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Online Certification of Skill Acquired: Digital Badges

May 06, 2015



In this presentation we discuss the recognition of skills acquired for an activity and award of a digital badge. Digital badges are gaining popularity since their introduction of Open Badges by Mozilla which are projected to be a new online standard to recognize and verify learning. Any organization can use to create, issue and verify digital badges. In this presentation we discuss how badges can be awarded in Moodle Learning Management System.

  • 1.Online Certification of Skills Acquired: Digital Badges Ramesh Sharma MMVC13

2. WikiEducator WikiEducator has instituted a tiered structure to acknowledge your achievements and to earn community kudos 3. WikiEducator: User page expo 4. Badging in the Classroom badging-in-the-classroom-our-definitive-guide.aspx 5. 6. Adafruit iron-on "skill badges" "badges" of achievement for electronics, sc ience and engineering 7. Mozilla Open Badges 8. Open Badge Anatomy 9. Display on your profile 10. Moodle 2.5 and Badges 11. Open Badges for Totara 2.4 and Moodle 2.5 12. Badge for MMVC13 MMVC13 13. Lets see an example in Moodle 14. Edit Course Settings 15. Course Created 16. Enroll Students 17. Students enrolled 18. Course Administration 19. Badges 20. Manage badges 21. Create a new badge 22. Drag / drop image to be used as Badge 23. Fill in details for Badge 24. Badge Created! 25. Add Badge Criteria 26. Activity Completion 27. Enable Access for users to earn this badge 28. Review Badge Criteria 29. Badge is available 30. Course Completion Settings 31. Activity Completion 32. Activity: Moodle Quiz 33. Create / edit Moodle Quiz 34. Attempt the activity 35. Complete the activity 36. Game Over! 37. Activity completed 38. Badge Granted 39. Badges: Preferences 40. Profile 41. Thank you!