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  • 1. PDD PRESENTATIONBy: Geneelen S. Cruz

2. DESIGN TALK BY: COLVIN ENGLISH 3. COLVIN ENGLISHCO-FOUNDER/VICE-PRESIDENT AT BYHAND CONSULTING Colvin serves as the National Sales Manager for several American handmade companies. Director of Craft Marketing for George Little Mgt., a leading US trade show Co-founded Melange, a successful import / wholesale company offering handmadeproducts from artisans worldwide. Colvin has been marketing handmade products since he was 12. His early career started with his family's woodcarving business where he developed hisentrepreneurial spirit and understanding of all facets of running a business. 4. GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES&HANDMADE PRODUCTS 5. LETS DEFINEHandmade Products Products crafted by hand instead of machines. It uses human ingenuity.Artisan A skilled craft worker who creates things by handthat functional or decorative. 6. THETREND 7. Retails and fashion expertssay consumers look for a way toexpress individuality. 8. CONTENT & COMMERCEConsumers want to be engaged. 9. MOBILITY OF INFORMATIONConsumers want to have accessto information about theirpurchase. 10. TRANSPARENCYConsumers wants to be wellinformed about the productsbecause they want to understandthe companies business ethics. 11. SOCIAL IMPACTIs now the drivingdemand forconsumers topatronize theproducts. 12. IMPACTImpact on people & on planet 13. PHOTOSOFEVENT 14. NEO TEXTILE PHILIPPINES 15. GILLETTE INTERNATIONAL 16. PLV TRADING 17. RANDOM PHOTOS 18. RANDOM PHOTOS 19. RANDOM PHOTOS 20. REFERENCES: