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Ostrich Farming

Jul 17, 2016




ContentsThe rabbit breeds, which are popular in the area, are New Zealand White, Californian, Soviet Chinchilla and Gray Giants. These rabbits are reared for their meat as also for fur and wool.

Breeding stock for a rabbit farm may be bought from local breeders. Medium-sized rabbits breed at 6 to 7 months of age and give birth after a month of gestation. Female rabbits can produce up to 50 live rabbits annually, with births high during the summer. They produce an average of 9 kits per birth.

Rabbit Farming Essentials

Check with your local office about regulations that you must comply with in relation to rabbit farming.

Breeding rabbits for laboratories requires special license and controlled conditions to meet customer-required characteristics, such as weight and age

If you are planning to sell rabbit meat, you should think of slaughtering and storage facilities in addition to your usual farm facilities

Temperature control in rabbit breeding is important as rabbits are sensitive to extreme temperatures

Make sure that you have each rabbits health record in order. This is particularly important if you are raising rabbits for sale as breeding stock. Potential buyers might ask to see them when looking for stocks to buy

Maintain a sanitary operation to prevent the outbreak of disease in your farm that could potentially be damaging to the business

To keep your startup cost low, you can construct rabbit housing yourself from available construction materials you have


2. Executive Summary23. Description of Industry and Opportunity34. Economics, harvest Potential55. Marketing Plan86. Design and Development plan13

7. Production Plan158. Organizational Plan199. Assessment of risk2110. Financial planning2311. Conclusion24

12. Annexure 1

13.Annexure 2

14.Annexure 2

15.Annexure 2

16.Annexure 2

17. Performa Income statement

18. Balance sheet


i. Name and Address of Business

Business Name:

Bunny farms

Office/ Farm Address:

Kahuta road opposite police academy


Ph: 051-13434546Fax: 051-1232432Email: [email protected] Name (s) and Address (es) of principal(s)Partners.. Mehwish, NIda , Ahsan and Humeraiii. Nature of Business

This business will provide to consumer different species of rabbit as a pet we sell them directly to different schools zoo and in parks where required and also a very low cost and healthier meat of Rabbits too in our country. This will be achieved by establishing a rabbit farm to grow produce rabbits chicks and selling the rabbit meat to hotels and restaurant.

iv. Statement of Financing Needed

Description of Required workTotal Expense (Rs)

Net salaries (Detail as per Assumption sheet- Annex 5)3756000

Farm Supplies (Feed)1530000

Office Renovation (Once)25000

Advertising Budget870600

Land Rent (5 acres) for 1 year480000

Utility Bills84000


Selling Expenses60000



Farm Construction (Paddocks, Rooms, Fence etc)2500000

Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, Furniture & Fixtures2073600

300 Chicks @ 14000 per 1 chick and 3 Egg laying Trios @ 250000 PER Trio4950000


Note: Details as per Annexure-5 (Assumption Sheet)

1. Executive summaryThe Ostrich is an endemic bird of African origin. It is characterized by its ability to survive in temperatures ranging from two to fifty degrees Celsius; it can be reared on barren land and mainly feeds on Alfa-Alfa, Lucerne and water.

Today, ostrich farms are considered to be among the most profitable agricultural projects. Ostriches are raised commercially for their meat, hide and feathers. Currently commercial farming is going on in about 100 countries in all continents and regions

Ostrich meat is Halal and it was eaten by companion of Holy Prophet (PBUH) after accepting Islam.

Pakistan is one of the most suitable places to undertake commercial farming. It has cheap labor, a suitable climate, inexpensive fodder, low business cost.

Agriculture shares in Pakistans National GDP 21.0 % and Livestock share in National GDP 11.4 %. And an increase in Meat and Meat preparation exports 39.8 %/

.More than 50% Pakistanis prefer meat over vegetables and pulses

(GALLUP PAKISTAN Islamabad: March 30, 2009)

Over the years, many changes have been observed in the pattern of meat consumption in the country.

There were 10.8 million hypertension cases in Pakistan according to the National Health Survey 1994. According to 1998 estimates there are now over 12 million cases. Nearly one-third of all deaths in the country are due to heart disease, and 1% of babies born here, 5% of school-age children, and 14% of the adult population suffer from some form of cardiac disorder.

Ostrich meat is low fat and cholestrol free which can save many of cardiac patients of pakistan.

Chicken, beef, mutton, fish suppliers are competitors for ostrich, but due to its low fat meat, luxurious leather, fancy feathers, and oil ostrich will defend its position in market.

The ostrich industry is a growing economic sector that is gaining popularity within the market as recognition is given to the characteristic low fat and cholesterol content of the meat which makes it the healthy alternative to other red meat.

There are a significant number of households, health conscious individuals, restaurants and hotels are interested in ostrich low cholesterol and healthy meat and leather industries in Pakistan is the best potential market for ostrich leather.

There is a well established Export Market for Ostrich Meat and leather in Iran, Saudi Arab and UAE.

There are four Major markets for Ostrich and its products. Due to friendly nature and beautiful looks, Ostrich is very popular as a pet bird in Pakistan. And the most prominent Pakistan meat and leather market: as many restaurants, modern retail and hyper markets are willing to pay premium prices for regular supply of Ostrich meat. Numerous leather and pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan are interested in buying Ostrich Oil, leather and feathers.

For export there is a great demand of ostrich meat and leather in Iran, UAE, Central Asia, Far East and Korea.

In Pakistan, Many farmers have started buying Ostriches from other farmers. Many new farmers will buy chicks and eggs from senior players of industry.

The business shall be named SKIES ostrich farm.

The company will be providing brochures regarding the benefits derived from ostrich products and distribute it to potential customers. This is to create awareness about ostrich and the existence of the ostrich farm and to eliminate any uncertainties and confusions about ostriches.

Website with Name of will be established.

The business is a general partnership at will consisting of three partners. The partnership agreement shall set forth the capital contributions needed and the share of each partner including the profit and loss ratio.

1: **** **** Sultani

2: **** Alam

3: **** chaudhary

With a capital of Rs. 16449200/- we will start a farm by buying and grow owing 300 chicks beside 3 egg laying Trios. 300 Chicks will be grown to reach slaughter able age for 12 months. Mean while new chicks will be produced through eggs laid by 3 Trios and we would get above 300 chicks available for next year. Fast growth and high production level will make the ostrich meat cost competitive. By selling meat @ Rs. 400/- per Kg beside by-products like Hide and Plumage of Ostrich Pay back period for this project is expected 1.4 years. Overall this is a very profitable venture and virtually there would be no competition in beginning period of this project.

2. Description of Industry and Opportunity With the meat situation what it is and the economy in turmoil now is a good time to consider the rabbit business. The best way I know to put good food on the table and a few Rupees in your pocket, without a large investment, is raising rabbits. The profits can come in many ways: You can sell them to markets as pets, Schools or in parks zoo etc, even the Rabbits skin is use as wool. Meat, however, is by far the most important product.Large variety of possible products and their expected high profit potential. Currently commercial farming is going on in about 100 countries in all continents and regions. Some countries where this is done with official backing are: Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and many African countries.

Pakistan is one of the most suitable places to undertake commercial farming. It has cheap labor, a suitable climate, low business cost and a population of businessman/farmers/investors who are willing to enter into this new venture.Rabbit meat is light, healthy, low-fat, tender and also very tasty and easily digestible

Meat is highly delicious and healthy. Most importantly, It can be sold at a price of PKR 150/Kg with great profit. People at Pakistan cooked rabbit meat with normal cooking methods and all of them appreciated the taste and most of them ordered it at a high Price. Many professionals including Top chefs of Pakistan tested rabbit meat and appreciated its taste.Rabbits are farmed-raised for their meat and fur. The fur of the rabbit is known for its warmth and is best known for use in the lining of coats. Rabbit fur is also used in dressing to line hats, gloves and shoes. It is also used for stuffing, bedding and making felt. OpportunitySi

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