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Outreach at the NGS Gillian Sinclair NGS Liaison Officer

Dec 25, 2015




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  • Outreach at the NGS Gillian Sinclair NGS Liaison Officer
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  • Now what? Youre here you like what you hear (hopefully) Now what do you do? Go back and tell people (again, hopefully) but how do you follow it up? User support staff how do I get the message out in my institution? How do I show the benefits to those that matter? End users what do I do next? How do I sign up? How do I find out more?
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  • You are not alone. NGS has dedicated outreach effort to promote the NGS to the user community Consultancy available phone, email, have a chat Every department, every research group is different A number of ways to increase the visibility of the NGS at your institution A lot of ways to keep in touch and up to date
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  • How do we do it? Institutional Campus champions (Dave has already covered this) Roadshows Everyone Literature, posters Website Conferences Training Mailing lists, blog, Facebook User feedback
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  • Roadshows Five roadshows so far Aston, Bath, Norwich biosciences, Exeter, Glasgow. Two upcoming Queens University Belfast, Newcastle Over 120 people have attended including researchers, PhD students, IT staff etc from all research areas arts and humanities to physical sciences Tailored to your requirements in terms of length and content you name it, we can do it Can incorporate training Need about 8 weeks notice the more the better!
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  • Roadshows (cont.) Standard event 3 hours including lunch Introduction to the NGS Presentations by real live NGS users on research topics relevant to your institution Presentations from the training team on how to get started and how to run jobs Lunch!
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  • Roadshows (cont.) Hands on training can be incorporated Half day, full day, even a couple of hours Roaming RA service can be made available Feedback collected Delegates encouraged to sign up to mailing lists to keep in touch Local organisers have very few responsibilities for the event
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  • Roadshows (cont.) Benefits lot of exposure for a little effort, 99% of the organising done for you reaches out to a lot of people at once chance for users to ask technical questions direct to NGS staff good introduction for the right people at your insitution to the NGS a step on the way to becoming a NGS member
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  • Takeaways Variety of reading material some hot of the press (see downstairs!) Introductory material, user case studies, institutional benefits leaflet, newsletter Posters to display at your institution Just ask if you want some Benefits free, you dont have to write anything
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  • User case studies 8 currently available on a wide variety of research areas 3 more in production / ready to go Nearly 2000 distributed so far We write them so not a lot of work required from the researcher UK and international publicity (in iSGTW this week!) Always looking for more!
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  • Website You are the first to see it! Feedback welcome and the chance to win Amazon vouchers The first port of call for many people, has to be good Has specific sections to direct people to what they need to know e.g. how to get started, applications More interactive and dynamic
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  • Out and about Reaching out directly to end user communities Conferences, user groups Presentations well come and give dept seminars etc Training available on a variety of topics for all levels of grid user, done where you are, can be specialised for your research area
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  • Keeping informed Stay up to date with very little effort Fortnightly email bulletin publicity for you and your research, done something interesting with NGS resources? Also NGS service updates such as new software etc Quarterly newsletter always looking for interesting stories NGS blog behind the scenes at the NGS Facebook meet other users
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  • User feedback Feedback from all our events roadshows, innovation forums Website feedback User questionnaire coming soon! Reports produced with actions
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  • Get in touch Gillian Sinclair