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Petrone Group presentation 2016 · PDF file Petrone Group presentation 2016 is the one and only Petrone Group® official website containing a free- access pharmaceutical products database

Sep 25, 2020




  • Petrone Group presentation 2016 is the one and only Petrone Group® official website containing a free- access pharmaceutical products database with over 37.000 Italian and Spanish items. Search it and send us a request for quote on the products you’re interested in.

    Pharma, Healthcare and more

  • Index of document


    • The Group and its mission

    – Petrone Group today and its evolution

    – Our mission, our strength

    – International and regional presence

    • The Services

    – Our services and some references

    • Our partnerships

    – Commercial

    – Partnership in share capital

  • Petrone Group at a glance, today


    800 Employees Regional presence

    Multilanguage Distribution Wholesale Centers

    In Dublin, Barcelona and in Singapore, North and South Italy

    • 6 Admin Offices

    • 5 Retail Pharmacy Shops

    • 8 Rehabilitation Centers

    • 1 Diagnostic Imaging Unit centre

    In Dublin, Barcelona and North and South Italy

    • 7 Warehouses

  • Petrone Group today, a family business


    A Leading International Player in Healthcare

    Private business still managed by the founding family, each with a different task

    Carmine Petrone

    • Founder and President

    Massimo Petrone

    • Lobbying, Hospital and Retail Market related activities

    Pierluigi Petrone

    • National and International Commercial activity and Business Development, Farmindustria’ Member

    Raffaele Petrone

    • Strategy, Structure & Organization

  • A business in evolution – our history


    Worldwide Trading

    1920’s 1950’s 1960’s Since 2010

    Complete Service Provider into

    Healthcare Sector

  • Mission and Strengths


    • Strong international presence with deep roots in Europe

    • Open minded, adaptive entrepreneurial-ship approach

    • Skilled and flexible in diversifying activities

    • Great proactivity in investing in new projects

    • In depth expertise in national healthcare markets

    • Tight link with national pharma companies

    • Widely recognised reliability

    • World-wide network, link with national stakeholders

    • Experienced support to start-up companies

    • To move into a 360° leading international service provider

    • To be a first-choice global partner in Europe with our presence in Italy, Spain and Ireland

    • Strengthening our widely recognised network

    Our mission

    Our Strenghts

  • International presence


    Extensive Direct Presence across Europe with a specific focus on Italy, Ireland, Spain and Singapore

    Direct presence Through partnership in share capital

  • Always around the world


  • Long established professional regional presence


    • Eight Rehabilitation centers, a diagnostic imaging unit, a wide range of services. "integrated multidisciplinary" team that takes overall care of the patients, according to their needs of phoniatry, physiatry, neuropsychiatry, orthopedics and a psychology, post surgery treatment, sports injury. The diagnostic unit, GEMED, provides MRI scanner diagnosis, Spiral Ct and ecography tests.

    • A consortium of private and public companies scouting R&D projects to the benefit of patients and caregivers, participating to public funding tenders.

    • Five pharmacies, now merged into Farmacie Internazionali sas, offer great interaction and mutual exchange. They provide 24 h delivery on request to public and private hospitals, shipping companies, military point of care, nursing homes, embassies and internal first-aid rooms of private and marine enterprises and so on.

  • Portfolio of Services, offering tailor-made solutions


    We offer “Cherry Picking” Services, modeling according to Partner needs

    Business development

    Regulatory and legal

    Logistic & Pre-wholesaling


    Lobbying and Worldwide connections

    Accounting and financials

    Venture capital in Healthcare

    Leaflet and Secondary Packaging manufacturing facility

    Biotech & Innovation

    Pharmacy Retail


  • European Hub Services available at any of our locations in Italy, Spain and Ireland (1/4)


    • European location settings

    • Chambre of Commerce inscription and dealings

    • Minimum capital requirement settings

    Company set up

    Fiscal support

    Legal service

    Financial and Accountancy

    Customs Clearance

    • VAT settings

    • National fiscal compliance

    • Fiscal management

    • Account control management • P&L statements • Financial statements and reporting • Sole agent agreement management • Invoicing in our name • Credit recovery on own account

    • Consultancy on licensing agreement • Support on all current operations • Compliance to national rules and regulation assessment

    • Import procedures • Relationship with Customs Authorities • Compliance to customs rules and Health Authorities

  • European Hub Services available at any of our locations in Italy, Spain and Ireland (2/4)


    Regulatory Support

    • Preliminary dossier evaluation • Brand & patent analysis on demand • Direct contact with National Regulatory Authorities • Dossier and Technical File Submission • Marketing Authorization and CE maintenance

    Pharmacovigilance • Pharmacovigilance activity and rule compliance on demand • Post marketing surveillance

    • On demand Participation to national tenders • Targeting National Bid of interestTendering activity

    Market Access • Negotiating process with national Regulatory Authorities • Supporting in registering in local/regional reimbursement list • Regional Hospital support at administrative and clinical level in

    specific therapeutic area

    • In/out licensing activities • World wide scouting opportunities • Negotiations skills

    Business Development

  • European Hub Services available at any of our locations in Italy, Spain and Ireland (3/4)


    Secondary packaging



    Pre wholesaling

    • Fully owned and duly authorized warehouse • Wholesaling • Stock Management, Handling, Pick & Pack • Management of entire distribution cycle • Storage of “Restricted Products” in Italy and Spain • Third – Party warehousing authorization in Spain

    • Stock transfer management • Shipping in full outsourcing

    • 7 distribution centers in 3 countries: Italy, Spain and Ireland

    • 29,350 mq² covered surface

    • 15.639 tons moved every year

    • Own real estate

    • Claim management • Batch recall management • Temperature control storage management • IT tailor-made support • Italian authority daily tracking system communication

    Stock management

    • Secondary packaging facility approved in Italy


  • European Hub Services available at any of our locations in Italy, Spain and Ireland (4/4)


    Direct distribution


    Active promotion at Pharmacy from

    Italy and Spain

    • Active promotion to pharmacies through on-going Catalogue of Sales Force

    • Territorial sales reps + Call Centre’s multi-list + fax + web dedicated activity

    • Dedicated customer services

    • GDP approved in Italy and Spain

    • ISO 9001:2008 procedures in place in Milan and Naples

    • Narcotic drugs and blood derivate authorization and procedures in place

    • Own wholesale license in 3 countries

    • KAM activity to wholesaling network • Performing tailor-made promotion campaigns • Direct Consignment to hospital, clinics

    Commercial services

    • 11 Customer Care Managers, speakers in 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese

    • Commercial business office in Singapore

  • Our long lasting Hospital market expertise and Market Access skills


    • Negotiating process with AIFA/NHS

    • Supporting in registering in local/regional reimbursement list (prontuari regionali e locali)

    • Regional Hospital support at administrative and clinical level in specific therapeutic area

    • National KOL network in specific therapeutic area

    • Coaching and empowerment of salesforce into anti-infective hospital therapeutic area

    • Hospital account management

    • Tendering process

  • Some relevant references of our clients


    We offer tailor made services, in order to meet client needs. Global customers

  • Our commercial partner, Pharmaidea provides sales and distribution to almost the totality of Italian pharmacies


    The Italian complexity The solution

    Pharmaidea offer full pharmacy retail sale services .

    Pharmaidea is an innovative Italian pharmaceutical distributor with a complete sales network to pharmacies operating through various channels, i.e. physi

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