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  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    The Road



    > More Productivity by more efficient EDM

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    >The nature as Paradigm

    The Course In the Mould and Die Industry, improving

    your efficiency is the only way to secure

    your future and your strategy. The

    management task requires a comparison

    of all the possibilities with the best

    technical solutions. We, as a supplier of

    technical-systems and equipment, see

    our duty and task to develop machines

    so that you will be able to reach your


    Our EDM-program features a wide range

    of applications, excellent technics and

    intelligent possibilities for process- engineering.

    That is the way to improve your


    “Go for performance”

    Erosion (lat.:erodere = to gnaw off) is the

    geological process of removing weathered

    stone-material, that creates textures and

    sculptures over millions of years.

    The technical principle “spark-erosion”

    (EDM = electrical discharge machining) is an

    erosion-production-process which relies on

    electrical discharge procedures between the

    electrode and the conductive workpiece. These

    opportunities and results of the process are

    fascinating to the ambitious technician, just like

    the nature paradigm.

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    OPS-INGERSOLL is positioned as the

    specialist in the market, with expertise in

    the total range of machining workpieces.

    The combination of HSC and EDM,

    our OPS-INGERSOLL-MoldCenter,

    was developed and is the positive proof

    of the evidence. The GANTRY-concept is

    covering the EDM requirements from

    small to large. Herewith we are confident

    to raise your process-efficiency funda-


    The direction is obvious, let’s go the

    course together.

    Your Partner

    Rainer Jung, President

    GANTRY 400

    GANTRY 500 and 800

    GANTRY 1200

    GANTRY 1500 and 2000



    Technical Data


    MoldCenter / Automation

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    Plug and Play!

    Set-Up, Fill-In, Erode!

    And this with highest accuracy on

    smallest floor space!

    This is possible with our GANTRY 400.

    When you got to machine workpieces

    with limited dimensions, the GANTRY 400

    is the ideal base of operation for efficient

    processes, and also offers intelligent

    automation technology.

    GANTRY 400

    GANTRY 400 Axis-Travel: X / Y / Z

    400 / 300 / 300 mm

    Work tank dimensions: L / W / H

    650 / 500 / 340 mm



    Technical Data


    MoldCenter / Automation

    Operator friendly machining

    with efficient handling

    Miracle in floorspace-saving

    Highest accuracy at minimum space

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    With the 500th GANTRY 500 machine

    which was built in 2006, the machine

    has proved an allrounder for over a


    Due to the “GANTRY-style” regarding

    accessibility and retrofitting of auto-

    mation, this makes this machine to be

    “one of a kind”.

    GANTRY 500

    GANTRY 500 Axis-Travel: X / Y / Z

    525 / 400 / 450 mm

    Work tank dimensions: L / W / H

    750 / 650 / 420 mm

    GANTRY 500 and GANTRY 800 – Precision-machines which “sta

    Maximum accuracy due to rigidity and temperature-stability

    High-Speed-Jump for fastest machining with excellent image-preciseness

    Top performance, by the use of modern generator-technology

    More versatility for new applications through modular upgrading

    All possibilities and wide scope for automation

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    The requirements and the workpiece-

    dimensions are getting more complex

    and demanding.

    For this configuration we have con-

    ceived the GANTRY 800. The machine

    only needs slightly more floor space

    than the GANTRY 500, but has the

    double working-area. This makes it to

    a real “Capacity-Miracle”.

    GANTRY 800

    GANTRY 800 Axis-Travel: X / Y / Z

    550 / 850 / 450 mm

    Work tank dimensions: L / W / H

    800 / 1100 / 480 mm


    Best quality for machining and consequently for your final product

    Highest productivity by saving manufacturing-time and better cost-benefit-relation

    Absolute reliability of processing with defined reproducibility

    Best future- and planning-reliability for your investment

    Optimised flexibility as an assumption for more customer orientation



    Technical Data


    MoldCenter / Automation

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    GANTRY-EDM in big size

    Large axis-travel-ways by smallest footprint

    Large fluid-tank, lowering totally into the base

    Machine in GANTRY-style

    Weight of electrodes 1– 100 kg, automatically exchangeable

    Axis-Travel: X / Y / Z

    1000 / 1500 / 650 mm

    Work tank dimensions: L / W / H

    1270 / 1770 / 680 mm

    The GANTRY 1200 is unique for its

    various possibilities. The experiences

    of the “large-scale-machines” and the

    vitality of the “small-machines” are

    combined in the GANTRY 1200.

    The machine moves fast with large

    workpieces through “high-axis-travel-

    speed” and “High-Speed-Jump” (HSJ).

    At the same time the machine is

    conceived for large machining in the


    GANTRY 1200

    GANTRY 1200

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    Generator, fire-extinguisher, cooling-unit and electrical-control-cabinet

    are integrated into the supply-unit

    Fluid-level is maintained automatically, means no fill- or drain-time

    Best accessibility for loading, set-up and for inspection

    Ideal for complete and partial machining of workpieces



    Technical Data


    MoldCenter / Automation

    Axis-Travel: X / Y / Z

    GANTRY 1500: 1050 / 2050 / 1000 mm

    GANTRY 2000: 1550 / 2750 / 1000 mm

    Work tank dimensions: L / W / H

    GANTRY 1500: 1520 / 2520 / 945 mm

    GANTRY 2000: 2020 / 3220 / 1350 mm

    As a result of experiences over decades

    for the design, manufacturing and

    application of large EDM-equipment,

    OPS-INGERSOLL is your qualified part-

    ner in the “Large-mould-manufacturing-


    With GANTRY 1500 and GANTRY 2000

    we offer future-oriented and inflective

    solutions for large EDM-tasks and


    GANTRY 1500/2000

    GANTRY 1500/2000

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng


    CONTROL OPS-INGERSOLL expects to increase

    the efficiency of your production.

    Control, power-unit and innovative

    ideas like HSJ are consequently “under

    review” regarding these requirements.

    The 64-bit-PC-NC-control supports the

    capability of the “GANTRY” even to fulfil

    complex duties with high discharging

    performance, small electrode-wear,

    homogeneous surfaces and to accom-

    plish dependable long-lasting-accuracy.

    Essential facts of the control:


    Adaptable to all common CAM-systems

    MultiProg Technology-Selection

    Shop-floor oriented operator-guidance

    Easy to learn, due to dialog-text

  • 8/20/2019 Ops-Ingersoll Edm Eng



    A new dimension in sink-EDM. With

    multipulsePRO you will reach an

    improvement of electrode-wear specific

    for graphite-electrodes of up to 60%,

    and even better metal-removal.

    With this you will benefit the full poten-

    tial of your GANTRY machine, and reach

    shorter process-times.


    Programming with PC

    As complex as any machining-task may

    be, with MultiProg the programming will

    be very easy.

    The input of the most important para-

    meters is sufficient and MultiProg calcu-

    lates the necessary number of electrodes

    for an optimized EDM-result, determines the complete EDM-technology from

    roughing to the final-step.

    Whether you have single- or multiple-

    cavities, tunnel-gating, ribbed- or

    freeform electrodes, made out of copper

    or graphite, whether you have to

    machine tool-steel or even exotic

    materials, for every task there will be

    the right solution in “MultiProg”.








    Wear Others Wear OPS-INGERSOLL

    Graphite Copper

    Current Result 2006

    Less wear, up to 60% with graphite

    Customer conclusions concerning multipulsePro:


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