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Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY 25, 2015 INCLUDING REPORTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2014 Presented by: The Rector, Wardens and Vestry of Saint Mark’s Parish, Altadena Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church 1014 E. Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA Telephone: (626) 798-6747 Facsimile: (626) 798-4884 Website: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church – Altadena, CA

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY

Mar 07, 2018



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Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church




DECEMBER 31, 2014

Presented by:

The Rector, Wardens and Vestry of Saint Mark’s Parish, Altadena

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church 1014 E. Altadena Drive, Altadena, CA

Telephone: (626) 798-6747

Facsimile: (626) 798-4884


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Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church

Annual Parish Meeting

JANUARY 25, 2015

and Reports for the year ended

December 31, 2014


I. Meeting Agenda 5

Saint Mark’s Church Mission Statement 5

II. Saint Mark’s Church Leadership and Parish Staff 6

Saint Mark’s Parish Ministries 7

III. Minutes from the prior Annual Meeting, January 26, 2014 9

IV. Reports:

Rector 12

Vestry Report:

Senior and Junior Wardens 14

Treasurer’s Report 15

2013 Budget at End-of-Year, 2014 Budget 17

V. Saint Mark’s Ministry Councils: 23


1. Book Group 23

2. Coffee Hour 23

3. Community Camp 24

4. Crafting 24

5. Men’s Fellowship 25

6. Newcomers 25

7. Women’s Soup Supper 26


8. Acolytes 26

9. Altar Guild 27

10. Eucharistic Ministers 27

11. Healing Prayer Ministers 28

12. Intercessors 26

13. Lectors 28

14. Music 29

a. Choir 29

b. Choristers 30

c. 9:00 a.m. Service Music 31

Page 3: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY



15. Special Liturgies 32

16. Ushers 32


17. Adult Education and Formation

a. Centering Prayer 34

b. Daughter of the King (DOK) 35

c. Education for Ministry (EfM) 35

d. Lectio Divina 36

e. Lenten Soup Suppers 36

f. Saturday Night Movie 37

g. Sunday School 37

h. Wednesday Bible Study 37

i. Women’s Retreat 37

18. Children, Youth and Family 38

a. Christmas Pageant 39

b. Family Fridays 39

c. Nursery 39

d. Sunday School 39

e. Young Adult Ministry 39

f. Youth Group 40


19. Outreach 40

a. ACTS Food Pantry 40

b. Bad Weather Shelter 41

c. Christmas Trees 41

d. CROP Walk 42

e. Door of Hope 42

f. EC/PAC 42

g. Haiti Partnership 43

h. Holy Family Services 44

i. Scouts 44

j. December Toy Ingathering 46

k. Pastoral Care

Moveable Feasts 46


20. Buildings and Grounds/Joint Operations 46

21. Endowment 47

Page 4: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY



22. Joint Fundraising 47

23. Leadership Development 50

24. Stewardship 50

25. Tellers 51


26. School Board of Trustees and School Staff 52

27. Head of School 53

28. School Chaplain 54

Page 5: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church


Sunday, JANUARY 25, 2015

12:00 p.m. in the Community Hall


Opening Prayer The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Appointment of Clerk and Tellers*

Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting (1.26.14)

Election of Vestry Members and Convention Delegates

Eligibility to vote Reynolds Cafferata, Chancellor

Introduction and Nomination of Vestry Candidates


The Year in Review and the Days Ahead The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Parker Garrett, Children, Youth and Families Director

Lisa Sylvester, Interim Music Director

Sae Wan Yang, Organist

Diane Carey-Schmitz, Senior Warden

Tom Horner, Junior Warden

Treasurer’s Report for 2014 Joanna Scott

2014 Stewardship Report Joanna Scott

Presentation of 2015 Budget Joanna Scott

Recognitions The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Dismissal The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

*Tellers to be appointed if needed. The Clerk of the Vestry will serve as Secretary of the Annual Meeting.


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church welcomes all into our community of faith as we grow in

Christ’s love through lives of worship, learning, service and fellowship.

Page 6: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church

2014 Church Leadership


The Reverend Carri Patterson Grindon, Rector

The Reverend Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook, Associate Rector

The Reverend Colin Brown, Ph.D., D.D. & The Reverend Pete Berry, Assisting

Diane Killgore, Music Director (Jan. – Aug.) Lisa Sylvester, Interim Music Director (Sept. – Dec.)

Robert Killgore, Organist (Jan. – Aug.) Sae Wan Yang , Organist (Sept. – Dec.)

Kara Morgan, Choristers Lee Ann Bechthold, Bookkeeper

Joanne Morse, Office Administrator & Publisher Lisa Auyong, Secretary

Mark Poynter, Sunday Sexton Karen Kikkawa, Web-Sexton

Reynolds Cafferata, Chancellor

Maria Horner, Children, Youth & Family Ministries Director (Jan. – Jun.)

Parker Garrett, Children, Youth and Family Ministries Director (Sept. – Dec.)


The Reverend Carri Patterson Grindon, Rector

Jane Sobota, School Board Representative Desiree Alvarado (’15)

Zachary Abbott (’15) Tom Horner, Junior Warden (’16)

Diane Carey-Schmitz, Senior Warden (’17) Lars Momsen (’15)

Joanna Scott, Treasurer (’16) Tim Jones (’16)

Jannette Allen, Clerk of the Vestry Bruce Linsenmayer (’17)

Kara Ramirez (’15) unexpired term

Robert Ross (’17)

Nathan Schroeder (’16)

Karen Sessions (’17)


Delegates: Zachary Abbott (’15), Marianne Wright (’15),

Terri Jones (’16), Bruce Linsenmayer (’15) unexpired term

Alternates: Robin Ross (’15), David Key (’15)

Page 7: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church

2014 Parish Ministries

Acolytes Diana Schroeder,

Kathy Talton Wilson,

Parker Garrett

Altar Guild Susan Westcott,

Nadine Hegamin

Auction Marianne Wright (Liaison)

Bible Study

The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Book Group Charlotte Mathews

Buildings and Grounds/Joint Facilities

Paul McKinney/Marianne Wright

Centering Prayer Robin Ross

Chaplain (school)

The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook

Children, Youth and Family Ministries

Maria Horner,

Parker Garrett

Christmas Trees Tim Jones

Community Camp Tom Horner,

Maria Horner

Crafting Charlotte Mathews

Daughters of the King Debra Johnson

Education For Ministry Gini Berry

Eucharistic Ministers (EMS)

Bruce Linsenmayer

Endowment Robert Ross

Family Fridays in Lent

Lisa Hilger, Denise Momsen

Healing Prayer Ministers

The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook

Holy Family Services Marianne Wright

Hospitality/Coffee Hour Robin Ross


The Rev. Betsy-Hooper-Rosebrook

Leadership Development Tom Horner

Formation Terri Jones

Lectio Divina

The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Lectors The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Lenten Soup Suppers

The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

Men’s Fellowship Bruce Linsenmayer

Saturday Night Movie Nathan Schroeder

Outreach Stephanie McKinney

Altadena Food Pantry Anne Browne …

Door of Hope George Rothwell

Haiti Partnership Chris Zarow

Moveable Feasts Marti Farley

Music Programs Diane Killgore

Lisa Sylvester

Saint Mark’s Choir Diane Killgore,

Lisa Sylvester

Choristers Kara Morgan

Instruments Diane Killgore,

Lisa Sylvester

9:00 a.m. Service David Key

Newcomers Rose West

Nursery Scheduling Parker Garrett

Parent Education Maria Horner,

Parker Garrett

Saint Mark’s School Dr. Doreen Oleson

Page 8: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY



Boy Scouts

Allan Yovanovich, Scoutmaster

Cub Scouts Shaley Brooks

Special Liturgies

The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon,

The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook

Stewardship Ministry Team Marti Farley

Tellers William Owen

Ushers Keith West

Wedding Coordinator Lisa Auyong

Winterfest JoLynn Battany,

Marianne Wright (Liaison)

Women’s Soup Supper

Betty Butler, Dorsey League

Youth Group Maria Horner,

Parker Garrett

Other Annual Events

Maundy Thursday Agapé Supper

Altar Guild

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Men’s Fellowship

Page 9: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2014

Opening Prayer and Greeting of Peace The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon opened the annual meeting with prayer at 12:32 p.m. immediately

following the “coffee hour” luncheon. During the luncheon, attendees watched a PowerPoint slide

presentation of events that occurred during the past year.

Appointment of Clerk and Tellers Jannette Allen appointed as Clerk for the Annual Parish Meeting.

Keith West and William Owen will serve as Tellers if needed.

Minutes of Previous Annual Meeting (1-27-13)

Correction: Review of 2012: Pastor Carri gave special thanks for the “Coins and Cans” campaign benefiting

the Haiti school lunch fund and the Food Pantry. Terri Jones made a motion, seconded by Christina Thom, to

accept the minutes as amended. The motion passed.

Election of Vestry Members and Convention Delegates Nomination of Candidates for Diocesan Convention Delegates and Alternates – There was no

need to elect delegates to convention as there were no expired terms.

Introduction and Nomination of Vestry Candidates – Bruce Linsenmayer and Karen Sessions

presented as a slate for vestry nomination. Craig Snodgrass made a motion, seconded by Lynn

Marini, to accept the slate by acclamation. Motion passed unanimously. Slate accepted. Robert Ross

and Diane Carey-Schmitz ran for re-election. Debra Johnson made a motion, seconded by Lynn

Marini, to accept their re-election and close the nominations. Motion passed unanimously.

Eligibility to vote – A review of the rules confirmed as stated previously, candidates must be at least

16 years old and confirmed (and attended church within the last sixty days, OR at least 16 years old,

baptized, and pledged/contributed during the last 60 days as stated in previous annual meetings).

Rector’s Review of 2014 Pastor Carri shared a quote from Archbishop Oscar Romero heading the Rector’s Report in the handouts and

read at the meeting: It helps, now and then, to step back and take the long view…. We are prophets of a

future not our own. Pastor Carri remembered 2013 as the year of Big Bold dreams alongside faithfulness.

See the rest of the message as written in the Rector’s Report. Highlight: completion of Called To Be More,

our strategic plan. Shared examples of faithful life included: Lunch for homeless; Pere Wisnel’s visit with

us; Coins and Cans collections to share in outreach; lay preaching series; second Haiti pilgrimage with

school joined by Saint Marks, South Borough; All Saints Sunday procession of crosses; the support within

the church during Mother Betsy’s walk through surgery, treatment, and recovery; and her love of us and our

care for her. Pastor Carri asked all to share in a word or briefly tell their own cherished memories of

outstanding moments.

Mother Betsy spoke about going through troublesome periods to find redemption at the end. She thanked

everyone for their cards, love, and sharing. Mother Betsy also told what Bishop Mary Paul Glasspool shared

when she was finding it hard to pray, “No worries, the parish is praying for you in two ways: for you, Mother

Betsy, and saying your prayers for you. In the same way, when someone cannot do something, we can have

faith that someone else will help. Two pictures were shown of Pastor Carri, one with Mother Betsy and Lisa.

Presented Pastor Carri with a whistle to allow her to call people to order.

Parish was asked to review our cherished moments.

The parish profile was used as a basis for the Call To Be More strategic plan (C2BM). We have the earmarks

of a program church. Currently we are a medium-sized church with a lot of programs in need of more people

Page 10: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


to support those programs. A review of the C2BM found that primarily we are focused on the development

and support of our children.

Maria Horner

Maria remarked that this marks her twelfth anniversary as Youth Minister. In 2001 Maria and Tom arrived

and were invited by Fr. Colville to take over the Youth Group. Tom had to step down to parent Nick but the

program gained Ingid Goodman and Debra Johnson as associates. They held childcare and Sunday School

respectively. The diverse classes spanning the ages were brought under one umbrella to share resources as a

Children, Youth, and Family Program (CYF) including the acolytes. Fr. Colville was very enthusiastic about

the changes, then he retired. The program continued to develop Family Fridays and Sunday School. Terri

Jones asked those present to celebrate with applause Marianne Wright taking over as Senior Warden during

the interim rector search. Maria also thanked the parents who supported the program by “forcing” children to

attend. When Maria was asked what else she needed, she asked to get a full-time person to take over as the

CYF minister. Joanna Scott will present the budget addressing the cost of a CYF Minister. Pastor Carri took

the opportunity to thank the vestry for their work.

Senior and Junior Warden Reports – Zachary Abbott and Diane Carey-Schmitz

Zachary remarked that it has been a privilege to serve for the past three years and to lead as senior warden.

He acknowledged the vestry’s spirited discussions and appreciated Diane’s grasp of the church’s sentiments.

Lastly he stated he was thankful for being churched (not just at church) with us. Diane agreed.

Treasurer’s Report for 2013 – Joanna Scott Joanna noted that each year we predict less and get more. Last year the budget predicted a deficit of

$26,000.00 but ended the year with a surplus of $15,000. The parish applauded. Joanna noted that 73% of

the increase was due to income increasing. The default was offset by unbudgeted $12,000 pledge income.

Expenses were lower due to salary savings, lower supply costs, and lower programs costs. We paid our 12%

Mission Share. Applauded by parish. Joanna summarized that we ended $45,000 better than we thought we

would. Marianne Wright point out that it is very exciting that the surplus is not due to a banner event

fundraiser, but due to our own efforts. Joanna confirmed that in the past surpluses were due to unanticipated

auction surplus receipts. Jane Sobota moved to accept the 2013 Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Christina

Thom. Motion passed.

2014 Stewardship Report

Presentation of 2014 Budget Joanna reported that the budget includes 146 pledges, reflecting 55 increased pledges, and 23 new pledges

(see pages 16, 17, and 18.) Based on the usual budget we are looking at a deficit of $9,000 normally, but this

presentation has a deficit of $31,387 if we include the Children, Youth, and Family Minister’s salary for ½

year. Pastor Carri noted this is using the high end of the salary scale to budget. We can anticipate that with

the development of the CYM, we will attract additional members who will pledge and help us cover these

expenses. The vestry collectively increased their budget to support this decision covering approximately 10%

of the cost. Zachary explained that we cannot fund out of reserves because this will be an on-going cost to

cover someone who will be depending on this income yearly (so not decided easily). Pastor Carri asked those

present to show their support for this new program by filling out one ofa the pledge cards on the tables.

Connie noted that this is a special circumstance – the additional funds are requested not for a window or

some physical item. This is for children who develop quickly so we cannot lose momentum by waiting. She

added “Trust the people we elected to weigh these choices”. Budget will include medical costs. Christina

Thom shared that she was told long ago that the length of life of church is dependent on the voices of the

children and cries of the babies. The school may be asked to participate.

In answer to Chris Zarow’s question on when the nave work starts, Pastor Carri announced that John Dale

has agreed to lead the design and plan of the capital campaign. This is another high priority item identified in

the C2BM. Jane made a motion to accept the 2014 treasurer’s report, Betty Butler seconded. The motion

passed. Applause for Joanna’s work.

Page 11: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY



Pastor Carri ordered whistles with Guatamalen lanyards for the entire staff from 10 Thousand

Villages: Diane Killgore, Joanne Morse, Lisa Auyong, Kari Morgan, Le Ann Bechthold, Maria

Horner, also the chair of the school board of Trustees. Pastor Carri noted that search consultants

meeting with the vestry and school board are preparing for Doreen Oleson’s, Head of School,

retirement in 18 months.

Pastor Carri also recognized Maria Horner, solidly planted in both school and church, Chaplain

Betsy Hooper Rosebrook, Pete Berry, Sylvia Sweeney, and Joanna Scott.

Also recognized, four women who answer phones during staff meetings: Kathy Talton Wilson,

Nancy Cash, Sherry Melnach, and Kristie Poynter.

Marti Farly as part of pastoral care take has answered the Call To Be Marianne by taking over 7 out

of the 14 jobs Marianne had including Chair of Stewardship. Gift book received: How to cook


Call To Be More Team named.

Neither outgoing vestry members were present, Paul McKinney and Sherry Wheelock. In honor of

his humor, clarity, and vision and for agreeing to take over Buildings and Grounds (one of

Marianne’s jobs), Pastor Carri gifted him the book “How to do absolutely everything”.

Zachary Abbott stepped down after two years of acting Senior Warden to allow a smooth transition

for the next Senior Warden. He received the gift book “Silent Prayer”.

New Senior Warden, Diane Carey-Schmitz, named.

New JuniorWarden to be elected during retreat.

Closed in prayer led by Zachary at 1:50 p.m..

Page 12: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Rector’s Report

“Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate

their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people.

And day by day the Lord added to their number….”

Acts 2:46-47

Our Wednesday Bible Study is slowly making our way through the Acts of the Apostles. We began

this fall, and it’ll be a miracle if we reach the end before summer. It’s impossible for us not to linger

over every detail and plumb the stories for every ounce of inspiration we can gain to strengthen our

own faith and the life of our church. Biblical scholar Justo L. Gonzalez calls Acts the Gospel of the

Spirit. It really is breathtaking to read again the description of the life those early followers of Christ

were able to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. Their circumstances were uncertain, dangerous,

even hostile, and yet consistently they lived bold, joyful,

compassionate, creative, generous, fearless lives in the name of Christ. If it’s been awhile since

you’ve read the Book of Acts, you might want to pick it up again. If you’ve never read it, I highly

recommend it. It’s a thrilling read. And when you read it, I trust you will find some of the stories

strangely familiar, not just because you’ve heard them in church or read them before, but because

life lived in the Spirit has a common look to it. The Spirit that moved through them is the same

Spirit that has made possible a year rich in grace, strong in love and full of new life. At our recent

Vestry meeting, I asked our leaders to look back over 2014 and to name the moments, big and

small, where they could see the living God at work for and through us. Here’s what leapt out at us:

Russell Sobota’s sermon on Graduation Sunday, Adam Schroeder’s leadership of intercessory

prayer, the Holy Ground Lenten Installation in the Community Hall…the faithfulness of the ones

who conceived and created it, and the deep engagement of the community with it; the delivery of

the $4,000 Christmas Tree check to the

Executive Director of Friends In Deed and her face and words of gratitude in response; Eric

Marquez’ baptism at Community Camp; the photos of the families receiving their Christmas Trees

through PALS; Sae Wan and Lisa’s first Sunday with us and their new ministry with us; our new

ministry of Lector and the beautiful way it is being carried out; our new Christmas Créche and its

Oscar-worthy backdrop sensitively and lovingly created by Nathan Schroeder and Bob Schaper and

friends; the moment when the Vestry made the leap-of-faith decision to hire a full-time CYF

Ministries Director and the congregations’ embrace of that leap aided by Maria Horner’s testimony

at last year’s Annual Meeting; the arrival of Parker Garrett; this year’s lay preaching series in our

Season of Gratitude; instances of hearing Good News preached in worship and wanting to take it to

others who needed to hear it; the community gathered in worship around Jake Rutt as he began a

new series of treatments; the faithfulness of our pastoral care team for one of our members while

she was needing to be far away from home; the strong worship leadership of our Choristers and the

blessing of Kara Morgan’s ministry; the growth in the presence and leadership of children and youth

in our worship generally; and finally, the faithful work of our Head of School Search Committee,

and the beautiful outcome of that work: the calling of Jenn Tolbert to be our new Head of School

beginning in July of 2015!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is enough of one to make clear that God’s Spirit is

evident and

powerfully at work among us. It was easy for us to name these moments. We could have gone on

Page 13: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


all night. All of you no doubt have your own stories of Holy Spirit sightings at Saint Mark’s. I

invite you all to pause as your Vestry did Wednesday night to remember them, to give thanks for

them, and to be strengthened for another year of faithful life in the Spirit. The extent to which we as

individuals and as a community give ourselves to that same Spirit which so enlivened the early

church is the extent to which God’s love and work will continue to take hold and set us on fire for

the good of all God’s people.

Faithfully Yours,

~Pastor Carri+

Page 14: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Vestry Reports

Senior and Junior Wardens' Report This has been an incredible, wonderful year at Saint Mark’s. The generosity and faithfulness of the

people of this parish continue to challenge the Vestry to boldly step out in faith as we address the

specifics in “Called To Be More”.

At the beginning of the year, we accepted the challenge to hire a Director of Children, Youth, and

Families Ministry. This meant another projected budget deficit, and a long-term commitment to

funding that position. In August we were blessed by the arrival of Parker Garrett, who has stepped

into that post and is making an already strong program even more exciting and vibrant.

We also saw the retirement of Diane and Robert Killgore, who had led our music ministry for twenty

years. We were fortunate to have our fellow parishioner, Lisa Sylvester, take up the position of

Music Director on an interim basis, and now have been joined by Sae Wan Yang as our organist.

Together they are keeping our music ministry fresh and strong.

Throughout Saint Mark’s we see your response to the call of the Holy Spirit. You have given

generously of your time, talent, and treasure. Once again, with your good stewardship, we have

finished the year in the black. The leadership of the Parish councils and the over five-dozen

individual ministries under those councils, as well as for the many ways the people of Saint Mark's

have risen to embrace the call to ministry not only within our own congregation, but to the greater

community and the world shows us that we all have accepted the challenges of “Called To Be


The dedicated, prayerful, and thoughtful, leadership of our priests, drawing us into a closer

relationship with Christ, blesses us. Not only do they preach this to us every Sunday, they model this

for us daily in their wise executive leadership, and their gentle pastoral care.

We are both looking forward to 2015, and can’t wait to see what we, the people of Saint Mark’s,

with God’s help, will be able to accomplish.

Respectfully submitted by,

~Diane Carey-Schmitz and Tom Horner

Page 15: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Treasurer’s Report

2014 Year-End

I am pleased to report that through God’s blessing, and the continued faith of our community,

instead of the budgeted deficit of $31,388, we ended 2014 with an excess of income over

expenditure of $3,749.

At the time the budget was reported at the 2014 annual meeting, pledges for 2014 totaled $326,120.

Subsequent pledges came in bringing total pledges for 2014 to $328,776. Total pledge income

received during 2014 was $326,609 – exceeding the original budget by $489, but with an overall

deficit compared to total pledges of $2,167.

Unfulfilled pledge commitments totaled $19,711, a default rate of 6%, compared to a budgeted

default of 3%. However, this was offset by contributions from other pledging members who

exceeded their pledge commitments by $17,544.

Open Plate, Holiday and Special Occasion contributions exceeded budget by $3,735. The income

from the Winterfest was close to budget, and the Spring Auction exceeded budget $5,276.

Overall, income exceeded budget by $27,089 and represents 77% of the positive variance for the


Expenses were $8,047 less than projected. This was primarily due to the following areas:

Within salaries there were a number of offsetting variances, with a net positive variance of $18,925.

Maintenance costs exceeded budget by $7,639, primarily due to refurbishment of various church

office rooms and sprinkler timer replacement. The website migration and redesign took us over

budget by $3,770 (but should yield future annual savings of $1,200). There was net underspending

in program expenses of $4,691.

We fulfilled our 12% Mission Share pledge payment of $47,663 as well as our commitments to


2015 Budget

Our budgeted income is based on 2015 pledges received to date, a known amount for the Winter

Festival, and a conservative estimate for the Spring Auction, loose plate and holiday contributions,

based on past history. For 2015, pledges to date are $351,483, which is $22,706 higher than last


Expenses have been estimated based on the past three-year history and any known upcoming

changes. This has resulted in most overheads being either trimmed or held at 2014 rates, but with an

inflationary increase for utilities. We maintain our 12% Mission Share commitment, equal to

$48,520. The budget includes a 2% cost of living increase for parish staff with more than one year’s

service. Salaries costs are increased substantially but not unexpectedly: the previous year we took

the decision to appoint a full time Children, Youth and Families Director, and with the retirement of

Diane and Bob Killgore in 2014, we now have a new organist on staff.

Page 16: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report continued

This year we are presenting a budget with an anticipated deficit of $37,056. The Vestry gave it’s

support to this budget, in the knowledge that recent years of being blessed with operating budget

surpluses and the current strong financial health of our parish, would allow us to fund the initial

cost of the much desired expanded ministry to our children, youth and young adults. The Vestry

recognizes that this growth cannot continue to be funded from reserves alone. As we all do our part

to further the growth of our church, we believe increased membership and new pledge income will

eventually bring us to a balanced operating budget.

I am thankful for the leadership and support of Pastor Carri, the Vestry, and the Finance Committee,

and I am deeply grateful for your continuing spiritual and financial commitment to Saint Mark's.

~Joanna Scott


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Page 18: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Page 19: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Page 20: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Page 21: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Page 22: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Page 23: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

The ministries of Saint Mark’s Parish are organized into five broad areas or Councils. These

councils are inspired by our Mission Statement, and act to support and sustain the ministries and

programs of the parish. The councils are: Welcome and Fellowship, Worship, Learning and

Formation, Service, and Administration and Finance.


1. Book Group Report 2014-15

Every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. six or eight people meet in the Brown Library at Church to read and

discuss a book. This year we read two by Alexander McCall Smith (The Number One Ladies Detective

Agency, and Tears of the Giraffe) after we finished the books from the previous year.

The group was started in the 1990's by Olive Brown, with one of its members being Kathy Korn, who is blind

(and still comes). Therefore, we always read the books aloud so that she can participate and we have

continued this habit to this day since it lends itself so well to commentary.

However, this year there will be a change. Because the majority of the current participants are senior citizens,

or even Super Senior Citizens, we would like to invite other, younger members to join and take over our

beloved book group. The fellowship is wonderful and we would miss it were it to expire! Please give this

suggestion serious won't be sorry!

~Charlotte D. Mathews

2. Coffee Hour/Hospitality

The 7:45 a.m. Coffee Hour was initiated many years ago by parishioner Ruth Geibel, and continues

to this day by Nancy Rothwell. Breakfast treats and beverages are set out in the workroom/kitchen

of the church office, following the early service. The coffee, food, and fellowship begins around

8:30 a.m., and typically lasts until the start of the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service. Those served include

the 7:45 a.m. congregation, plus Clergy, Altar Guild and DOK meeting attendees, Adult Education

participants, Nursery caregivers, arriving Choir members and Ushers and LEMs and Acolytes, along

with other visitors to the church office. Joanne Morse acts as the backup when necessary. David

Key faithfully contributes tangerines from his trees during the winter months, and other parishioners

frequently share the excess bounty from their gardens throughout the year.

The 9:00 a.m. Family Service has a rotating list of parishioners who provide coffee, punch and

snacks scheduled by Mo. Betsy.

The Coffee Hour after the 10:30 a.m. service is lunch provided by volunteers who have made a

commitment on a particular Sunday. These are individuals or groups of families, Ministries or

Vestry members. Mark and Christy Poynter set the Community Hall up for the hospitality after the

10:30 a.m. service.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Coffee Hour/Hospitality continued

The Hospitality Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to coffee hours in 2014,

with special thanks going to the individual sponsors. With your help, we were successful in making

Saint Mark’s a welcoming place!

If you are interested in doing a coffee hour, being a serving volunteer, or sponsoring a coffee hour by

donating money or food, please contact Joanne Morse in the church office or sign up at

~Robin Ross

~Hospitality Chair

3. Community Camp

During Memorial Day weekend, over 130 members of the Saint Mark’s Community traveled to

Catalina Island for our 11th year of fun and fellowship. While on the Island, we swam, kayak, hiked,

crafted, sang, played, climbed, scaled the ropes course and had a great time being together. The

weekend provided an incredible opportunity for church families to spend time together, and we’re

already looking forward to this year’s trip. Mark your calendars for May 23-25, 2014. More

information will be available in March.

~Maria and Tom Horner


4. Crafting

In 2014, monthly Saturday crafting sessions moved to the Craft Room on the fifth floor at Villa

Gardens, 842 East Villa, Pasadena, under the gracious hospitality of Charlotte Mathews. Sessions

have shifted to the third Saturday of the month, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Participants bring

whatever they’d like to work on, from scrapbook pages, prayer book pages, and card making to

knitting, crocheting, or embroidery. Sometimes we just come for the chance to catch up with one

another. Everyone’s welcome for all or part of the day.

In addition, in 2014 we again hosted the annual gathering to make memorial crosses for Saint

Mark’s loved ones on the Saturday before All Saints’ Sunday. As always, we thank David Key for

supplying the foam-core crosses, and we’ll do it again in 2015.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

5. Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship at Saint Mark’s supports our parish events, sponsors projects and participates

in activities that enhance the life of our church and school. In 2014 the men hosted the Shrove

Tuesday Pancake Supper. The men also supported our sister church and school, Ste. Marguerite's in

Haiti, by preparing the post Hike for Haiti pancake breakfast. Later in 2014, the men gave $500 to

update the Music Directors’ and Organist’s office. Men’s Fellowship funding comes from gifts to

the Men’s Fellowship, surplus breakfast funds and by hosting the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake


Saint Mark's Men's Fellowship meets for breakfast at Fox's Restaurant on Wednesday mornings at

7:00 a.m. and all men of the parish are invited to attend.

~Bruce Linsenmayer


6. Newcomers

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without

knowing it.”

Hebrews 13:2

The purpose of the Newcomer/Hospitality Committee is to welcome and encourage newcomers to

experience Christ’s love and ultimately a home in Saint Mark’s community.

We initially do this by inviting them to join us in fellowship at the coffee hour and engaging them in

conversation, always remembering to respect where they are in the moment. Our ushers are vital to

this process as they are the first to meet and greet our visitors.

Connecting our newcomers with those in the congregation with whom they have things in common

is an important step. We intend to do these things naturally, but we want to be more intentional

about this in the future. Working with ushers to complete the circle and make the newcomer

experience at Saint Mark’s a positive experience is essential. Our loving community will do the rest.

Biannual newcomer meetings will facilitate a deeper understanding of our mission and commitment,

while giving those attending the opportunity to consider their membership in our community.

We had our first newcomer reception on January 19 in 2014 and we have scheduled the one on

February 1, 2015. We know we can count on all of you to make this ministry a success! AND, when

asked to participate, please say YES!

~Rose West

~Newcomer Chair

~Robin Ross

~Hospitality Chair

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

7. Women’s Soup Supper

Women's Soup is a group which gathers once a month to share a meal. As we make closer personal

connections, we also act as support for each other. As we care, pray for and uplift each other, we

demonstrate what our church is about. As a group of women, we support various church projects,

such as supplying extra funding for the Food Pantry and for the Haiti Partnership. We have

contributed to the Holy Family Adoption Annual Fund. Women's Soup also provides meals,

transportation and hand-holding for others. We work to nourish each other and our faith.

~ Elizabeth Butler



8. Acolytes

Saint Mark's is blessed with an active acolyte program at each of our three Sunday services. Being

an acolyte is a wonderful opportunity for the youth of Saint Mark's to serve God and the church.

This year we had two graduates of the acolyte program: Stephen Hooper-Rosebrook and Colin


This year we have five senior acolytes at the 7:45 a.m. service, covering fifth Sundays in addition to

our regular rotation. We now have seven acolytes serving our 9:00 a.m. congregation, including a

team of three who participate in the third Sunday Communion service and around 23 acolytes,

forming 5 teams, at the 10:30 a.m. service. The acolytes bring a special and valued contribution to

each service.

All families in the congregation with children who will be in the 6th grade in September, 2015, will

receive information about the acolyte program in the Spring. All children 6th grade and above are

invited to be acolytes.

If you want to know more about the acolytes, please call email Parker Garrett at

[email protected].

~Diana Schroeder & Kathy Talton Wilson

~Co-Directors (January – June)

~Parker Garrett

~CYF Director (September – December)

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

9. Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a quiet, behind-the-scenes group who enjoy looking after the linens, candles,

silver and brass that play a big part in the Christian rituals of the church. Trimming candles,

arranging flowers, changing Altar frontals, laundering linens, preparing the Sanctuary for each

service, and decorating the church for special holidays, i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, and

hosting the Maundy Thursday Agapé Supper, are all part of the work they do. The group meets once

a month on the 2nd Sunday morning, except through the summer.

A lucrative task that the guild organizes is the ordering and selling of the Christmas greens to parish

members and Saint Mark’s school families. With this added money, the Altar Guild is able to

purchase necessary supplies, refinish damaged silver and brass, and replace damaged chasuables.

The Guild also donates Christmas greens/poinsettia for the Auction. With the help of Mo. Betsy and

Serena Beeks from the L.A. Diocese, the Guild purchased a beautiful Nativity set crafted by artisans

in Haiti. We want to thank Nathan Schroeder and Bob Schaper for constructing a wonderful village

background and lighting for the displaying of the new crèche. It was a tremendous hit. The old

Nativity was displayed in the Brown Library with a new baby Jesus as its centerpiece, brought to

Saint Mark’s by Nick Horner from his trip to Assisi, Italy.

The Altar Guild is a friendly group and would welcome new members into their midst with open

arms. Our members include Joan Painter, Tom Hooper-Rosebrook, Diana deNoyelles, Ann Waddell,

Robin Ross, Beth Owen, Roberta Goodman, Nadine Hegamin, Ann Schofield-Osaki, Christina

Thom, Marti Farley, Marsha Reed, and Eric Thom. An honorary members are Jim Morse and

members of the Youth Group who do heavy lifting. We thank them for their cheerful participation.

We welcomed new members John Green and Joseph Lane and said farewell to retirees Susan

Westcott and Patricia Gonzales.

Please contact Nadine Hegamin (626-798-5026) or Joanne Morse (626-798-5487) for more


~ Nadine Hegamin


10. Eucharistic Ministers (EMs)

The theological foundation for our lay Eucharistic Ministry is the belief that a church is not a

community of lay people gathered around a minister, but a community of many ministers gathered

around God. At Saint Mark’s Eucharistic Ministers are lay people who have received specialized

training and have been licensed by the bishop to assist the clergy at the Eucharistic table. Our EMs

serve at the Eucharist and fully participate at all of our services. This licensed ministry, within the

Diocese of Los Angeles, requires that the EM be a confirmed adult communicant in good standing.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

EMs (continued)

Saint Mark's Eucharistic Minister's are: George Rothwell, Don Kincey, Bruce

Linsenmayer, Celinda Pearson, Reynolds Cafferata, Tom Rosebrook, Jannette Allen, Chris Yoder,

Rose Woo, Matt Wright, Terri Jones, Lynn Marini, Karen Sessions, Lisa Hilger, Seth Bass, Ruben

Cárdenas and Parker Garrett.

With thanksgiving we celebrated Lisa Sylvester's "EM retirement" as she continues in her ministry

as our interim Choir Director.

Thanks be to God for them and for their service to all of us.

~Bruce Linsenmayer

~LEM Coordinator

11. Healing Prayer Ministers

At the 10:30 a.m. service, trained lay ministers are available to pray during communion with those

who have a special concern, thanksgiving, or need for healing in their life or the lives of those they

love. Many thanks to all our volunteers for their dedication to this ministry: Betty Butler, Denise

Momsen, Juanita Wade, Debra Johnson, Roberta Goodman.

~Mo. Betsy

12. Intercessors

Thanks to those who serve as Intercessors, leading the Prayers of the People in our worship at the

7:45 and 10:30 a.m. services. They are: Desiree Alvarado Cardenas, Ted Bailey, Roberta Goodman,

John Green, Terri Jones, David Key, Lynn Marini, Joanne Morse, Adam Schroeder, Kay Van

Valkenburgh. At the 9:00 a.m. service, more than a dozen families take turns reading the lesson and

leading the prayers.

~Mo. Betsy

13. Lectors

For a number of years our Eucharistic Ministers at both 7:45 and at 10:30 have also functioned as

Lectors, those proclaiming the Word of God in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the Epistles each

Sunday. This fall, beginning on the first Sunday in our Season of Gratitude, a new ministry of Lector

was launched. Trained by Pastor Carri, this gifted and committed group now gives strong voice to

our readings each Sunday. I am grateful for the willingness of this new group of ministers to so

carefully prepare the readings and the offer this gift to our worship life and to God’s glory. They are

Valerie Barth, Al Grindon, Connie Majeau, Erik Forrester, Jill McDowell, Traci Cecconello, Debbie

DeCaro, Chris Zarow, Charlotte Mathews and Sherrie Melinat.

~Pr. Carri

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

14. Music

Saint Mark’s Adult Choir

This past year marked significant change in our Music at Saint Marks! Diane and Bob Killgore

announced their retirement shortly after Easter and plans to search for their successors began soon

afterwards. Pastor Carri invited me to serve as Interim Music Director and I have done so since mid-

August. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve in this capacity alongside our wonderful clergy!

In August we celebrated Bob and Diane Killgore’s 19 years of dedicated service to the Saint Mark’s

with a festive music-filled service and brunch afterward with tributes both verbal and musical to our

long time Music Director and Organist. A special highlight of that celebration was a performance by

numerous “alumni bell-ringers” under the direction of former Bell Choir Director, Sylvia Smythe.

In August we also formed a Search Committee to find our next organist. Ably led by Bruce

Linsenmayer, several members including Joseph Lane, Diane Carey-Schmitz, Terri Jones, Bill

Owens, Rose West, myself, and youth member, Andrew Rosebrook served faithfully to discern and

recommend our newest member to the staff, Sae Wan Yang.

Sae Wan comes to us with a wealth of education, experience, and a firm faith which inspires her

beautiful organ playing! We have been blessed by the wide variety of music she has already brought

to us in her voluntaries and we look forward to much more in the future.

Thanks to Bruce and Mary Elgin, long–time members who donated to Saint Mark’s Church a very

generous monetary gift, we were able to have much needed maintenance and tuning to our Karl

Wilhelm Pipe Organ. This work was extensive; it began in the summer and was completed in the

early Fall.

The main components of our church music department includes two choirs: Saint Mark’s Adult

Choir and Saint Mark’s Choristers under the excellent direction of Kara Morgan. This year has been

Kara’s second year leading the Choristers at Saint Mark’s and their development as young singers

and participation in worship has grown significantly. Thank you Kara!

Saint Mark’s Adult Choir sings three Sundays a month and the Choristers sing once a month on the

second Sunday. Both choirs enhance the worship with sung psalms, mass settings and anthems of

varying styles. In particular, both choirs provided inspiring musical contributions during Advent and

Christmas Eve services.

Our worship has also been enhanced by several members of our congregation who share their

musical talents with us. They include Al Grindon, baritone, Lucy Grindon, soprano, Trudi Anderson,

clarinetist, Barbara Ebert, pianist, Andrew Rosebrook, bassist and Erik Forrester, percussionist.

We have also been blessed by guest musicians in several services this Fall, Advent and Christmas

Eve; they include students from USC Thornton School of Music, Morgan Middleton and Connor

McCreary, and for Christmas Eve, Eileen Holt, flutist and Paul Baker, harpist.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Music (continued)

I want to give special thanks to Roz Fleischer for her yearly hosting of our annual Choir Christmas

Party which was quite the event! Thanks also go to Rose West, for assigning and maintaining the

choir robes.

Our church is blessed with many talented musicians that offer their gifts for all of us and for the

glory of God. If you enjoy singing please think about joining Saint Mark’s Choir. There is NO


~Lisa Sylvester

~Interim Music Director


Gini Berry Pete Berry Diane Carey-Schmitz Rosalyn Fleischer

Terri Jones Bill Owen Susanne Peace Mark Poynter

Nathan Schroeder Elsie Strong Ann Waddell Juanita Wade

Kim Watkins Rose West Chris Yoder


I am thrilled to report that the Saint Mark's Choristers have grown by leaps and bounds over the

course of this new year together. Our membership has risen dramatically--we now have 13 Junior

Choristers and 10 Senior Choristers. Our attendance has also significantly improved as singers and

parents alike commit to our weekly rehearsals and monthly services.

The Junior Choristers rehearse from 3:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. on Wednesdays. My primary goals with

these younger singers (Kindergarten through 1st grade) are to develop intonation, basic vocal

technique, healthy posture and an understanding of how our anthems fit within the context of the

liturgical church year. Though we continue to work on improving intonation, the Junior Choristers

are already able to perform unison anthems with strong vocal production. The Junior Choristers have

also successfully collaborated with the Senior Choristers in singing 2 part anthems and rounds.

The Senior Choristers (2nd grade through 6th grade) rehearse from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on

Wednesdays. At our weekly rehearsals we study music theory, solfeggio (or sight-singing), vocal

technique and the role our music plays within the church's ministry and worship. Each chorister has

been given a light blue “Voice For Life” music theory workbook which covers such topics as

musical notation, rhythmic notation and key signatures. As each singer completes a level of the

Voice for Life program, they are awarded a medal and ribbon to be worn with their choir robe. Jonah

Schroeder is the first Senior Chorister to earn his light blue medal. This year I have chosen to

implement the RSCM tradition of choosing two Head Choristers (Anthony Whalen and Lauren

Cecconello), who both help with such tasks as collecting folders and serve as behavioral leaders for

all of the Choristers. The Senior Choristers are now able to sing two part rounds with excellent

intonation and projection. The group is divided into two groups: the "core" group (which sings the

melody in most cases) and the "descanters" (who sing the high descants in our anthems). Both the

Junior Choristers and the Senior Choristers did a fabulous job leading worship at our Sunday

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Music (continued)

Children's Worship Services this fall as well as our Christmas Eve Pageant. We are quite pleased to

have most recently performed anthems by J.S. Bach and Benjamin Britten. We are looking forward

to singing at the Saint Mark's Easter service and our end of the year Chorister concert. I am so

pleased by the progress both the Junior and Senior Choristers have been able to achieve over the

course of my year and a half as Choristers Director. I truly look forward to the musical adventures

before us!

~Kara Morgan

~Choristers Director

9:00 a.m. Service Music

Our aim is to draw children and their families into real comfort with the form and content of the

Episcopal liturgy with genuine worship and praise.

The hymns we sing at this service are selected the same way as the hymns for the 10:30 service, with

careful attention to the Lectionary readings appointed. The chief difference is that our focus is on

songs whose theology is accessible to children. Our sources are the standard hymn books: Hymnal

1982; Lift Every Voice and Sing; and Wonder, Love and Praise, especially hymns familiar from

school chapel, with additional sources (covered under copyright license agreements) and some of my

own offerings which we print for the congregation. Since my background is in traditional music we

have a variety of instrumentation: various types of guitars, banjo, autoharp, dulcimer and most

recently Lutes and Bowed Psaltery. A collection which, in my opinion, offer not only variety of

sounds but also texture to the various hymns, much as the variety of stops available on the organ are

used. Percussion instruments (mostly played by the children on the occasional rousing closing

hymn) are a joyful addition to this service offerings.

I have been able to identify other people with musical talents in the congregation. Some have

contributed and others I hope to include in special musical offerings in future. We also hope to be

blessed with special offerings from the Choristers in the coming year.

I am grateful to Lisa Sylvester for her contributions to music for this service.

~David Key

~9:00 a.m. Music Leader

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

15. Special Liturgies

Our Community gathers every Sunday to give thanks and offer our lives to God. In addition to our

regular life of worship, we add times of special celebration and prayer to God’s glory and for the

comfort and strengthening of God’s people. In 2014 there were a number of special times of worship

which enriched our lives.

Our tradition of alternative Lessons and Carols for Good Friday continued. Terri Jones guided this

powerful offering, and we were blessed to hear the beautiful and poignant, and sometimes humorous

words of theologians, poets, and writers of prose read by members of our congregation, and giving

witness to the Passion of Christ.

The Passion of Christ received additional expression through our intergenerational Experiential

Stations of the Cross, and through the dramatic reading it received on Passion Sunday at all three

services. Through the gifts and offering a diverse group of congregants, the story came to life with

particular clarity and power.

For a 6th time we offered a Blue Christmas Service, a peaceful, gentle worship service offered for

anyone in our community experiencing loss, challenge, or sadness of any kind facing the Holiday

season. This continues to be a tradition bringing comfort and healing to many.

In our Season of Gratitude, the 5 weeks leading up to our Consecration Sunday, we continued the

tradition of lay preaching, and were strengthened by the witness of Parker Garrett, Ray Samoa,

Gerald Somerville and Matt Wright. Our Season was enhanced with the installation in Jaws of the

Tree of Gratitude, beautifully conceived and created by Nathan Schroeder and Bob Schaper. The

original prayers for the Season written by Lynn Marini brought further blessing to our communal

worship. And finally, Consecration Sunday was again a joyful morning where all 3 of our

congregations gathered as one to thank God for every blessing, and to offer again our commitment

of treasure for the work of God’s love through us. We were blessed by the presence and words The

Right Reverend Chester Talton, our guest preacher, and for the outpouring of generosity from

everyone there.

~Pr. Carri

16. Ushers

Saint Mark's Ushers continue to greet the congregation enthusiastically, and to assist with the

offering and Eucharist at all services every Sunday, and on Christmas and Easter. The ushers play a

particularly important role during the high-attendance services, such as Christmas Eve and Easter.

Thank you to the ushers who served during 2014: Gerald Somerville, Craig Snodgrass, Keith West,

Kay Van Valkenburgh, Landy Johnson, Beth Owen, Chris McCann, Jim Morse, Jill McDowell, Karen

Rogers, Eric and Christina Thom, and the dedicated families at the 9:00 a.m. service. John Green has,

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Ushers (continued)

thankfully, acted as a substitute for the 7:45 service on occasion. New Ushers welcomed are Mary

Moffitt and Trudi Anderson as alternate. We said thank you to Jean Loberg upon her retirement.

If you feel this might be a calling for you, please call the church office 626-798-6747.

~Keith West


If you are already perfectly familiar with the term “formation” as it is used in a religious context,

please skip the bullets and go right to the summary of Saint Mark’s 2014 formation activities below.

We had a busy year! If, on the other hand, you are one of the many folks who asked through Called

To Be More that we explain the term and how it relates to our lives at Saint Mark’s, here is the


“Formation” is the one-word, divinity school shorthand for the lifelong process of

growing our faith along with our knowledge and love of God. It includes intellectual

learning about scripture and the history and rites of our church, but it also includes

everything else each of us does to build our relationship with God, including worship and a

wide variety of spiritual practices that may be helpful at various times in our lives. (In case

you wondered, that’s why we stopped calling it just “adult education”.)

Formation is ongoing and lifelong because each relationship with God is dynamic; changing,

deepening, expanding. Our spiritual practices may need to change as we change.

What works for you may not work as well for your neighbor. At Saint Mark’s, we try hard to

vary the formation experiences and opportunities we offer because we have many different

learning styles in our community as well as people at all ages and stages of life. Apart from

the habit of weekly worship, almost no spiritual practice works equally well for everybody:

it’s why we offer, among other things, so many different ways to pray.

Formation helps us to discern who we are rather than what we do.

We are God’s people because our loving and gracious Creator continues to reach out to us

and to invite us into relationship. But growth rarely happens in any relationship, including

with God, unless we actively engage it. Real Christian growth occurs through intentional

efforts to deepen our relationship with God, and to be God’s heart and hands in the world. At

baptism, each of us promises to pursue growth in Christ.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

The Formation ministry team plans and promotes opportunities for people to engage

intentionally in education and other practices that help all of us grown and deepen our

capacity to know, love, and serve God. We are eager to know how to support you in your life

in faith.

~Terri Jones

17. Adult Education and Formation

Centering Prayer

But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in

secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Matthew 6:6

Saint Mark’s celebrates another year of Centering Prayer which is offered on Monday mornings

from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. in the Brown Library. Our practice continues to be enriched by viewing

DVD teachings from Fr. Thomas Keating, participating in Lectio Divina, as well as other practices

that support the Contemplative Life Program.

Centering Saturday's, a four hour morning retreat, is held quarterly and on occasion facilitated by guest

practitioners. It is important to note that anyone interested in participating in or learning more

about Centering Prayer is welcome. Having done the practice before is not a prerequisite and

attendance is open to the community at large.

I am happy to say that this year our group has grown and there are several new individuals who are

now attending on a regular basis who are from other church communities. Please join us when you

are able. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome!

I remain honored to be part of this beautiful community and look forward to seeing it continued



~Robin Ross


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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Daughters of the King (DOK)

Saint Mark’s Blessed Women (DOK) has received over 460 prayer requests.

Beth Owen continues to faithfully update the list several times a week to keep us apprised of


We currently have over 20 members and are always eager to welcome any woman 17 years and up

who is called to prayer and service. Feel free to visit the National Website for more information

regarding the National Prayer Order

In 2014, we continued in prayer. Our Angel Card Ministry using the beautiful cards from our

blessed Angel Barbara Haines (with the Lord 3/17/2008) continues to thrive; the cards are prayed

over and available free for anyone to send out to those we are praying for or just thinking of.

Blessed Women of Saint Mark’s Altadena Chapter #1925, hold their regular prayer meetings on the

first Sunday 8:45 a.m. in the Community Hall. Feel free to visit our church website

( for updates and other fun information.

Current officers are Debra A. Johnson, Interim President; Charlotte Mathews, Vice-President; and

Beth Owen, Treasurer; Roberta Goodman, DOK Study Leader.

~Debra Johnson

~Chapter President

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Nearly continuously since 1988, Saint Mark’s and the L.A. Diocese have collaborated with the

Episcopal School of Theology of the University of the South to offer EfM, a four-year, small group

extension course designed to help adults deepen their knowledge of Christian scripture, tradition,

and history, and explore how their faith challenges, enriches, and supports them in the lives they


The current EfM class includes Paula Walker in the first year, Marti Farley, Bill and Sherrie Melinat,

and Joanne Morse in the second year, Erik Forrester and Mark Poynter in the fourth year (and on

track to graduate this spring), Maria Horner doing post-grad study. The mentors are Gini Berry,

Diane Carey-Schmitz, Terri Jones and Erik Forrester.

EfM at Saint Mark’s meets on Monday nights in the Brown Library about nine months of the year.

There are no papers to write or exams to take: each week the group discusses shared reading

assignments in the Bible and other texts to determine how (or weather!) the material relates to our

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

EfM (continued)

own contemporary experience. Conversations are lively; insights are plentiful, and our new books

and lessons are engaging.

There are no papers to write or exams to take: each week the group discusses shared reading

assignments in the Bible and other texts to consider how the material relates to our own

contemporary experience. Conversations are lively; insights are plentiful, and our new books and

lessons are engaging.

We’ll enroll new and continuing students over the summer. If you’d like to know more about EfM,

please talk to any of the mentors.

~Terri Jones

Lectio Divina

Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Brown Library

Each Wednesday evening a group gathers for the practice of Lectio Divina. Using a portion of one of

the readings for the coming Sunday, we use this form of praying the scriptures to listen deeply for

God’s kindness and direction in our lives. A wonderful, faithful group gathers every week, and

newcomers and less frequent participants are always welcomed with joy. This practice is led by

Pastor Carri, Connie Majeau and Roberta Goodman.

~Pr. Carri

Lenten Soup Suppers Holy Ground. We led off the 2014 Lenten Soup Supper Series with a special multi-generational

installation in the Community Hall that invited us all to enter Holy Ground.

Bob Schaper, Nathan Schroeder, Nick Arnzen, Diane Carey-Schmitz, Connie Majeau, Roberta

Goodman, Lisa Sylvester, Rose West, Robin Ross, Terri Jones, Tom and Anton Sobota, and Pastor

Carri created a magical “desert” environment in which parish members could wander and experience

scripture, hospitality, stories, theater, elemental play with sand, water, and stones, and meditate on

the experience, before closing with the Eucharist. (The installation stayed up through Thursday for

Mo. Betsy’s use with School Chapel.) The balance of the Wednesday night series featured a program

of readings from the Desert Fathers and Mothers, a bibliodrama session, a Taizé service, and an

evening in which Edward Beckett led a whole team of volunteers in painting Stations of the Cross in

preparation for Holy Week.

~Terri Jones

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Saturday Night Movies

Since August 2012 Nathan Schroeder has shared with us his professional talents as a designer in the

film industry, and his deep love and knowledge of film and the visual arts, by showing us movies

and leading us in lively conversations about them usually on the first Saturday of the month in the

Brown Library. In 2014 the movies seen were: Boycott, 84 Charing Cross Rd., The 5 People You

Meet in Heaven, Peggy Sue Got Married, Heaven I For Real, and The Natural.

Movie Night was suspended due to Nathan’s teaching a class, but Connie Majeau and Chris Zarow

hosted a showing of Joyeux Noel to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Christmas suspension

of fighting during WWI.

~Nathan Schroeder

Sunday School

Sunday Morning: The Brown’s Library: 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.

TEDtalks and Travel Tales. At the ‘nine o’clock hour” on Sundays, many members of the

congregation presented stories or led conversations in 2014. Some people were interviewed using

the ‘Proust Questionnaire” in Epiphany; for several Sundays in late May and early June, young

adults shared their adventures on several pilgrimage journeys abroad. Then, for most of the summer,

various parishioners selected and presented their favorite TEDtalks for community discussion, on

topics as diverse as conservation, nutrition, and timely intervention in the lives of at-risk youth.

~Terri Jones

Wednesday Bible Study

For the first half of 2014, our Bible Study group plumbed the riches of our Sunday Lectionary

Readings. Each week all three readings were read aloud by members of the group, and then we

chose one of the three to begin an in-depth focus for the morning. Most mornings we made our way

to all three readings, and were delighted to discover God’s challenge and encouragement given to us

through the Word. Ably led by Roberta Goodman through the summer, the group dove into Luke’s

gospel in preparation for the study of the Acts of the Apostles, which began in the Fall. This study

continues into 2015, and all participants find their lives strengthened and their faith expanded by the

amazing stories of the work of the Spirit in the early church. My faith is made stronger every week

as I gather with this faithful community of seekers hungry for the life-giving Word of God and the

fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

~Pr. Carri

Women’s Retreat

Pr. Carri

From Friday evening, February 28 until noon on Sunday, March 2, the Cathedral Center of Saint

Paul became an extension of the Saint Mark’s community hall when about 23 of us gathered on

retreat to explore finding God in the changes and transitions in our lives, and finding our way to “A

New Normal” in our work, our relationships, our life circumstances, our loves, and our callings. As

Page 38: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Women’s Retreat (continued)

usual, we ate to much, laughed a lot, surprised ourselves with our stories and songs and insights, go

some much-needed rest and some girlfriend time and just some time just to “be”.

The 2015 retreat will be built around the theme “Let It Go,” and will be held April 10-12, again at

the Cathedral Center. Registration forms and information will be available in the Narthex and the

office by the time you read this report. Pastor Carri, Mo. Betsy, Betty Butler and Terri Jones are

planning another wonderful time away. Please join us.

~Terri Jones

18. Children, Youth and Family

It’s been a big year for Children, Youth and Family ministries at Saint Mark’s!

About eight years ago, Bill Owen asked me to share my “dream” for a dedicated youth building. I

think the Vestry was in the process of some master planning, and he wanted to know what our

growing youth group needed to provide program to our young people. I told him, fairly emphatically,

that we didn’t need dedicated space – what we needed was a dedicated person, someone whose full-

time job it was to create, develop and facilitate programs for children and youth at Saint Mark’s.

With Parker’s arrival last summer, my dream has come true. We are so fortunate to have her leading

our children and youth. We’ve already seen the fruit of her efforts, and I am confident that as time

passes our program will continue to grow and thrive. Please join me in thanking her for saying yes to

Saint Mark’s!

~Maria Horner

~CYF Director (January – June)

It has been an exciting year in children, youth, and family ministry at Saint Mark's! After a long

discernment process, the community decided that it was time to further invest in the program by

hiring a full time staff member in the summer of 2014. I joined the staff on August 15 as the full

time Children, Youth, and Family Ministries Director, and am excited to continue working to build

the CYF program. Below you will find reports on the successful programs and events that were in

place under the skilled leadership of Maria Horner. I am excited to continue to build upon an already

healthy and vibrant ministry in 2015. This month, we added a 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class

that will help to provide more age-appropriate and engaging lessons for our children. New events to

come include our first trip with teenagers to Haiti in March, summer programs for youth, supper

clubs to help foster community between families, and Vacation Bible School in late summer 2015.

For additional questions or to volunteer with our CYF program, please contact Parker Garrett at

[email protected] or at 334-398-1129

~Parker Garrett

~CYF Director (September – December)

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Christmas Pageant

The annual Christmas pageant continues to be an effective and successful way for children and

youth to engage in Christmas worship here at Saint Mark's. We had over 50 children and youth

participate in the pageant during the 5:00 p.m. service on Christmas Eve. One particularly exciting

aspect of this program is that it continues to bring members of all three Sunday morning

congregations together. We continue to use the script adapted from scripture by Pastor Carri. Family Fridays

Each year during Lent, Friday is Family Night! At 6:30 p.m., we meet in the home of a host family

near the church. We enjoy a potluck supper as families arrive from work to join us. Child care is

provided on site, so children are with their friends. At 7:30 p.m., a featured speaker addresses us on

a family-related issue of interest, with time for questions and discussion. By 8:40 p.m., we finish

with prayer and head home, happier and richer for this fellowship.

Thanks to our hosts for opening their homes in 2014: Philip and Jennifer Molebash, Jeff and Jane

Dillingham, Al and Carri Grindon, Bob and Robin Ross, and Andrew and Sherry Kully.


Held in the preschool class downstairs, our nursery care room is staffed by skilled childcare

providers and a youth assistant every Sunday. Our nursery frees parents to enjoy the worship service,

knowing their children are safe and secure. We thank Stephen Hooper-Rosebrook and Rachel Hines

for assuming this ministry for six months, when Susan Westcott retired.

Sunday School

This year, we are continuing to use Seasons of the Spirit, a lectionary based curriculum that

integrates worship, scripture, and age-appropriate activities. Our four extremely dedicated teachers

are Mary Herman, Kathy Talton, Diana Schroeder, and Heather Jolly. We average about 10 children

per Sunday.

We laid a lot of ground work for further development our Sunday School program in 2015. We are

excited to seek out new curriculum, continue our new 5th and 6th grade class, and further support

our volunteers.

Young Adult Ministry

Under the leadership of Maria Horner, Saint Mark's established a new ministry in 2014. We are

sending regular care packages to members away in college, and had our first annual youth alumni

Christmas party at the Horners’ home. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please contact

Maria Horner.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Youth Group

The Saint Mark's youth group continued to grow and thrive in 2014. 6th-12th graders are invited to

join us on Sunday evenings from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. for conversation, lessons, games, and activities.

We currently have about 20 regular youth group attendees, with an average attendance of 16.

As in previous years, the Youth Group provided service to the Saint Mark's community. They

continue to run the Easter Egg Hunt and the Christingle-making party. They also provide scheduled

childcare during the Memorial Day trip to Catalina Island, and volunteer at the annual Fall


Our youth group leaders are: David Killgore, Kevin Killgore, Maria Horner, and Parker Garrett.

~Parker Garrett


19. Outreach

The Outreach Committee finds ways for Saint Mark's parishioners to reach out into the community

and share the love of Christ. We support existing ministries, including St. Mark's partnership with

Ste. Margurite's in Latournelle, Haiti, and the support of local organizations including Friends in

Deed and ACTS as part of our goal to consider the needs of those in our local and international

community. If you feel that God has put on your heart this kind of work, contact us.

Upcoming Outreach Events:

Ongoing--Coins and Cans

Bring coins for Haiti and canned food for the ACTS food pantry to church (all services)

Contact: Stephanie McKinney

email: [email protected]

Feb. 5th--Door of Hope Dinner

Contact: George Rothwell

email: [email protected]

Feb. 15-- ACTS Food Pantry 10:00-12:00

Contact: Anne Browne

email: [email protected]

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

ACTS Food Pantry

The Altadena Congregations Serving Together (ACTS) Food Pantry was established in 2000 and is

run by six local churches: Altadena Baptist Church, Altadena Community Church, Christ the

Shepherd Lutheran Church, Community Life Fellowship, Westminster Presbyterian Church and

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church. The ACTS Food Pantry is located at Altadena Community Church

and is open every Saturday from ten to noon. Each church is responsible for staffing the pantry one

Saturday a month. The 2014 Saint Mark’s Volunteers: Anne Browne, James Morse, the Dillingham

Family, Tom and Nick Horner, Jennifer, Mara, & Anya Lum, Dorsey League, Nadine Hegamin,

Melissa Shaper, and Mary Moffitt.

The church's contributions were $623.00, $175.00 from Women's Soup and $448.00 from the

congregation? We gave out 30-35 bags per week.

Thanks to ALL that donated to the Food Pantry financially and with food.

~Anne Browne

~Coordinator and Advisor for the ACTS Food Pantry

Bad Weather Shelter

Saint Mark's returned this year to operate one night at ECPAC's Bad Weather Shelter at the

Pasadena Covenant Church in December. We had close to 125 clients so we kept busy. As always,

special thanks go out to George Rothwell and his son Earl for being responsible for the buying and

cooking of the food. George is committed to the belief that our homeless here in the Pasadena area

don't have many nice things in their lives, so when Saint Mark's has an opportunity to do something

special for them, it's going to be special. Saint Mark's has the reputation of cooking great and not-so-

ordinary meals. Thanks to all the parishioners and school families who came out without whose help

this ministry would not happen. If you haven't had a chance to be a part of this event and would like

to be, there will be opportunities for you to do so in the upcoming year. Christmas Trees

In 2011, the Vestry decided to have a Christmas Tree sale to help offset a projected budget deficit.

By the end of the year, Saint Mark's was in the black and we decided to give the funds we raised to

the Bad Weather Shelter in Pasadena -- and a tradition was born. As part of our outreach ministries,

we decided to continue our support of the Bad Weather Shelter and 2014 marked our 4th annual

Christmas Tree sale. We sold 150 trees; 44 of which were donated to needy families in our

community via the Pasadena Police Activity League (PAL).

Following is a short memo we received from PAL:

TO: Lt. Gourdikian

FROM: Ralph Ordonez , Officer

RE: Christmas Tree Program

Page 42: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Christmas Trees (continued)

On 12/05/2014 Officer Craddolph, Volunteers Ben Potter and Rojelio Venegas, and I delivered 44

Christmas Trees to needy families in Pasadena and Altadena. Theses Christmas Trees were again

donated by St. Marks Church located at 1014 Altadena Dr. in the City of Altadena.

Corporal McKinney was responsible for making this great program possible.

The memo included pictures of some the families receiving their Christmas trees, and when I saw

the smiles on their faces it made all the hard work more than worth it!

One hundred percent of the proceeds go to support the Bad Weather Shelter. In 2011 we were able to

give $2,000 and in 2012 the amount rose to $2,500. Last year we presented a check for $4,000 and

this year we anticipate giving approximately $4,500. We are truly blessed to have community that

gives so much of its time, energy and money to support a much needed program. I'd like to thank

everyone who helped, including; the Boy Scouts, Chris McCann, Greg and Leo Neat, David Key, Al

Grindon, Andy Splichal, Anton and Hannah Sabota, Jacob McKinney, Beatrix Jones and especially

the Christmas Tree Ministry Team of Zachary Abbot, Dianne Carey-Schmitz, Tom Horner, Paul

McKinney and Jane Sabota. (My apologies if I've inadvertently left your name off the list!) Thanks

also to all of those who bought a tree!

~Tim Jones



This year, over 20 members of Saint Mark’s participated in the annual CROP Hunger Walk. Our

team walked 5 kilometers and raised over $1,000 as a community to help fight hunger in the

Pasadena area.

Door of Hope

On the first Wednesday of each month, Saint Mark's supports the Door of Hope, a Pasadena shelter

for families in transition. Volunteers from Saint Mark's plan and prepare an evening meal, bring the

meal to the Door of Hope at 6:00 p.m., and have dinner with the 25-30 residents. Please contact

George Rothwell at least 2 days in advance if you would like to participate on the first Wednesday of

a month.

~George Rothwell

Ecumenical Council of Pasadena Area Churches (EC/PAC)

Saint Mark’s has generously collected school supplies, made Easter baskets and sent Christmas toys

to EC/PAC through Friends in Deed each year.

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Haiti Partnership

Our primary commitment to Ste. Marguerite school in Latournelle, Haiti, is to fund a lunch program

annually. A secondary goal is to support the school in meeting the needs they have expressed to us.

Two broad categories comprised the activities of 2014. These are travel and fund-raising.

Travel: Dr. Oleson organized travel to Haiti by members of NAES in January, 2014. It is hoped that

this would generate more partnerships.

In February of 2014, two Haiti Partnership Committee members and three young adults from Saint

Mark's, Altadena joined two faculty members and three high school students from St. Mark's School,

Southborough, MA, who together traveled to Latournelle. During the visit, the Americans met and interacted with the children of Latournelle and the students, faculty and staff of Ste. Marguerite.

During an evening meeting with the school administrators and community leaders, the concerns for

the community of better access to water, access to electricity, especially in the evenings, and help

with teacher salaries were discussed.

Plans are in place for Haiti Partnership Committee members of our parish and several high school

students from St. Mark's Youth Group to travel to Latournelle, Haiti in March, 2015.

Following the February visit, Kara Morgan and Chris Zarow began monthly conversations via Skype

with Leoreus Laventure, Ste. Marguerite’s principal. This has been an efficient way to gauge

progress and learn of new needs. Beginning in October, 2014, Liz McCollough, a language teacher

from St. Mark’s Southborough, MA, and who is on her third trip to Latournelle with her high school

students, joined our Skype calls. This has resulted in a much closer working relationship between the

two Saint Marks.

Fund-raising: We organized several raising activities in 2014. The Hike for Haiti and a post-hike

pancake breakfast was held on Saturday, April 12. In May, Kara Morgan, Choristers

Director, put on a benefit concert featuring Saint Mark's Choristers and the talents of other

parishioners. Other fund raising events included Hike to Howlands and Women’s Soup. Smaller

fund raising events to support youth travelers in 2015 are ongoing. Coins and Cans is continuing and

has been a successful means of generating small, but consistent, donations.

Despite this, the Haiti Partnership fell short of i's goal to fully fund the lunch program for 2015.

While $20,000 is required for a full year of lunches, by the end of 2014 we were only able to send

$13,000 to Haiti. This presents us with a sobering challenge.

New goals include helping the community of Latournelle launch a micro credit program under the

guidance of Episcopal Relief and Development in New York and Micro Credit Haiti in Port au

Prince. The goal is to help local families generate an income and thereby afford tuition for their

children at Ste. Marguerite.

~Chris Zarow

~Parish Liaison

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Holy Family Services

Saint Mark's has again this year joined other churches in the Diocese in supporting Holy Family

Services. By contributing to Holy Family Services, Saint Mark's helps to build families through

adoption and foster care. Holy Family Services, an Institution of the Diocese of Los Angeles, is a

full-service agency that places children in loving homes without regard to age, race, religion, gender,

marital status or gender preference. The annual auction event was held in May, and there were many

Saint Mark’s parishioners there to help spur on the bidding and enjoy the atmosphere at the home of

Bishop Jon and Mary Bruno. Saint Mark’s volunteers also helped with the invitation mailing,

preparation of the auction baskets for the event, and volunteered on the morning and afternoon of the

event. Our own Janis Rosebrook retired after six years on the board and three years as president of

the Board of Directors in June. Parish member Marti Farley joined the HFS board as of July 1. As

HFS continues in its 65th year of service to the greater Los Angeles area, it continues to build its

outreach program to all members of our community. If you would like to volunteer your services by

helping with or attending one of our fundraising activities, please contact Board members Marianne

Wright or Marti Farley.

~Marianne Wright

~Board President, Holy Family Services


Boy Scout Troop 1

Saint Mark's is extremely proud to sponsor Boy Scout Troop #1. Not only is Troop #1 the oldest and

original Troop in Pasadena…not only is Allan Yovanovich an outstanding and award-winning

Scoutmaster…Troop #1 does STUFF--lots of stuff! Probably more stuff than anybody.

Highlights of the Troop Calendar for 2014 include winter sports, shooting & archery, rock climbing,

cultural awareness, aquatics, cooking, first aid & advanced life support and (always!) backpacking.

They also are a great help in cleaning the campus after the Country Fair.

Want to find our more? call Craig Snodgrass: 798-2517 or Linda Bass: 818-359-4108.

On behalf of City of Hope and Troop 1 I’d like to express my gratitude to the Saint Mark’s

community for your generous support of the Andrew Blackwood Memorial Blood Drive. This

year’s effort recorded 69 pints of blood delivered to the City of Hope patients. The City of Hope

Blood Services Coordinator informed me that this blood drive continues to be the most productive

annual event in their calendar. Thank you again in your enthusiastic response to this effort and for

your continuing support of Troop1.

I’d like to thank the Seth Bass and Craig Snodgrass for coordinating the event when I left town on

an emergency. Again, please accept my thanks and kindly put this event on your calendars for the

second Sunday in October, 2015.

Allan Yovanovich

~Troop 1 Scoutmaster

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Boy Scouts (continued)

Sunday, February 8, is Scout Sunday. Please join us as we honor Allan Yovanovich for his many

years of service as he retires as Scoutmaster.

Cub Scouts, Pack 1

Saint Mark's Church sponsors Cub Scout Pack 1, a family program designed for boys who are in the

first through fifth grades (or from 6 to 11 years of age). Scouts, parents, and leaders work together to

achieve the primary purposes of Cub Scouting, including character development, spiritual growth,

good citizenship, and personal achievement -- all through fun and age-appropriate activities. All our

activities are designed to foster teamwork between the scout and his parent/guardian, who is known

as the ‘Akela’ in the scouting program, as they work together to complete the various

achievements/experiences that are required to matriculate through each of the five years. Cub

Scouts prepares our boys for the next step in the scouting program, should the scout so choose,

which is the Boys Scouts of America, for boys in 6th through 12th grades.

Cub Scout Pack 1 is comprised of families from Saint Mark’s Church, Saint Mark’s School and the

local community. Over the past few years, we have seen our number of non-Saint Mark’s families

grow and we see that growth as a reflection of our inclusive approach and commitment to a quality

program. During the past year the pack has organized a spring weekend trip to Camp Wasewagen in

the mountains near Redlands and a fall campout at the Trask Scout Reservation in Monrovia. This

spring we embark on our bi-annual trip to Catalina Island. We have also participated in a number of

shorter activities including tours of the E! Television Studio, visits to local police and fire stations,

and trips on the Gold Line. Our annual program includes building and racing Pinewood Derby cars,

launching rockets, and going rock climbing at an indoor facility in Arcadia.

The pack remains committed to teaching public responsibility through service projects and charity.

Recently Pack 1 collected food for the Friends in Deed food pantry, supported the Andrew

Blackwood blood drive held by Troop 1, and we help support scouting in the San Gabriel Valley by

donating annually to our local Friends of Scouting organization. A portion of the proceeds from the

annual popcorn fundraiser go directly to our local council and benefit scouts in our community.

Popcorn revenue fuels our program by subsidizing program fees and giving financial aid for event

participation on a need basis. We are thankful to be part of such a strong community. The leaders for

Pack 1 are all volunteers and help make our program the best in the San Gabriel Valley and top in

the nation.

~Shaley Brooks

Pack 1 Cubmaster

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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

December Toy Ingathering

Toys were collected at school chapel on December 9th. Thank you everyone who donated a toy for a

needy child for Christmas. Toys were distributed to Door of Hope, Hillsides, and the Altadena

Sheriff's Station, along with a few extra special families in the parish who needed support this

Christmas. Thank you to Anne Browne who brought packing boxes, and Taki Lague, Seth Bass, and

Marianne, Emily and Matt Wright who sorted and/or delivered the toys.

~Marianne Wright 20. Pastoral Care

Moveable Feasts

Thank you to Mara (Taki) Lague, Melissa Schaper, and Christina Thom who helped put “Freezer

Meals” together for families in need or distress. Shopping, lugging, chopping, cutting, hearing,

stirring, mincing and cooking! It all happened in the Community Hall kitchen on November 1,

2014. Distribution is on an as needed basis for school and church families, or for friends of the

church in need of a little TLC and a hot meal. A recipe card is included with each meal which

includes a prayer which from Saint Mark’s Parish.

~Marti Farley



21. Buildings and Grounds/Joint Operations

The Joint Operations Committee (JOC) is a committee of 3 church members (including the Rector)

and 3 school representatives (including the Head of School) who meet as needed during the year to

ensure the health, safety and upkeep of shared facilities on the Saint Mark's campus. Thank you to

church members Marianne Wright (chair), Erik Forrester, and The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon

(Rector), and to school representatives Franklyn Shen, Dan Wachtel and Dr. Doreen Oleson (Head

of School.) This key committee deals with both emergency and long range planning issues on

campus, and is a key committee for communications between church and school. The committee

meet three times during 2014, in February, May and September, to address common campus issues.

Joint Operations Committee work on the Saint Mark’s campus included the following: In the

Community Hall, localized treatment of termites in several locations was bid out and with treatment

then completed. Replacement of electrical breaker for music room AC was completed. Thank you to

Joanne Morse for her quick action in getting this taken care of before school started and the choir

returned as this was an issue all summer, and the problem was finally traced to the breaker. Fans in

both restrooms were replaced and the noisy central light in the main room was repaired. Additional

lighting outside the church and CMH has also been repaired. Huge thanks to Joanne Morse who

coordinated most of the work on these projects! A keyboard was purchased for joint use of school

Page 47: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

B&G/JOC (continued)

and church.

At the School House (former rectory) sprinklers in west lawn were replaced for better coverage.

Sprinklers in middle lawn were adjusted for better coverage.

Campus wide, during the winter, gutters on shared buildings were cleaned and repaired. Annual

campus-wide tree trimming and parking lot maintenance was performed during the summer.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Vestry member and Jr. Warden Tom Horner who worked with Franklyn Shen at Saint

Mark’s School and committee in reviewing current insurance coverage for church and school.

Thank you to Mo. Betsy and the Sylvester Forrester family who were notified by a neighbor on July

4th that there was a water issue at school and who jumped into action to see what was going on. Dan

Wachtel, facilities manager at the school came up to the campus on the holiday to make sure that

water was shut off and that the plumber was scheduled.

Many thanks to the our Boy Scout Troop 1 who scheduled their August meetings off campus so that

campus work could be scheduled efficiently, without accounting for Tuesday night Meeting House

use. This has made it much easier on the school staff to scheduling work, and prevents conflicts with

the scouts.

The JOC is monitoring the aging infrastructure of the Saint Mark’s campus, but we often aren’t able

to predict where the next sign of age will appear. We recognize the diligence of the staff at both the

Church and the School who are able to react to emergencies quickly, and a group of trusted vendors

who we are able to call on to help quickly rectify issues.

Church only projects included: Stained Glass Window Conditions Report was forwarded to Saint

Mark’s school and our joint insurance company. Insurance was upgraded to reflect the reports

valuation of the windows at $450,000. Mo. Betsy has a computer file of pictures of the windows,

and Lars Momsen followed up with additional photos so there now is a complete set. A pipe leak in

the Church was repaired, which affected the church sink and school space below. Sprinkler Timer

for front lawn of church was replaced for greater efficiency.

Improvements to the church offices included completion of the Associate Rector’s office

renovations from the previous year, and a complete renovation of the Music Director and Choristers

Director’s shared office. Our new Youth Minister had an office created and renovated for her from

the previous office space used as the youth room. All renovations included painting, new window

coverings, and new office furniture. A big fresh breath of air swept through the church offices this

year. Thank you to Bruce Linsenmayer, Jim Morse and Robin Ross for making this all happen. The

Post Alarm panel has been replaced and some minor upgrades to the system were accomplished,

including adding a chime to the front door when it opens.

~Marianne Wright


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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

22. Endowment

The Endowment Committee continues its education program to create the tools necessary to plan

your Will or Living Trust. Our agenda is basically an enduring anti-procrastination awareness

program. We will continue offering seminars, brochures and articles on Planned Giving at Saint

Mark’s, to protect and benefit the future of your family. Just remember when creating your Trust or

Will, how important Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church is to you and future generations!

~ Robert Ross

~Endowment Chair

23. Joint Fundraising

Auction and Winter Festival

"Old Hollywood Glamour" was a great success. Over 225 guests gathered at the Oakmont Country

Club in Glendale on Saturday, May 17, to celebrate the Saint Mark's Community and to raise money

for the church and school. It was a dressy affair, with red carpets, photographers, and lots of bling.

Old Hollywood Glamour at its finest! Everyone got into the fun of the evening, enjoying stunning

views of the golf course from the patio while bidding on silent auction items. The evening ended in

the dining room with a wonderful dinner and opportunity to bid on fabulous live auction items,

which included One Direction tickets at the Rose Bowl, vacation opportunities in Mammoth, Kauai,

Laguna Beach, Del Mar, Waikola Beach and Lake Arrowhead to name a few, and unique

opportunities like an elegant party for 50 and Head of School for the day. Thank you to chair Sandra

Duval for an amazing evening, and to the auction team: Lorie Bessera, Anjali Bonfante, Umberto

Bonfante, Amy Catherwood, Heather Christensen, Tom DeClerk, Jeremy Duval, Rick Harris, Ioanna

Hawk, Sandee Hiyake, Syma Iqbal, Sherry Kully, Kiela Lara Conway, Yvette Martinez- Rea, Lisa

Mrozek, Charles Nelson, Erica Phillips, Michele Waller, and Becky Walley. Thank you also to the

'Night of Operations Team": Taki Lague, Marti Farley, Karen Sessions, Joanne Morse, Janis Rose-

brook, Joelle Zavzavadjian, Emily Wright, Ryan Schroeder, Matt Wright, Terri Jones, Marianne

Wright, Nancy Rothwell, and especially Sherry Wheelock who does an amazing job with the

computer system!

The event netted over $50,000, shared gracefully between Saint Mark’s school and church


~Marianne Wright

~Church Liaison

Page 49: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

Fundraising (continued)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fall Fest Wrap Up!

Big thanks to my entire Rock Star team! What an amazing day! Your many hours of hard work made

for an over the top Fall Fest that will go down in the Saint Mark’s Hall of Fame! The event raised

over $20,000.00 to be split between the church and school.

I want to thank each and every parent, parishioner, staff member, youth alumni, and church youth

group member who helped set up, clean up, painted signs, bundled tickets or worked a booth to

make our fest so very special. We needed each and every one of you to make this event come to

fruition and you didn’t let us down. Our reward was seeing all the smiling faces throughout the day!

Our rock concert began with our own Sidney Hopkinson’s band, Stupid Pony, with special youth

performers, leading the fest off with a bang and Mr. Thayne and the glee club with their amazing

voices! Thanks to Scott Shriner, parent and member of the band Weezer, who delighted us on stage,

and to Jimmy Gomez, from the Black Eyed Peas, who brought the house down and got the crowd on

its feet! Many thanks to all my committee for their many of hours of planning and execution of our

event! I want to especially thank our Saint Mark’s Parish, and especially Karen Sessions, Rock ‘n’

Roll Fest Church Liaison, who helped make this event so successful: Pastor Carri, Mother Betsy,

George Rothwell and the Men’s Fellowship – Rothwell’s Tavern, Nancy Rothwell, Marianne

Wright, Parker Garrett and the Saint Mark’s Youth Group, Boy Scout Troop 1, Taki Lague, Joanne

Morse, Lisa Auyong, Marti Farley and Janis Rosebrook-Chic Boutique, Juanita Thompson-Plants,

Maria and Tom Horner-Drinks and Christmas Trees, Mary Eddy-Sporting Goods, Dave and Dawn

Mann- Electrical and Kid’s Kloset, Lee Ann Bechthold-Treasurer and Marcia Anderson -

Spreadsheet. Great support and donations towards our supplies and opportunity drawing: Seth and

Linda Bass and the Saint Mark’s Church Vestry and Parish. Please forgive me if I have missed


And, many thanks to ALL our sponsors-we couldn’t have don’t this without your support! Rock on!

With great appreciation,

~Jo-Lynn Battany


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Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils

24. Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Ministry serves several purposes in the Saint Mark’s community. In

addition to presenting nominations for Vestry, Delegate and volunteer positions, we also support the

leaders of Saint Mark’s Ministries through education, inspiration and fellowship. We held three

Leadership Summits in 2014. We have three Leadership Summits planned for 2015. Saturdays

February 14 and May 9 with our Fall date to be determined.

The current members of the Leadership Development Ministry are Tom Horner, chair, Pastor Carri

Patterson Grindon, Stephanie McKinney, Joanne Morse, Craig Snodgrass, Blanton Bartlett, Linda

Bass and Erik Forrester. We will have two new members each year, so if you are interested in our

ministry contact Pastor Carri or Tom.

~Tom Horner

25. Stewardship

Generosity – This expresses my feelings about the members of Saint Mark’s Parish. Our Stewardship

campaign for 2015 was very successful. We have 134 members who have pledged. There are 21

new pledges and 55 increased pledges. More than $351,482.84 has been pledged for 2015. This will

enable us to continue our many outreach programs including our Haiti Partnership, ACTS Food

Pantry, Union Station lunches, and Bad Weather Shelter. We are blessed to have the funds for

salaries for our rector and associate priest, choir director, organist, a 9:00 a.m. musician, a chorister

director, and our office staff. Through the generosity of our members, we’ve hired a full-time

Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries, and are already reaping the harvest of Parker

Garrett’s hard work. Additionally, we have increased the salaries of the leadership positions of

Ministry of Music to a more appropriate level. We are also able to fulfill our “Mission Share”

obligation – 12 % of our annual budget – to the Diocese of Los Angeles. The Vestry and the Stewardship Committee want to thank everyone who continues to embrace our

mission and strategic plan, “Call to be More”, through your 2015 pledge. We are very excited about

the programs that we will be able to undertake as a result of your pledges. I would like to thank the Stewardship Committee – Pastor Carri, Roberta Goodman, and Robin

Ross. Special thanks go to Bob Schaper and Nathan Schroeder for creating our Tree of Gratitude and

to Mark Poynter for helping with the installation. It was beautiful way for us to give thanks to God,

week by week, for tiny and tremendous blessings. Lynn Marini created a special Prayers of the

People, and our Education for Ministry (EfM) group crafted a Collect of Thanksgiving for our

Season of Gratitude. I also want to thank the members who shared their testimonials of gratitude –

Parker Garrett, Ray Samoa, Gerald Somerville and Matt Wright.

~Marti Farley

~Stewardship Chair

Page 51: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils


Saint Mark's Tellers continued their faithful service in 2014, analyzing the offering each Sunday

after the 10:30 a.m. service and preparing two-page reports for Lee Ann Bechthold and the other

office staff. We assign a pair of tellers to one Sunday each month, so it is not a burdensome chore.

This year our tellers included Anne Browne, Bob Bowdoin, Taki Lague, Carol Peters, and most of

the Owen family. If you'd like to take part in this small but important ministry, please see me. I'm

particularly looking for people who are willing to help on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of the

month. We welcome Ruben Cardenas as a new Teller.

Meanwhile, there are some things which all of us can do to make our tellers' job easier. If you have

made a pledge, please use one of your offering envelopes! It's much quicker that way: the tellers and

the bookkeeper can simply use the envelope number. If you are designating your gift for some specific

purpose, please write that on the memo line of your check. If you're giving cash and would like to

receive credit for it, your best bet is to use one of the envelopes in the pews and put your name on the

envelope. By doing these things consistently, you'll make our lives a lot easier and Lee Ann's work

more reliable.

Finally, thank you all for your continued financial support.

~Bill Owen

~Head Teller

Page 52: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish



Maria Horner, Board Chair Marcia Anderson

Stephen Andriuzzo Elsa Banuelos

Seth Bass Jeanne Case

Merrily Dunlap Julianna Edwards

The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon, Rector Juliette Harrhy

Timothy Jones, Vestry Representative Brent Lew

Celeste Liversidge Vanessa Meyer

Doreen Oleson, Ed.D., Head of School William Schleifer

Karen Sessions, Vestry Representative Jane Sobota

Darrell Spence Dhari Thein

Cindy Yvanez

SCHOOL STAFF Dr. Doreen Oleson, Head of School

Mrs. Alice Chou Hause, Director of marketing and Communications

Mrs. Ann Grimmett, Chief Financial Office

Mrs. Zanita Gwin, Associate Head of Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Rick Harris, Assistant Head of Information Services and Innovation

Mrs. Kelly Mancuso, Associate Head of Early Childhood Education

Mr. Franklyn Shen, Business Manager

Mrs. Joscelle Shen, Assistant Head for Enrollment Management and Operations

Mrs. Julie Toyama, Director of Day Care

The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook, Chaplain

Mr. Dan Wachtel, Facilities Manager

Mrs. Pamela White, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Sandee Hiyake, Advancement Assistant; Mrs. Lisa Cole, Bookkeeper;

Ms. Tonya Russell, Office Clerk

Ms. Sally Yingling, Receptionist; Mr. Adolpho Anaya, Groundskeeper;

Mr. Roberto Hernandez, Custodian; Ms. Dulce Hernandez, Custodian

Dr. Lisa Sylvester, Chapel Organist (January – June), Grace Chung, Chapel Organist (September – December)

Page 53: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

Ministry Councils


Dear Saint Mark’s Families and Friends,

I marvel at the extraordinary support you give our students at Saint Mark’s School and I feel a

tremendous sense of gratitude for the many contributions and sacrifices you make. Thank you! Each

year, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, alumni, school vendors, community leaders and YOU,

OUR STRONG PARISHIONERS, join hands to help educate each child at our school.

2014 was a banner year for our outstanding Episcopal school. Enrollment was strong, parent

volunteerism was at its finest, graduate placement was most successful, and fundraising was at its

prime. In fact, 100% of our parents, staff, board and vestry gave to our Annual Fund. In addition, we

were selected as one of three independent schools in the Los Angeles area to receive a huge financial

assistance contribution from the California Community Foundation-based Dream Fund for Young

Scholars to assist families who needed assistance.

Best thanks go to our school’s head search committee for their superior work in 2014. They were

very successful in the selection of a new head of school and garnered not only a large cadre of

extremely well qualified candidates, but the committee secured a most outstanding new head-elect. I

will be replaced by Jenn Foley Tolbert in July, 2015. Jenn is a remarkable educator, a poised leader,

and experienced independent school administrator, an outstanding thought leader and already she

has been at church (on January 18th) to share her faith journey with us! She is familiar with Pasadena

area schools and Episcopal school education (because of her service at both Campbell Hall and

Polytechnic School). I could not be happier for Saint Mark’s!

In 2014, the faculty and staff also attended the National Association of Episcopal schools Biennial, a

national Episcopal school conference, in Anaheim, CA. The entire faculty and staff were a part of

the 50th Anniversary celebration that honored Magic Johnson and longtime Episcopal school leaders,

Laura Walker and Peter Cheney.

It is fitting as I write this last Annual Report, to personally thank each of you for your support of me

in my 25-year tenure at Saint Mark’s School. I leave my post on June 30th and want you to know

how grateful I am for the exceptional privilege I have had to work alongside many of you and with

dedicated parishioners who truly love our church. It has been an honor to work among you and

among sister Episcopal schools throughout the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Mahalo a nui loa,

~Doreen Oleson, Ed.D.

~Head of School

Page 54: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

School Chaplaincy Report

School Chaplain’s Report

The lively rhythm of life at Saint Mark’s School continued throughout 2014, with the addition of an

undercurrent of activity and excitement as the process of selecting a new head of school reached a

successful conclusion; although we’ll be sorry to say good-bye to Doreen Oleson after her 25 years

of faithful service, we all look forward to welcoming Jennifer Foley Tolbert in July, 2015.

As chaplain at Saint Mark’s School, my most visible ministry is planning and leading chapel for the

elementary classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and for the preschool classes twice a month. Chapel

services focus on teaching the children about God's love for them and about our calling to share that

love through our words and actions. I also introduce topics about the Bible, the Church and the

Christian year, prayer, respect for other religious traditions, and moral/ethical challenges.

Our joint school and parish Coins (for the lunch program at Ste. Marguerite’s in Haiti) & Cans (for

the ACTS food pantry across the street) outreach has also played a role in chapel; we have periodic

food drives and encourage students to bring coins whenever possible. A December coin drive

competition among classes, spurred on by the promise of a pizza party hosted by teacher Paul

Johnson, netted nearly $1300. The group that went to Haiti in February reported back in a variety of

ways, strengthening the connection our students feel with their counterparts in Latournelle. Students

were enthralled at the end of the year by our new Haitian metalwork crèche (a gift from the Altar

Guild), complete with a goat for the shepherds and a wise man carrying a pineapple, and the

fabulous backdrop (designed by Nathan Schroeder) that is reminiscent of the colorful houses on the

hills above Port au Prince.

One of the year’s special celebrations was the blessing of the new outdoor classroom for the school

and the opportunity to use it for chapel on a warm November morning. This open and lovely new

space invites us to rejoice in God’s creation!

Dr. Lisa Sylvester stepped down as chapel organist at the end of the school year in order to become

the church’s interim music director. In September, we welcomed Ms Grace Chung, a USC doctoral

student in Organ Performance, who has brought to our worship her gifts and passion for encouraging

children to explore and rejoice in music. I'm thankful for the assistance as well of guest preachers:

Pastor Carri Patterson Grindon, Dr. Doreen Oleson (Head of School), Mrs. Zanita Gwin (Associate

Head), Cantor Mark Salzman, each class in turn, our School Board Chair Maria Horner, Celinda

Pearson and her therapy dog partner Puck, and a variety of other guests. It has been a particular

pleasure to welcome to chapel and to the school community our new Children, Youth & Families

Minister, Parker Garrett.

To encourage leadership development, all grades rotate the jobs of crucifer, acolytes, reader, prayer

leader, ushers, and bell ringer. In addition to leading chapel, I also participate in classroom and all-

school activities, plan special events, respond to teacher requests for class visits, and initiate

opportunities for further contact with students in various settings.

Page 55: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


Saint Mark’s Parish

School Chaplaincy Report

School Chaplain’s Report continued

I have the privilege of being pastor, priest, friend, guide, and listener for the 340 children in the

school, their families, and the school staff. Before, during, and after school I'm easily found for

casual conversations, as well as more formal contact on the phone or by appointment, on topics

ranging from faith to parenting, relationships to current events. This ministry is primarily one of

outreach to and care for the Saint Mark's School community, though from time to time these

relationships do lead families to Saint Mark's Church. In all that I do as chaplain I aim to

communicate faith in a relationship with the Lord, and to offer each person the reminder that she or

he is a beloved child of God.

~The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook


Page 56: Saint Mark’s Episcopal Mark’s Episcopal Church Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church ANNUAL PARISH MEETING JANUARY


~ The 2014 Annual Meeting Report was compiled

by Joanne Morse, Parish Office Administrator

(626) 798-6747 or

[email protected].

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Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church Vestry Ballot

__________ Traci Cecconello

__________ John Green

__________ Kara Ramirez

Diocesan Alternate Delegates

__________ Joanne Morse

__________ Keith West