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Paperback Writer 2012 How and Why to Self-Publish MOBI

Paperback Writer 2012: How and Why to Self-Publish

Aug 02, 2015



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1. Paperback Writer 2012How and Why to Self-Publish MOBI 2. Hi.Im Vicki.I wrangle data.I eat Nutella.And Im an author.You can be one, too.@vboykis 3. Before, publishing looked like this 4. Since e-books, publishing is more like thisEbook salessurpasshardcovers in2012-Mashable$300 million In sales in ONE QUARTER of 2012 5. Want to be an author?"Everybody is talented,original, andhas somethingimportant to say." -Brenda Ueland (If You Want toWrite) 6. Self-publishing is like a startup: You do everything. ! Web developerAuthorEditorBookAccountant jacketdesigner Marketer Projectmanager Analytics 7. My own book process:OMGGGGGG SCOOOOOTLANDDDDDDD! 8. 4 months, 20k words *50 copies sold (Thanks, Mom!) 9. Technology Stack Writing EditingPublishingand TestingBook Cover Website 10. Formatting DRM: The black hole of death 11. Raking in Paypal: 30% ofAmazon:DAT DOUGH Pulley:each sale35% of each $1 $6/month 45 CENTS 12. Covers and titles matter 13. Mistakes I madeHrie a editar Not enough marketing No bibliographyTesting on multiple devices 14. Final Thoughts:Just write it. 15. ResourcesWriting/EditingBird by Bird by Anne LamottStrunk and WhiteOn Writing by Stephen KingIf You Want to Write by Brenda UelandEpublishing!!!Read Literary Journals: Paris Review, Morning News,!HTMLGiant!