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Operational Ceilings

Sep 06, 2014




Operational ceilings are a painful part of business growth which often have you trapped. So we've put together this presentation to help you tackle this breakdown. Marc Lehmann, Saasu's CEO shares his own experience and shows you how to create freedom from being owned by stuff, processes, structures, rituals and products around your business.

The video version is here:

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. It is general and educational. I have not given any consideration to your specific industry, business model or financial circumstance.

  • Commercial in Condence. 2014 Saasu Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ! 9th July 2014 ! BY Marc Lehmann CEO, Saasu [email protected] @saasu @marclehmann CEO INSIGHTS Operational Ceilings
  • About me Marc Lehmann CEO, ! Launched Saasu with a self-funded approach to creating a great value, cloud-based accounting solution for businesses worldwide. Prior to Saasu, Marc was a Director of Principal Finance and Credit Trading Risk at Deutsche Bank. Marcs ethos is that businesses should automate as many processes as possible, giving their owners and staff the gift of time to spend with their families and exploring the world. ! Email: [email protected] Twitter: @saasu @marclehmann
  • Disclaimer General and Educational. ! These are take away ideas only, not advice. Your financial planner & accountant are your advisors for your specific circumstances.
  • What is an operational ceiling? Digression Information firehose Too many systems To many decision makers Lack of operating procedures Government bureaucracy Handling time Tech transition time Internal communications Moving, synching & backing up Distractions: tech and people Blind spots Complexity Social media Content Collections Data entry Invoicing & quoting People management Being sold to Supplier management Donating your time Troubleshooting Travel time Living other peoples plans Procrastinating Unclear business model Photo by Georgia Dixon
  • Mindset preparation You are what you havent automated. Minimalism, aesthetics and saying no business. Eating the elephant one bite at a time. Photo by Pawel Kadysz
  • Creating break through? 1.Admit we have a problems. 2.Goal with conditions of success. 3.Strategy to achieve the goals. 4.Setup a minimalist process of improvement. 5.Communicate the above over and over and over to yourself and others. Photo by Guillaume
  • SPAR 1.Strategy 2.Processes 3.Actions 4.Results Photo: NY Times
  • Strategic preparation Customer Advocacy ! Marketing Flywheel Experience Renement # HMRC online reporting Recurring Billing Reporting upgrade Responsive UI (ongoing) Help content upgrade Service as Sales system Community support On-ramp (ongoing) EPIC feature Referral Rewards Payment Gateways Tax Product
  • Processes that are rituals Do it yourself Artesans and craftsmen Outsourcing Community Automating Photo by Jonas Nilsson Lee
  • Actions Tasks that add, remove and improve processes. Planned and prioritised. EPICS Tidbits
  • The game you are playing. The score board. Financial Equation. Results that give insights and excite you Photo by Sebastian Mller
  • Structures to make it happen The walls were museum white, as they had been at the Macintosh factory, and there were $20,000 black leather chairs and a custom-made staircase He insisted that the machinery on the 165-foot assembly line be configured to move the circuit boards from right to left as they got built, so that the process would look better to visitors who watched from the viewing gallery. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Isaacson on Steve Jobs Photo: Craig Garner
  • Design
  • Journey Discovery Request for info % Nurture First Sale ' Servicing Repeat Sale '
  • Prioritise
  • Operational Ceilings Smarties Guide by Marc Lehmann Saasu Pty Limited ACN 093 453 886 CEILING Digression Information firehose Too many systems To many decision makers Lack of SOPs Govt. bureaucracy Goods handling Transition time Internal communications Moving, synching, backing up. Distractions: tech & people Existing rituals Blind spots Complexity Social media Content Collections Data entry Invoicing/Quoting Excessive meetings Excessive email management Lack of business model clarity Process) Action Result SPAR CYCLE ANTIDOTE Focus. Work out what you can cull or delay. Curate down to