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Dec 31, 2015



PART ONE EVOLUTION. CHAPTER ONE DEFINING PUBLIC RELATIONS. Markers of Public Relations Growth. United States growth: 200,000 U.S. public relations professionals Employment growth increasing faster than average through the year 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Markers of Public Relations GrowthUnited States growth:

    200,000 U.S. public relations professionals

    Employment growth increasing faster than average through the year 2010

    The amount of respect and public relations spending are correlated among Fortune 500 companies

  • Markers continuedEducation growth:

    250 colleges and universities in the U.S. and

    overseas have public relations programs

  • Markers continuedGovernment growth:

    U.S. government large employer of public relations practitioners

    Includes: Army, Navy, Air Force, and the U.S. Information Agency

  • Markers continuedProfessional Associations Growth Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has 20,000 members in 117 chapters

    The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has 13,500 members in more than 58 countries.

  • Markers continuedInternational Association growth:

    International Public Relations Association (IPRA) with membership in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and China

  • Public relations roots provide the foundationa democratic society where people have freedom to debate and make decisionsin the community, the marketplace, the home, the workplace, and the voting booth. Private and public organizations depend on good relations with groups and individuals whose opinions, decisions and actions affect their vitality and survival.

  • What is Public Relations?Defining the field

  • Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper performance, based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.

  • Defining the FieldMany definitions1975 commissioned study found 472 definitions reduced to an 88-word definition.1980 Task force offered two definitions

  • Public Relations definition by PRSA Task Force:Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other. Public relations is an organizations efforts to win the cooperation of groups of people.

  • Marstons Four Step Modelencompasses the process:ResearchActionCommunicationEvaluation

  • R-A-C-EResearchActionCommunication-Evaluation

  • Two Elements that Guide the ProcessManagement


  • Sharpes Five PrinciplesHonest communicationOpenness and consistencyFairness of actionsTwo-way communicationResearch and Evaluation

  • Public Relations professionalsserve as interpreters for the organization.

    Let me show you the wayCall out

  • Interpretation for management:Philosophies, policies, programs, practicesConvey attitudesCommunicate truthfully and correctly

  • Interpretation to management:Management has a need to knowWhat the public thinks about the organization and its practices

  • What recent events have occurred in which organizations were not interpreting public views?

  • PublicsInternalExternalInterdependenceNetworksSystems

  • PublicsKey groupsClassification system based onIssue, organization, viewpoint, time,Interest, location, values, lifestyle, relationship

  • Who makes up the publics at your college or university?Clue: Break it down

  • Why are publics important to organizations?Clue: To know them is to please them.

  • Public relations, marketing and advertising.arent they all the same?

  • Marketing and advertising promotes a product or service

    Public relations promotes the entire organization.

  • Functions of Public RelationsWritingMedia relationsPlanningCounselingResearchingPublicityMarketing CommunicationsCommunity relationsConsumer relationsEmployee relationsGovernment affairsInvestor relationsSpecial public relationsPublic affairs & issues managementWeb site development and interface

  • Spin versus Public RelationsDifferencesIssuesImplications

  • How do you answer when someone says public relations equals spin doctors?


  • Competent PractitionersDo you have the right stuff?Academic backgroundTechnical skillsPersonal characteristics