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Parenting in the 21 st century; the roles and responsibilities of parents

Feb 24, 2016




Parenting in the 21 st century; the roles and responsibilities of parents. By Shakirah Olajobi PGD (Guidance and counselling ), M.Ed (Educational Psychology) CEO, Brainy Educare Services, Lagos. Definitions; What is Parenting What is effective parenting? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

EFFECTIVE PARENTING; Managing preteens and teenage issues.

Parenting in the 21st century; the roles and responsibilities of parents.By Shakirah OlajobiPGD (Guidance and counselling), M.Ed (Educational Psychology)CEO, Brainy Educare Services, LagosOutline of presentationDefinitions; What is ParentingWhat is effective parenting?What is peculiar to the 21st century?

ParentingThe transitionsParenting stylesBasic ElementsThe endangered species?The game planLets be the change that we seek

Chat House

The life of a young elephant

It is trainable

It has been primed

It never crosses its mind to make another attemptWhat is parenting?

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Features:Full time jobNo formal trainingNo vacation or breaksNo one-method solves it allNo preparation!

bParenting can sometimes be like being lost and alone in the desert

Effective Parenting A style of raising children that increases the chances of a child becoming the most capable person and adult he or she can be.

The 21st century challengeThe transitions2Why are they peculiar?They have conflicts in their head. They are egocentric and feel they can handle any situation.They always feel attacked especially by their parents commentThey believe their parents have suddenly become old fashionedThey believe so much in their peers and believe that adults dont understand themThey want financial freedomThey feel over-protected and therefore wants less restrictions from their parents.They gravitate toward the very things you fear and dislike

aThey want their privacy and enjoy being on their own, especially when at home.They begin to pull away from you, their life style suddenly changes and they develop attitude; they question your authorityThey may become disrespectful and unrulyThey pick up funny and sometimes unhealthy habitsThey want to explore very dangerous grounds without giving a thought for the consequenceThey want to start relationships with the opposite sex.They want to choose their meals or they want to eat incessantlyThey become overly concerned about their appearance

Years of CrisesPhysical ChangesEmotional changes Intellectual changes Psychological changes HORMONESThere is therefore a need for self identification?Parenting stylesAuthoritarian ParentsAuthoritative ParentsPermissive ParentsNonchalant ParentsBasic ElementsUnconditional LoveCommunicationDisciplineThe endangered specie?Being Africans;Our past cant help but hunt usWith new challenges, should come new strategies.

Being 21st century Muslims;Breeding confident children requires going the extra mile.We need to provide exciting alternatives for our kids.

Just like the young elephant.GAME PLAN ICatch them young

Moving parent-teenager relationship to the next levelTHE GAME PLAN II Now that they are already grownLets be the change that we seekSeek help as soon as possible; dont wait to have big crisis in your hands.

Co-operate with your spouse

Join a parent group or support group where you can share ideas and rub minds on becoming even more effective.Parting wordsWe put so much effort into leaving a better world for our children that we forget to leave better children for this world-anonymousJazakumllahu Khairan!Thank you for listening;Parents are the greatest of teachers.

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