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Param Info BI Practice – Global Delivery Model - ODC

Feb 08, 2017




    ParamInfo - BI Practice Global Delivery Model - ODC

    ParamInfo with its global delivery model provides advantage to its customers. This delivery model allows Client to focus on your core competencies, while we manage the technology operations with the help of our ODC team. By implementing standardized processes across our various locations, our Clients are assured of predictable and consistently high levels of quality for every project in the Offshore Development Center. Setting up best in class IT infrastructure we provide our Clients with the flexibility, security, and scalability to fully address their business needs.

    Advantages of ParamInfos Global Delivery Model with its Middle East operations and India based Offshore Development Center:

    Reduced Risk

    Round the clock Productivity

    Faster Turn around

    Significant Cost Benefits

    Access to best practices

    Flexible resourcing



    ParamInfo provides the following models for flexible engagements with clients. These models are designed to address diverse requirements and build close relationships with clients, from project based engagements to outsourced development and support. These models are proven to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs through mature systems and processes built over a decade of serving customers.


    Time and Material

    This model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverables and implementation plans are not completely defined when beginning the engagement or are expected to evolve over the period of the engagement. This model provides clients with the desired flexibility to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in phases. In using this model, you can:

    Ramp up and ramp down team size in synchronization with the market, project and

    release schedules

    Adapt to evolving requirements

    Get detailed visibility and control over the development process


    Fixed Price

    This model is suited for projects where the scope, schedules requirements and deliverables are clearly defined before the initiation of the project. In using this model, you can:

    Limit scope variance, control costs and operate within a specified budget

    Get clear visibility on timelines and milestones

    Reduce your risk and have ParamInfo responsible for the project deliverable

    Expect on-time on budget deliveries provided there are no changes to scope


    Captive Development Centers or Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is comprised of ParamInfos team of offshore consultants doing joint or outsourced work. Our team functions as an extension or replacement of your development team and offers you the benefits of:

    Increased development bandwidth for meeting market and customer needs rapidly

    Outsourced project management, establishment of best practices in development,

    maintenance and support activities

    Having a flexible team that builds knowledge regarding your application and products

    that you can leverage over a longer period

    Lower development and support costs

    Captive Development Centers can be Hybrid or Offshore


    ParamInfo operates an onsite - offshore hybrid team where a ParamInfo Business Consultant or Lead Architect works at your location, in close collaboration with your nominated Project Manager, over an extended period, and coordinates with the ParamInfo offshore team. The Hybrid model:

    Reduces the time needed from your team to coordinate tasks and write business


    Allows you to extend your day and realize greater productivity and faster results

    Helps you manage offshore and outsourced work quickly and easily since some tasks

    with tighter deadlines or that require close discussions with your team can be

    accomplished by the ParamInfo onsite consultant Offshore Development Centers


    ParamInfo operates an ODC for you where your team is offshore and works in close collaboration with your designated Project Manager. ParamInfo has proven communication models, infrastructure and best practices in management of seamless offshore or outsourced development operations. The ODC model has been perfected over the last 13 years by ParamInfo and:

    Offers highest cost advantages and ROI to clients (about 30-45% reduction in cost on

    average over a 18-24-month period)

    Is the most frequently used model by ParamInfo's clients



    ParamInfo offers specialized services in the SaaS arena. ParamInfo can develop, configure, manage, migrate, support, host and operate your SaaS application using its development team and Partner ecosystem. In the SaaS model of delivery:

    ParamInfo will design, develop and migrate you to the desired functionality for your

    Software as a Service

    ParamInfo will work with a PaaS (Platform as a Service) partner or your designated

    provider to host your application as a SaaS

    Act as a business consultant and integrator to add new functionality from other SaaS

    vendors such as Web services, Web 2.0 or develop additional in-house functionality, to

    offer more value to your clients

    Work with you to maximize your revenue model, offer customer satisfaction establish

    SLAs and manage change within your organization during the transition to SaaS


    In the outsourced model ParamInfo will work with you to manage your entire SaaS operation on an outsourced model. While you concentrate on strategy, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction, ParamInfo can help you:

    Develop and manage your SaaS software

    Manage your PaaS hosting services provider

    Manage business processes and day to day services operations in your company such

    as research, development, CRM, Tech Support, Billing and Accounts Receivable



    We, at ParamInfo, are providing the following Client Engagement Models to closely understand the

    requirements of our clients. It helps us to interact more with our client's representatives which

    would ultimately build sound professional relations between us. Today, the world has become so small,

    where, all the services and products could be delivered in just a blink of an eye. Dedicated Offshore

    Development Center is one of those sources of delivering the desired service at the premises of

    the company who demands it.

    Following are the Client Engagement Model Services that we provide:

    1. Dedicated Offshore Development Center:

    A Dedicated Offshore Development Center is a group of Developers and Programmers

    assembled to work in a team for projects of distant clients.

    ParamInfo offers Dedicated Offshore Development Center services in India to SME (Small-

    Middle level- Enterprise) clients, desiring to establish their own offshore infrastructural facility with an

    idea to grow business widely. Our Offshore Development Center Team consists of highly qualified

    and skilled professionals, efficient enough to work on an international platform according to the

    client's expertise set of needs.


    Our Offshore Development Center services includes:

    o Virtual team using our infrastructures: We will provide you with a team consisting of skilled

    developers, project managers and business analyst along with the infrastructure needed for the

    development and execution of any business. We maintain complete transparency while providing

    this Offshore Development Center services to our clients.

    o Own your Development Centre: Setting up your own software company in India is a

    challenging task with all the uncertainties faced during company registration, infrastructure setup,

    hiring full time and part time quality offshore developers, maintaining proper work and so on.

    We will help you in all viewpoints to get you claim your development centers and can also

    manage the same under your brand personality.

    Methodology to setup your dedicated team:

    o You can visit us in India or our manager can visit to your location for discussion and agreement


    o We set-up infrastructure and hire Dedicated Offshore Developers as per your needs.

    Hiring is done as per your recruitment process.

    o Complete management on security and network is provided by us.

    o Member of your team can work from our area to manage employees and monitor development.

    2. Onsite Development:

    Onsite Development is the service of providing the required number of software developers at our

    client's premises for certain duration, to carry out the software development process under their

    supervision. This process gives us an opportunity to closely work in co-operation with client's

    representatives to ensure that the project is completed on/before time. This process is also backed

    by our offshore unit to supervise the project remotely. This type of services helps us to understand

    the client's requirements and expectations, intensely.

    3. Onsite/ Offshore Combination:

    Onsite - Offshore is the combination Model of optimizing the efficiency and cost of Software

    Development. We provide the required number of expert professionals at the client's premises, while

    the certain numbers of developers work