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Outstanding invoices

Jan 24, 2017




  • Have outstanding invoices? Here's how to get paid.

  • Freelancers should get paid for the work they do, and you're no

    exception. We've got tips for those pesky outstanding invoices!

  • Too many outstanding invoices can turn into a low-budget flop.

    What were going to do is start out by tackling what you need to do now and leave the what you should do next time

    for the second half.

  • Wait a few days before you turn into Schwarzenegger.

    Remember the human element of your client relationship, and try to give

    them the benefit of the doubt.

    Your ultimate goal is to get paid and preserve your relationship with a client.

  • Dont start out with guns blazing.

    Once youve reached 4-7 days past the due date, its time to start putting some gentle pressure on the client.

    Again, youre still giving the client the benefit of the doubt and attempting to preserve your relationship, so

    youre best off starting with a friendly payment reminder.

  • Give em one more chance, then make the call.

    By calling the client, youll not only show them that you mean business, but youll be getting across the message that youre not just going to fizzle away.

  • If that doesnt work, you can charge in and charge interest.

    If you started this agreement with a contract that pre-warned the client of late-payment interest charges, nows the time to send an invoice for the interest.

  • Weve put it off for long enough this is the should have part.

    Starting out with a contract might seem like a pain, but it will be far less painful than losing out on your

    hard-earned pay.

    If you cant afford a lawyer, then a contract template is a fantastic option. Freelancers Union offers a

    contract creator that will help you protect yourself.

  • A few things to remember:

    If youre creating your own contract, be sure to set yourself up for payment success. This is the

    part where you forewarn your client that late payments can result in interest. Youll also want to

    clearly outline your termination process.

    Shoot for a realistically happy ending.

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  • Dont get caught in a courtroom... with a contract thats not legally binding.

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