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Aug 15, 2015



  2. 2. INTRODUCTION PAS-100 was designed for taping traction motor size DC armature or AC stator coils with commonly used insulating tapes. The main objective was to create simple machine which enables the operator to tape coils Knuckle- to- Knuckle with total overlap controll, at full speed of 300 rpm. Taping bars from End-to-End, cables, tubes, rings... Two independent coil feed drives removable from working area enable taping from Knuckle-to-knuckle and Knuckle jump over. Coil clamping mechnaism with two adjustable pressure levels enables taping sharp coil geometry and smallest inside corner radius while coil is clamped to the coil feed drives to get total overlap control. Using this machine reduces hand taping to absolute minimum. With respect to the operators safety, the machine has a lot of ergonomic built-in solutions, including table height adjustability and tilt, motorized taping head zero positioning/open, adjustable coil feed mechanism controll joysticks, coil clamp mechnanism, quick tape exchange, dual controls for clamp/direction/zero positioning and a lot more... The machine is designed with CE conformity. There are two blocking covers on the taping head both of them cover the taping head gap. All the components on the taping head have rounded and polished edges to not hurt hands or damage coils.
  3. 3. PAS-100 COIL TAPING MACHINE INNOVATION IN COIL TAPING Fastest Bench taping machine built by a coil manufacturing company Bi-directional taping Knuckle-to-knuckle Total overlap control from start to the end of taping Knuckle jump over Precise tape tension control with Excentricity elimination and adjustable pull back force Taping head zero positioning/open Height/tilt hydraulic adjustable table Dual controls for clamp/direction/zero position Motorized coil movement after clamping Adjustable tape angle compensation for reverse taping Two independent coil feed drives Ergonomy/Extensive safety features/Productivity !!! slot part reverse taping for DC armature coils!!! INCREASE YOUR TAPING QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY
  4. 4. Slot part of a DC armature coil can be taped with multiple layers. This solution allows the operator to jump over the knuckle and tape coils from knuckle-to-knuckle or DC coils from leads to leads in seconds. This all is possibble after combination of hundreds of solutions regarding tape roll fixation, tape guidance, tape tension, excentricity elemination, tape angle limits, coil feed, traction, variable pressure clamps, automation and a lot more. POWERFUL ACTIVE VARIABLE PRESSURE CLAMPS Power clamps holds the coil strongly and reduce operator strain. Taping complex coils with high tape tension is easy, while preset tape overlap is maintained. PAS-100 COIL TAPING MACHINE COMPLEX COIL GEOMETRY Unique bi-derectional Coil feed mechanism with pneumatic variable pressure clamps allows to tape sharp coil geometry at full speed of 300 rpm with ease and consistent overlap.
  5. 5. DUAL CONTROL BUTTONS FOR CLAMP/DIRECTION/ ZERO Massive Heavy Duty control buttons situated on both sides of taping head for quick taping process control. Operator changes direction of taping, clamps and unclamps the coil to the coil feed mechanism and resets the taping head to the zero-open position. PAS-100 is an operator friendly machine with height and tilt adjustment via built in hydraulic positioning system, operated with hand lever. This design allows the operator find the best position for a specific operation. Sitting, standing and semi-sitting position. Operator can change the machine height and tilt adjustment within 2-3 minutes and gets ergonomic working height. Operator gets the best position for taping coils, less effort and less exhaustion brings higher taping quality. Taping head center height from 850 to 1130 mm. Wide range of height/tilt adjustments for tall and low operators and specific taping appications. 320 kgs for great stability and low vibrations. Relocatable with pallet jack easily PAS-100 COIL TAPING MACHINE MACHINE HEIGHT AND TILT POSITIONING
  6. 6. PAS-100 COIL TAPING MACHINE TECHNICAL DATA Coil cross section MAX 20x45 mm Coil cross section MIN 1x13 mm Coil span MIN 200 mm Taping head speed max 300 rpm Taping head speed min 14 rpm Number of tape rolls 2 Tape width 15-20 Tape reel max diameter 110 mm Tape core min diameter 25 mm Tape tension max 60N Coil feed 2-25mm/R Taping head center height 850 - 1130 mm Machine Tilt Front/Back 15 degrees Air supply(dry, no lubrication) 6-9 bar Compressed Air consumption fractional Main Motor Three phase AC 1,2 kW Coil Feed mechanism servo Electrical supply 230V 50Hz Power input 2,5kW Noise level 70dB(A) Weight 320 kg Dimensions 1,2x1x1,5 m Floor space required 2x2 m
  7. 7. THE WAY TO TAPE IT BETTER [email protected] Osloboditelov 2719 962 21 Lieskovec Slovakia