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Penny Social Media Training V1

Dec 16, 2014



Social media and networking -April 2009

  • 1. Social.Media and Networking Penny Power Know me, Like me, Follow MeFounder Ecademy

2. Change is all around 3. Our needs remain the sameMaslow's hierarchy of needs Security Trust Belonging Health and well being Self esteem and status 4. Feel the difference New World Old World 5. Children are leading the way 6. A 16 year old viewhave Facebook set up to send all my I notifications, (friends requests etc) to my Blackberry so I can check them all the time. 7. A 16 year old view at college if were Sometimes discussing someone I dont know we search them on Facebook on my phone. 8. A 16 year old view People use Facebook to sell stuff andadvertise events all the time. I sold my oldiPod in January over Facebook by just puttingit in my Facebook statusHannah Power says does anyone want to buy an 80gb iPod video white? 9. A 16 year old viewI have a group of eight friends from my old school, we have a thread on Facebook which we have had for a year now which we use to update each other and give each other help with different things, it is basically a really long email but its a really good way of keeping connected. 10. Philosophy of Social Media and Social Networking 11. 21st century business Collaborative projects Personal Responsibility Supplier Workforce Entrepreneur society Personal values Contribution Audience not prospects Long Tail, Fremium 12. Humanity Networks 13. What is your contribution? What can you share with others? Who can you share with others? What can you teach? What is your knowledge? Who do you care about? What is your contribution? 14. Begin each day on purpose.. Share knowledge Share people- Be visible- Be liked Collect knowledgeShare people- Be knowledgeable - Be Connected 15. Social Media and Social Networking the processToolsStrangersKNOW ME(Marketing) Sharing Knowledge(mile wide) Blogs, comments, links Sharing people -LIKE ME Conversation FriendsCommunity(mile deep) (Reputation)Shared FOLLOW MEknowledge and(deep and wide)people-Intention CUSTOMERS(Relevance) Seth Godin Permission Marketing Ecademy Social Network DNA 16. Leave your footprint 17. Let Go