(PL) integrity 6 5(I) making a difference9 6(S) shared vision 8 5(O) PV - 9-0 CC - 14-0DC-10-0 accountability5 4(R) financial stability Sander Mahieu 8 1(O) customer7 6(O)humour/ fun8 5(O) collaboration creativity5 5(I)teamwork 8 4(R) customer6 2(O)satisfactionaccountabilityWhat is this stability 4 4(R) financial6 1(O)adaptability 4 4(I)customerstrange teamwork 4 6(O)6 4(R)collaborationshared valuesCTT stuff? 4 5(O)shared vision4 5(O) Cultural Entropy 2% Values Plot Copyright 2012 Barrett Values CentreAugust 6, 2012 6. Creating the Shift Towards a Sustainable FutureDay 1 Global dialogueGlobal /Big PictureNational dialogue Societal dialogueWorkplace dialoguePersonal dialogue 7. Creating the Shift Towards a Sustainable FutureDay 2 Global dialogueOrganisations/Culture / Business National dialogue Societal dialogueWorkplace dialoguePersonal dialogue 8. Creating the Shift Towards a Sustainable FutureDay 3 Global dialogueIndividualIntegrationNational dialogue Societal dialogueWorkplace dialoguePersonal dialogue 9. Product Launch Auto IVA &Personal Values Assessment 10. 1CTT Part 2 + Auto IVA2 3 4 11. 5 12. Personal Values Assessment (PVA) 13. CTT Part1 Personal Values Assessment orCTT 3