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Overview of Heat Recovery • Boiler Systems and Operating ... down Heat recovery... · PDF file• Boiler Systems and Operating Costs • Factors Effecting Blowdown ... Blowdown

May 08, 2018




  • Overview of Heat Recovery Boiler Systems and Operating Costs Factors Effecting Blowdown Blowdown Heat Recovery The Energy Tank

  • Unbiased, Third-Party, Water & Energy Management Consulting Firm:

    - Not affiliated with any equipment or chemical suppliers.

    - Provide clients with sound technical advice and recommendationsto effectively manage and reduce their Operating Costs.

    - Provide Root Cause Failure Analysis of Failed equipment orprocesses not performing to Design Criteria.

    - 15 Years Industrial Water Treatment back-ground.

    - 12 Years conducting Energy Audits and working with clients onrecycle / reuse projects.

    - Use Utility Mapping Process to systematically define all operating costs in Steam / Hot Water / Process Cooling applications.

    - Defined costs can be used to identify cost effective projectsdesigned to reduce system operating costs.

  • Generalized Industry Overview

    Of Boiler Plant Costs


    Direct Cost $


    Direct Cost $

    Flue Gas:

    Direct Loss $ Steam:

    Direct Loss $

    Cost to Process $

  • Simplified Boiler Plant Operating CostAs viewed by Capture H2O

    City Water $

    Regen. or Power $

    Waste $Treated Water $+

    Boiler Feedwater$++ Treated Water / Chemicals / Steam

    Boiler(s)Fuel $

    Flue $

    Vent $

    Blowdown $Typically between 1 20% of Steam Load. Effected by Treated Water

    Combination of Large Bottom and Small Surface Blowdown

    Energy / Water / Chemicals

    City Water $

    Steam $+++


    Condensate $

    Treated Water / Energy

    Vent $

    Steam to heat Boiler Feedwater


  • BLOWDOWN HEAT RECOVERY (BHR)Patented Process: Canada No.: 2,414,611 USA No.: 6,938,583

    THE ENERGY TANKTrade Name Registered

    Blowdown from steam boilers is a necessary function. This function however releases significant energy from the

    Steam Generation Process.

    The BHR process effectively recovers essentially all this energy and routes it back to the boiler feedwater system.

    This simplified process reduces Fuel Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Usage.

  • How the Patented BHR Process Saves

    City Water $

    Treated Water $+

    Boiler Feedwater$++

    Boiler(s)Fuel $

    Flue $

    Blowdown $Typically between 1 20% of Steam Load

    Cooled by Treated Cold Make-up Water

    City water cooling eliminated

    Steam $+++

    Vent $Flash SteamRecovered to steam going to Feedwater

    Cold Make-up

    Hot Make-up less steam needed to heat feedwater

    Steam to FeedwaterReduced$+++

    Canada Patent No.: 2,414,611 USA Patent No.: 6,938,583

  • The Patented BHR Process1) Flash Steam generated due to pressure drop is recovered to

    Low Pressure Steam System (steam going to deaerator) or Atmospheric Water Tank (vented feedwater tank or condensate receiver).

    2) Large Storage section allows for retention time of remaining blowdown volume for heat recovery to make-up. Make-up passed through series of stainless steel coils to recover sensible heat in the hot blowdown water.

    3) Due to cooling blowdown water with the make-up, the need for cooling with City Water before the drain is eliminated.

  • How is it Different / Better??1. Simplified straight-forward approach with no moving parts. The Energy Tank tm

    serves as you Boiler Room blowdown/blow-off vessel. A BHR Energy Tank will pay for itself in less than 1 year compared to the 100% non-recoverable cost of a replacement blowdown tank!

    2. Captures 100% of all blowdown streams Large Bottom blowdown, Intermittent Surface Skim, Level Column blowdown all recovered. Any other process can only recover Intermittent/Continuous Surface Skim due to size/pressure rating limitations.

    3. Due to large Storage Section capacity/retention time, Hit and Miss potential of typical Continuous Blowdown Heat Recovery processes is eliminated. Thermal stresses, flash steam hot to make-up cold, realized in Continuous Blowdown Heat Exchanger is eliminated prolonging life expectancy of heat exchanger.

    4. Any repairs or maintenance can be done on-site / in-situ with nothing more than a set of wrenches. Entire heat exchanger coil system can be removed and re-installed in a couple of hours.

  • StandardBlowdown


    Standard BlowdownPlus

    Continuous Blowdown Heat Recovery

    BHR ProcessWith

    "The Energy Tank" tm

    $5,000 - $12,000 $12,000 - $30,000 $5,000 - $40,000

    Depressurizes all blowdown streams

    Depressurizes manual/bottom blowdown

    Depressurizes ALL blowdownstreams

    Releases steam to atmosphere

    Recovers some flash steam to Feedwater/deaerator

    No flash steam lost to atmosphere

    Consumes city water to cool blowdown

    Consumes city water to cool bottomblowdown and some

    continuous blowdown

    No Hit or Miss due to large storage section

    residence time

    Need to replace every 20 30 yrs

    Hit and Miss process due to intermittent flows of blowdown

    or make-up

    No mechanical equipmentto maintain / monitor / fail

    Needs a Level Control Device to maintain level in Flash Pot

    (valve or steam trap)

    No additional space required.Fits in same space as standard

    blowdown tank

    Thermal stress (hot/cold) on heat exchanger due to

    intermittent flow

    Does Not consume city waterto cool blowdown streams

    Need to repair/replace componentsevery 12 24 months

    Heat Exchanger protected from thermal stresses

    Need to replace every 20 30 yrs

  • UtilitiesOptimized

    6399 Olde Drive, Appin, Ontario N0L - 1A0P/F: 519-289-5246 C: 519-668-8714


    BHR-XXHM "Energy Tank"

    Cold Blowdown Water to Sewer

    Cold Softened Make-up toBHR-XXHM

    Heated Softened Make-up to Deaerator

    4-inch Atmopshere Vent Line

    Blowdown (Timed & Intermittent)To Flash Chamber on BHR-250HM

    PRV Station to reduceSteam to less than 7 psig going to deaerator

    BHR-XXHM Flash Steamoutlet line feeding to down-steamside of PRV, c/w check valveto prevent backfeeding toBHR-XXHM

    Boiler Feedwater

    Steam to users

    Typical Installation of BHR-XXHM "Energy Tank"

    Deaerator5 - 7 psig

  • Typical The Energy Tank tm Internals

    Steam Muffler

    Loop Drain


    No Heat Recovery Average Load

    CBD Heat Recovery Steam Load, #/Hr 70,000 Blowdown Load, #/Hr 3,500 1,150 Gas Savings, $ / CM Based on $0.25/CM Gas Cost


    >202,000 CM


    >64,000 CM Water Savings, CM City water eliminated at blowdown tank

    >10,000 CM


    >4,600 CM

    >$4,600 Environmental Savings Tons Carbon Dioxide gas emissions

    >425 Tons

    >134 Tons


    Already Have Continuous BlowdownHeat Recovery?

    Heres what you are missing from a 1 -inch Manual Bottom Blowdown!

  • PLANT LOCATION: Food Plant in Toronto

    Boiler Horsepower: 400 BHPProjected Load: 85 %Efficiency (Fuel to Steam) 70 %Cycles of Concentration: 15 CyclesSteam Pressure: 100 psigSteam Temperature: 338 Deg. FSensible Heat at Steam Pressure: 309 BTU/#Make-up Water Temperature: 60 Deg. FProjected Make-up Temperature: 100 Deg. FPercent Condensate Returns: 85 % of Steam FlowCondensate Temperature: 160 Deg. FHours of Operation per Day: 24 HoursDays Operation per Week: 5 DaysCost of Gas: $0.3500 $/CM

    How GREEN are your BLUE Numbers?BHR Energy Calculation available at

  • Calculated Steam Load: 11730 #/HrCalculated Blowdown Losses: 782.0 #/HrTotal Boiler Feedwater Flow: 12512 #/HrFlash Steam Potential: 11.4 % to 7 psig dea.Flash Steam From Blowdown: 89.1 #/HrFlash Energy Available: 102428.1 BTU/HrEnergy to Heat Condensate to Steam Temp.: 1774749.0 BTU/HrEnergy to Heat Make-up to Steam Temp.: 706537.0 BTU/HrProjected Energy to Heat Make-up: 604877.0 BTU/HrEnergy to Heat Boiler Feedwater - Existing: 2481286.0 BTU/HrEnergy to Heat Boiler Feedwater - Projected: 2277197.9 BTU/HrEnergy Saved: 6997306.6 BTU/DayEquivalent Gas Saved: 195.2 CM/DayDaily Savings: $68.33 $/DayAnnual Savings: $17,766.60 $/Year

    How GREEN are your BLUE Numbers?BHR Energy Calculation available at


    Major Pharmaceutical Company, NJ USA

  • Installation Detail

  • Pharmaceutical Plant, NJ Test Data (August 2009 1 Minute Time Stamps)

    One Minute Time Stamp Intervals from Externally Mounted Thermocouples2 x CB-300HP Boilers / Manual and Conductivity Controlled Blowdown

    Blowdown Heat Recovery Process - Temperature Evaluation

    Flash Steam and Make-up Outlet Temperatures







    1 1285 2569 3853 5137 6421 7705 8989 10273 11557 12841 14125 15409 16693 17977 19261 20545 21829 23113 24397 25681 26965 28249 29533 30817

    Time in Minutes (August 1st - 31th, 2009)




    re (


    . F)

    Flash Steam and Make-up Outlet Temperatures August 1st







    1 42 83 124 165 206 247 288 329 370 411 452 493 534 575 616 657 698 739 780 821 862 903 944 985 1026 1067 1108 1149 1190 1231

    Time (Minutes)




    re (


    . F)

    Blue Line = Make-up

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