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Online behavior referrals

Jul 17, 2015



Online Behavior Referrals

Online Behavior ReferralsUsing Infinite CampusEastview High School2013-14 Online Behavior referralsEase of access always available onlineEditable can write/re-write/spell-check/etc.Send directly to Admin completed form goes directly into Admin queueGreen no paper!

Getting StartedClick on INDEX tab in the left-side menuUnder BEAHVIOR, select BEHAVIORAL REFERRAL. Click NEW.

Completing the FormStart with the required fields in RED at the top of the referralALIGNMENT defaults correctly to Discipline (no need to change)

The DATE of INCIDENT should be the actual date the even took place (it will default to the current date, so be sure to back date if referral is being submitted on a later date)

The TIME of INCIDENT should be a close estimate

Completing the FormSelect the Administrator to NOTIFYGrade 9: Kim MartinsonGrade 10: Kim MartinsonGrade 11: Jodi HansonGrade 12: Jodi Hanson

Completing the FormThe TITLE is nextFormat for creating event title:2 or 3-word description of eventYour last name

Examples:Cheating/SherwinClassroom Behavior/DyeLeft w/out Pass/Lee

Completing the FormCONTEXT:Choose During School Hours (7:30am 2:25pm) or Outside School Hours from dropdown menuCONTEXT DESCRIPTION:Additional helpful details about when the incident took placeExamples: p5 lunch, at football game, passing timeLOCATION:Choose from dropdown menu LOCATION DESCRIPTION:Additional helpful details about where the incident took placeExamples: B3 locker bay, weight room, A1 boys bathroom

Completing The FormDETAILS:This is the narrative of the incident, from your perspectiveKeep it relatively brief (think Twitter), giving enough information to accurately describe the incidentKeep in mind that this information will be seen by other staff (admin/SRO/counselor/case manager/etc.), parents and studentRemember that you cannot use any other student names in this section (data privacy laws)

Completing The FormADD EVENT/PARTICIPANT:Click the button at the bottom of screenEVENT TYPE is requiredChoose from dropdown menu

Most Common:052 Tardy (over 5 mins late to class)068 Left class w/out permission069 Failure to return to class070 Out of class w/out pass071 Abuse of pass073 Academic Integrity074 Behavior concern in class082 MisconductCompleting The FormLeave WEAPON blankGo to PARTICIPANT DETAILSLeave the FILTER as STUDENTS and type in the name (partial or full) of the student; click SEARCHLeave the rest of this section blankADD PARTICIPANT if more than one student was involved with the same situation (the event details will remain the same, so if this students role was different, complete a separate referral)Click SAVE DRAFTReview the information & SubmitReview the information on the screen and double- check for accuracyMake changes if necessaryClick SUBMIT

What happens next?The referral will automatically go into Kim or Jodis queueAs we take meet with student and assign a resolution, we will enter information into Campus to complete the referral and display the incident and resolution on the portal

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