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Ostrich game P L A N Mini-Lesson
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  • 1. Mini-Lesson PlanGrade : 1-6Method : Ostrich GameMaterial : Vocabulary Cardsand Clothespin

2. 1. To help the students learnnew words.2. To train intelligence whenstudents find a way to see theopponent's cards.3. To motivate the students to learn ina room without boredom. 3. Pair students 4. Teachers will use aclothespin attach a card tothe back of students. 5. Both of students have to cross thearms behind their backsand turn face to face. 6. When the teacher shout, "Go!",students must prevent theopponent to see their cards on theback of their own. They need to seeyour opponent's card. 7. If any student can tell whatthe card on opponent's backis, will win. 8. Teachers may changefrom vocabulary card topicture card.Teachers shouldadjust the difficulty of thewords to suit the level ofthe students. 9. membersMiss. Jindaporn Tean-in 554102006Miss. Chanidapa Itthiya 554102010Miss. Chabarprai Khamnarpueng 554102012Miss. Pichkanya Sroi-jitra 554102040Mr. Boonnam Ruengpech 554102049English Education