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Our First Constitution: The Articles of Confederation

Mar 27, 2015



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Our First Constitution: The Articles of Confederation Slide 2 Placard 1.3 A Slide 3 A: No Chief Executive Why Included?Problem? Did not want another powerful executive like KING GEORGE Lack of leadership in CENTRAL GOVERNMENT No single leader DISUNITY Slide 4 Placard 1.3B Slide 5 B: Laws Needed 9/13 to be Approved Why Included?Problem? To protect individual states rights power. Fear of strong central government Difficult to get 9 states to agree on new laws Central/national /federal govt. had little power Slide 6 Placard 1.3 C Slide 7 C: Congress had no power to tax citizens. It could only request money from states Why Included?Problem? Fear of being Unfairly taxed, like before revolution States could choose to pay Govt. had no money to operate Slide 8 Placard 1.3D Slide 9 D: Congress had no power to draft an army. Why Included?Problem? Fear of central Government with strong army that may take away citizens rights. Left the country vulnerable without a dependable military force Slide 10 Placard 1.3E Slide 11 E: No National Court System Why Included?Problem? Fear that the central govt. with a court system that may be unfair to STATES RIGHTS States could be biased Unfair trials in one states court Slide 12 Placard 1.3F Slide 13 F: Amendments/ Changes had to be approved by all 13 states Why Included?Problem? Wanted states to have equal power in shaping govt. Impossible to make changes Any one state could stop an amendment that other states wanted Slide 14 Placard 1.3G Slide 15 G. Congress could not collect state debts owed to federal government Why Included?Problem? Fear that central govt. could force states to pay for things they didnt want Federal government had no money to operate Slide 16 Placard 1.3H Slide 17 H: Congress had no power to settle disputes Why Included?Problem? Wanted states to have ultimate authority to settle disputes Disputes were often unresolved DISUNITY

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