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P OWERING Y OUR E NERGY S OLUTIONS. Recent decline in energy pricing has created a major buying opportunity. Crude Oil Natural Gas Coal Unleaded Gas

Mar 28, 2015



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P OWERING Y OUR E NERGY S OLUTIONS Slide 2 Recent decline in energy pricing has created a major buying opportunity. Crude Oil Natural Gas Coal Unleaded Gas Slide 3 Taking advantage of this buying opportunity. These 4 graphs show the largest factors that affect your cost of electricity, and as you can see, they have recently dropped with the market. Although markets fluctuate, historically, all indicators show a continuous rise for 7 years. When the market is down, freezing energy costs is considered a prudent business plan by most Fortune 500 energy departments. Most large companies have already FIXED their rate of electricity. You now have the same option as they do. Find out todays rates NOW! Call 1-866-253-9600 Slide 4 Why are we the energy consulting firm recommended by the Queens Chamber of Commerce? As your energy consultant, our loyalty is to you, the client, not the supplier. We analyze your annual usage and usage schedule and, based on your grid zone and demand, isolate which energy products would best fit your business. We help you choose the most cost-effective product for your business and then submit bids to State-authorized energy suppliers on your behalf. Why be bothered with constant cold calls from every supplier telling you they are the best? Let our years of experience be your guide to finding the ideal energy program for your business. Slide 5 From the desk of Dr. James Mason, President of Energy Window: "Energy supply represents one of the top five largest expenses for many major businesses. Executives must accept the likelihood that energy costs will continue to rise and to exhibit high volatility, just as they have for more than the past decade. With this in mind, energy management strategies must balance the desire for short-term savings with the need to manage risk, stabilize cash flow and protect budgets and financial performance over the long term. CFOs who mistakenly believe that energy costs are uncontrollable miss an important opportunity for savings and unnecessarily expose their companies to risk. Those who apply the same analysis, risk management strategies, and rigor common to other financial evaluations almost always are rewarded costs and develop a comprehensive strategy that is consistent with overall corporate financial strategy and reflects your companys risk tolerance before procurement, energy, or facility staff moves forward with contracting for energy supply. Slide 6 Consumer Energy Solutions is a leading energy consulting firm. We have successfully enrolled over 200,000 commercial utility customers and over 2 million residential customers in Energy Choice Programs in Canada, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, California, Connecticut, Florida and Georgia. We represent some of the largest energy suppliers in the United States, and have serviced many Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Best Buy and McDonalds We accomplish our goals by continuous research into the energy markets around the country. We find the energy suppliers with the best track record of savings, price protection and reliability. We can help you survive the energy crisis. Slide 7 We offer programs with the largest energy supply companies in the United States. Buy your energy the same way most Fortune 500 companies do. Slide 8 Three questions that lead to a better business decision. 1) Have you watched your energy costs go up over the past 5 years? 2) Do you believe that the price of energy will continue to rise? 3) Would you like to pull your electricity bill out 3 years from now and be paying the same rate as today? CALL US TODAY TO SEE WHAT YOU QUALIFY FOR! 1-866-253-9600