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Parenting - Parenting February 2012

Mar 22, 2016




  •[6] February 3, 2012

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    Specializing in Early Childhood Education

    Ages 2-7, M-Fup to 4 hours/day e New York Times recently published an

    article about Finding Good Apps for Children with Autism. is is certainly a daunting task, as at last count there were more than 140,000 apps for the iPad alone, and more than 500,000 for the iPhone! ere are many apps available that are designed to work on lan-guage, ne motor skills, and cognition, as well as a multitude that were designed for fun, but can be adapted to facilitate skill development.

    One term mentioned in the article is the idea of self-learning. is is when a child would be using an app on

    their own, and the app provides feedback on performance (correct/incorrect). Although this can be a valuable expe-rience, your child may learn more if technology time becomes more in-teractive. Many children with autism struggle with social skills; isolation activities, such as self-learning, do not further those important interac-tion skills. You can join your child, using the app together, and practice skills like turn-taking and giving and following directions.

    Please be sure to share some of your favorite apps with us! I am cur-rently exploring using apps in speech therapy as a new way to target receptive and expressive language skills.

    To read the original go to: nding-good-apps-for-children-with-autism/

    Good Apps for Children with Autism







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    Respect and tolerance are values and admirable traits. As a parent, you can weave lifelong lessons of respect and tolerance into your familys everyday life. Here are some ways.

    Be a respectful role model. Speak to your child using words that demon-strate respect. .

    Teach your children that they have value and the importance of self-respect. You can help your child understand the concept of self-respect by applying it to concepts like pride and self-worth. Even simple things like eating healthy, using good hygiene and getting enough sleep help children learn self-value through learning to care about their

    own well-being. Children must learn the importance of self-respect before they can be expected to respect others or show concern for others.

    Should your child say something inappropri-ate, dont overlook your childs disrespectful com-ments because you may be uncomfortable or even embarrassed. Children tend to possess a very egocentric view of the world. ey of-ten assume that everybody is just as they are; acting and talking as they do. When children see some-one who isnt just like them, they may make comments that appear rude to adults. If and when your child does this, use it as a teachable

    moment. is lesson takes on a greater signi cance when we display through

    our own actions respect and tolerance of people who ap-pear to be di erent from us.

    Teaching Children the Values of Respect and Tolerance

  • [7] February 3, 2012

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