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Op-Amp Based Band Pass Filter

Op-Amp Based Band Pass Filter. Equivalent Circuit @ DC (DC feedback)

Dec 14, 2015



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Op-Amp Based Band Pass Filter Slide 2 Slide 3 Equivalent Circuit @ DC (DC feedback) Slide 4 Equivalent Circuit @ = o Slide 5 Circuit Analysis (Solve for Vout/Vin) Slide 6 Circuit Analysis Slide 7 Second Order Bandpass Filter Slide 8 Bandwidth of Second Order Bandpass Filter Slide 9 Circuit Parameters Slide 10 Matlab Script Slide 11 Cadence Simulation Slide 12 Tunable Bandpass Filter Slide 13 BPF at 100 Hz 12.396 mS 15.15 mS Vout is delayed by 2.76 mS, approximately of a period. Slide 14 Closer Look at 950 Hz (Vout is larger than Vin!) Slide 15 BPF at 10 KHz Slide 16 Question What is tunable? Not a capacitor! (Not an absolute requirement, since you can always do switches to add/remove capacitors) Resistor, but which resistor? Consequnce? R3+R4 R1 R2

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