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Online PR - Merging Old Traditions & New Technologies

May 12, 2015




Top tips to write your online PR strategy. Joanne Sweeney-Burke of Media Box and Digital Training Institute offers her insights into how to write an online PR plan.

  • 1.Online PR Merging Old Traditions & New Technologies

2. Online PR The 10 Strategy 1. Know your niche & stay informed 2. Whats the Story? 3. Newsmaker the 3 ways 4. The Press Release Traditional & Online 5. Media Databasing & Distribution 6. Media Relations The Rules of Engagement 7. Preparing your story for online outreach 8. Measuring story success 9. Case study 10.Q&A 3. 1. Know Your Niche & Stay Informed What is your sector? Know the influencers, the bloggers, the feature writers, the reporters, know the trends, the trend setters. So connect with those people NOW! Have you introduced yourself to your local media? Most of all KNOW YOUR SPACE! 4. 1. Know Your Niche & Stay Informed 5. Connecting with Influencers 1. Journalists Print, Broadcast & Online Media Contacts Directory & MediaHQ media database & press distribution service Twitter: Twitter Search / Twitter Advanced Search 2. Bloggers: Blogger Outreach 6. Connecting with Influencers Blogger Outreach:Bloggers are in the top 5 sources of reliable information. 81% of the online population trusts bloggers and 61% of the population has made a purchase based on a blogger recommendation.. 7. Blogger Outreach 1.Form Relationships with Bloggers in your niche. Remember they are one step or click away from your target audience. 2. Start by an introduction of you, your brand, product or service 3. Offer to let them road test it 4. Offer to lend a hand or an insight don't beg 5. Subscribe to their blog, connect with them on Twitter, review other social media channels also and decide how you connect with them 6. Don't hound, offer value and insights 7. Be friendly 8. Make an announcement and send a personalised email and outline whats in it for both of you 9. Create brand awareness create a blogger event and invite them along your restaurant, your shop, a PR event 10. Do you or can you solve a problem or answer a question? Your knowledge, your product or your software e.g. Technology, finance, healthcare, beauty you have to establish how you add value. Remember NICHE! 11. Provide rich content infographics are now an effective way to outreach to a blogger lots of information nicely designed into a quirky graphic. 8. 2. Whats the Story?Do you have a breaking news story? Probably not? Maybe yes? Either way, dont miss a good PR opportunity. You must also be realistic about what you can achieve. 9. 3. Newsmaker The 3 Ways So when you dont have a breaking story but need to build brand profile what can you do? 1. News-hacker 2. Trending Stories 3. Research 10. 3. Newsmaker The 3 Ways 1. News-hacker 11. 3. Newsmaker The 3 Ways 2. Trending Stories 12. 3. Newsmaker The 3 Ways 3. Research 13. 4. The Traditional Press Release Hard News and Soft news Hard News has a vital urgent element, the story is very important and the media will want to cover it. It is not usually issued by press release e.g. a company goes bankrupt and makes 200 people redundant. Most soft news is issued by press release, it is news of interest but without the same urgency. e.g. MD has been appointed to a prestigous committee 14. 4. The Traditional Press Release 5 Ws and H Who is the story about? What happened? Where did it happen? When did it happen? How did it happen? Why did it happen? And A Killer Headline! 15. 4. The Traditional Press Release A killer headline 7 words or less Key message in first paragraph get straight to the point Make it newsy start reading news to understand what news is Include a quote Provide background information Notes to Editor Photo with caption Further information / media enquiries 16. The Online Press Release Rich Content Video, Links, Photos Copy into body of email as opposed to attachment newsdesks get hundreds of emails daily even clicking to open an attachment may take too long Make it ready for social sharing hyperlinks, social media links, blog links, video embedded, photos and caption in file info and in the body of the email Have a spokesperson ready and available The New Rules Media Is Social 17. News is Social 18. News is Social 19. News is Social 20. 5. Media Databasing & Distribution Dont send everything to everyone Be specific, be relevant MediaHQ Social Media Newsroom 21. 5. Media Databasing & Distribution 22. 5. Media Databasing & Distribution 23. 6. Media Relations The Rules of Engagement How to annoy a journalistwhat not to do! 1. Sending a lengthy press release.2. Listing an elusive contact person. 3. Not having an online presence for the brand. 4. Using bad grammar. 5. Having a boring news angle. 6. Force-feeding information. 7. Sending poor visuals. 24. 7. Preparing Your Story for Online Reach Use the right keywords No jargon Use 1-2 Keywords in your Headline and subhead. Rich content/multi-media: Hyperlink but dont over hyper link e.g. 2-3 links for a 400-word press release. Dont forget to social share the press release and the multi-media content 25. 7. Preparing Your Story for Online Reach Journey of an Online News Story STEP 1News Story ResearchedSTEP 2News Angle GeneratedSTEP 3News Release DraftedSTEP 4Target Media Identied - News & Industry SitesSTEP 5Rich Content Developed - Podcast, Photos. etc.STEP 6Online PR & Attachments IssuedSTEP 7Online PR Uploaded to Social Media NewsroomSTEP 8Shared on Website, Blog & Social Media AccountsSTEP 9Monitoring Tools ActivatedSTEP 10Measurement & 26. 8. Measuring Impact & Success Actual Media Coverage Figures on readership/listeners/viewers/traffic New awareness amongst stakeholders Office traffic - calls/emails WOM - Word of Mouth traffic Brand Awareness 27. 8. Measuring Impact & Success 28. Monitoring Tools Google Alerts Media Monitoring e.g. Kantar Podcasts from radio stations Search Engine Optimisation 29. Measuring ROI 30. Measuring ROI 31. Casy Study! 32. 10. Case Study Client: Alcohol Forum Campaign Aim: Build brand awareness of advocacy group Alcohol Forum Campaign Strategy: Host Irelands First National Alcohol Awareness Week with a national conference, sideline events nationwide and a multi-media campaign. 33. 10. Case Study 34. Thank You. Questions?