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Open Source UAVs

Feb 23, 2016




How cheap and simple can a UAV be?. Open Source UAVs. Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine /DIY Drones. UAV. ^. $100,000,000s . Cost. $10,000,000s. $1,000,000s . $100,000s . $10,000s . $100s. Platforms. Why not?. Gears!. Programmed by a 10-year-old. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Open Source UAVs

Open Source UAVsHow cheap and simple can a UAV be?Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine/DIY DronesMake joke about how I am going to be showing the worst UAVs at the show1


$100,000,000s $1,000,000s $100,000s



3Why not?


5Programmed by a 10-year-old

6Two-axis realtime video system (also Lego)

We started, naturally enough, with Lego. Could you make a Lego UAV? We did, it flys, and in Atlanta at Dean Kamens FIRST Robotics Competition championship in Atlanta, were going to unveil a fully-featured UAV based entirely on Lego Mindstorms. I fully expect to be accused of weaponizing Lego.

7Add GPS via Bluetooth ($39)

8 Now its also a 5DOF ARM7 IMU

9A fully functional LEGO UAV

10BASIC Stamp educational autopilotEmbedded processor/RC multiplexingGPS waypoint navigationHardware in the loop simulations (with Flight Simulator)

11Cellphone AutopilotBroadband wireless communications,unlimited range5 Megapixel still or videoimagery, all GPS and orientation-taggedDynamic waypoints and in-flight commands via text messageFully programmableCan interface with any hardware via serial/BT







18Autonomous BlimpsUltrasonic altitude holdIR beacons/waypoint followingMagnetometerBluetooth wirelessVectoring thrusters

Starting under $100

19ArduPilotan Ardunio-based open source autopilot

+20ArduPilotIndependent hardware multiplexer/failsafe7 user-programmable digital lines, 6 analog sensor inputs2 serial portsEasy-to-use programming IDE

Total cost: $90 (or make it yourself for less) Navigation autopilot + IR stabilization Fully programmable

21Whats open source hardware?SchematicsPCB designsFirmwareSoftwareParts lists and instructions

We give blanket permission for anyone to use, modify, or distribute everything we do. No charge, no restrictions.

22Real export license for a commercial autopilot thats less capable (no IMU) than our LEGO autopilot:No engineering design, manufacturing information or detailed repair/maintenance procedures may be released.When not in use, the autopilot must be stored in a locked, secure facility. There must be access provided to designated US government personnel. The secure facility must be monitored by CCTV and an electronic burglar alarm.

A daily inventory log of the autopilots location must be maintained.


Future engineer/criminalMake joke about how were going to find out what the penalty for weaponizing Lego is24


Other open source autopilots

PaparazziUAVDevBoardOpenPilotGluonPilotBoozQuadpoweredDozens more in the works.

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