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Open Computing Facility at UC Berkeley - Research ... lan/globalwarming/... • $3,000 UCB summer; $3,500 other UC summer. 6 participants. 01-31-2008 deadline UROP: UNDERGRAD RESEARCH

Aug 25, 2020




  • So what do I do now?

    Student Groups

  • ASUC Sustainability Team (STeam) Projects: • Sustainable Foods Campaign (organics

    in dining halls, The Local) • Earthweek • Overflyeration • Environmental Forum • Environmental leadership and activism


  • EarthWeek 2007

  • Students for a Greener Berkeley (SGB)

    Graduate student group focused on reducing UC Berkeley's environmental footprint (energy usage, paper consumption, water usage, etc.)

  • Projects: • Greening Your Campus Building • One Side Clean (OSC) Project • Sustainable Investment Campaign • Recycled Paper Purchasing Campaign

    Students for a Greener Berkeley (SGB)

    Hearst Gym Waste Audit

    OSC Bins: Look for them on campus!

    Chemistry Research Lab Recycling Program

  • Green Room

    Check out their website for tips on using less energy, buying environmentally friendly personal care products, and reusing materials! Or sign up for a tour!

    Creates demonstration dorm rooms, suites, and apartments that show students how to reduce their environmental impact

  • Cal Forestry Club

    Redwood PlantingChristmas Tree Sale 2007

  • Berkeley Roots and Shoots Purpose: To develop awareness and communication about animals, the environment, and the human community • Emphasizes community, peace, and equality

    Projects: • Strawberry Canyon Cleanup • Educating youth at LeConte Elementary • Mentoring children at Children’s Hospital of Oakland

  • Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology (SAFE)

    Purpose: To generate discussions on campus about a truly sustainable food system

    Projects: • Food & Farming film series • Founding a UCB chapter of Slow Food • Coordinating with STeam to run The Local • Organizing guest lectures on sustainable agriculture

  • Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS)

    Purpose: To “promote environmental management and sustainable development at UC Berkeley

    Next Meeting: Thursday, 12/13 3:30-5 pm 177 Stanley Hall

    Projects: • Annual sustainability summits • Partnering with CalCAP to reduce UCB’s GHG emissions • Funding student sustainability internships on and off campus

  • How do I choose a group?

    Consider: • Mission statement • Scale of the organization • Meeting times • Opportunities for creative thinking and new projects • Leadership opportunities • Time commitment

  • Other Organizations Student Organic Gardening Association Student Sustainability Education Coordinators Students for Social Change (SpeakOut)

    Email: [email protected] The Environmental Coalition Environmental Sciences Student Organization

    Email: [email protected] Conservation and Resource Studies Student Organization (CRSSO)

    Programs discussed at

    Search Engine: mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Research OpportunitiesResearch Opportunities

  • Research Opportunities

    • Research at Berkeley (next slide) • The Green Initiative Fund

    • Berkeley Institute of the Environment

    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    • Research Experience for Undergraduates

  • SPUR: SPONSORED PROJECTS FOR UNDERGRAD RESEARCH • Up to $2,000 for student-initiated projects. 25 participants/yr.

    CNR 01-28-2008 deadline

    URAP: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH APPRENTICE PROGRAM • Course credit. 740 participants/sem.

    all majors 01-28-2008 deadline

    UC LEADS: MATH, ENGINEERING, AND SCIENCE • $3,000 UCB summer; $3,500 other UC summer. 6 participants.

    01-31-2008 deadline

    UROP: UNDERGRAD RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM • Engineering 11-28-2007 deadline


  • URAP Sample Projects

    • History of Industrial Pollution Regulation in the U.S. 1865 -1930

    • Nineteenth Century Pollution Litigation and the Regulation of Industrial Pollution

    • Nitrogen Oxide Fluxes over Forests in the Sierra Nevada: Mechanisms

    • Observations of Nitrogen oxides from Space: Comparison to ground based measurements

    • Environmental Sciences Teaching Program (ESTP) • Restoring pollination function in degraded agricultural

    landscapes • The effects of climate change on the distribution of a

    vineyard pest • Measuring halocarbon gas fluxes in temperate grasslands

  • Atmospheric Biogeochemistry Lab

  • Field Work Photo Courtesy: Dr. Olivier Mazeas & Prof. Rob Rhew

  • Field Work

  • Lab Work

    vacuum lines sample preparation plant and soil analyses

    gas chromatography – mass spectrometry

    incubation experimentsequipment fabrication

    Photo Courtesy: Prof. Rob Rhew

  • Data Work CO2 FC5

    y = 10.328x + 414.12 R2 = 0.9948










    0 10 20 30 40

    Time (min)

    C o

    n c e

    n tr

    a ti

    o n

    ( p

    p m


  • NCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshop

    Boulder, Colorado June 2007

  • Hands-On Science

  • NOAA Tour

    National Weather Services

    Space and Environment Center

    Solar panel lights Science on a Sphere

  • C-130


    Research Aviation Facility

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Education OpportunitiesEducation Opportunities

  • 1) Study Abroad • UC Berkeley Study Abroad • Sample programs: Australia: Marine Biology and Terrestrial Ecology Program, Costa Rica: Tropical Biology and Conservation Program, Monteverde

    Institute Richard B. Grump Research Station Program, Moorea Sweden: Joint UC-Lund University Summer Program, Europe and

    America—A Dialog on Critical World Issues

    … Consider Forestry Camp too ☺

  • Other institutions

    • UC Davis- Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe http://summer-

    • SEA Semester: Oceans & Climate

    • Australia: Sustainability and the Environment


    • Explore your own options!

  • Things to Consider

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