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Pete Lamson - Carbonite - Online Backup for Growing Businesses

Jun 21, 2015




Pete Lamson - Carbonite - Online Backup for Growing Businesses

  • 1. Using Technology to Secure your Data Online Backup and More Pete LamsonGeneral Manager Sunday, June 12, 2011 Carbonite Small Business Group

2. How protected is your data? 42% small businesses have experienced data loss 32% of those never retrieved their lost files Most small businesses back up their businesscritical files. 86% rely on a physical device to backup data 42% use an external hard drive 38% use a USB / Flash memory stick 25% use CDs / DVDs 2 3. How protected is your data?What are your business data risks? 3 4. What is online backup?A Better Way to Protect Your Business Data: Cloud based Secure Bank Level Security Automatic Set it and forget it Easy to retrieve lost data 4 5. Online Backup Tips What to Look For: Safety and trustworthiness Ease of Use Affordability Utility 5 6. Safety and TrustworthinessNothing is more important than your datas security 1. Advanced Encryption Bank level protection 128 bit blowfish encryption SSL file transfer technology 24x7 human guarded data center , access limited by biometric scanners 2. Track Record of Success Make sure your backup partner is here to stay 3. Can you talk to a human being ifneeded?6 7. Ease of Use Keep it Simple!1. Automatic and Continuous Minimal configuration required Back up scheduling not required2. Simple set up & restoration One click or one phone call - away3. Designed for Business use Unlimited computers Unlimited employees US based human customer serviceavailable when needed7 8. Affordability Be sure to use a Small Business focused service.Avoid the enterprise solution and price tag1. No IT vendor required2. No per computer fee3. Low per gigabyte fee4. No customer service fee5. Employees not burdened with back up responsibilities8 9. UtilityYour data is in the cloud use it! 1. Access your data anytime fromanywhere in the world 2. Mobile / Digital Device Access 3. File SharingOnline Backup 9 10. A Better Way to Backup.Trust Backup up over 80 billion files Recovered over 7.2 billion filesEase of Use Automatic and Continuous Designed for small businessesAffordability As low as $229 per/ year Unlimited ComputersUtility All mobile devices and computers10