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ONE | 16th National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey

Apr 06, 2016




  • 16th National Selection Conference Istanbul | 20 - 24 November



    noteDear all,

    this issue is the very first attempt of the Media Team of the 16th National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey. We include a warm welcome to each and every one of you and hope that the next few days will remain indelibly imprinted in your mem-ory. Furthermore, this issue contains a summary of all topics, along with another point of view. 13 people worked for this publication, each one of them making an effort to give you an idea on what to expect and what to hope for.

    Welcome. The journey has just begun.

    Issue 1 // 16th NSC of EYP Turkey // Istanbul | 20 - 24 November 2014 // Dimitris Davris (GR) // Irida Karasmanoglou (GR) // Zura Giorgobiani (GE) // Anastasia Ntracha (GR) // Quirin von Blomberg (DE) // Alinda Ohotski (TR) // Furkan Kalender (TR) // Cevahir Kprl (TR) // Nehir Hatipoglu (TR) // mer Oguz (TR) // Sezen Deniz Tokadam (TR) // Zeynep Demir (TR) // Can Altunkaynak (TR)

    Dimitris and Irida

    Editors of the session











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    WELCOMEpage 4

  • 416th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    Hey all!

    Welcome to a place that you can be free, creative and fun! First, we might seem to you as overjoyed, loud, weird people doing strange things. However we are, as a matter of fact, smart and decent people. Please do not be alarmed by the very first day of the session, where you will be asked to perform a lot of things, just enjoy it! Enjoy the moments when all other friends of yours are struggling with their school and not having so much fun. These will be couple of days where you will experience that learning and discussing can actually be fun, when you are together in a great group having really good time together. Below, you will find some little advices that might work for you during the session. Hope it helps!

    1. Do not try to look cool during the first day, believe me you will not be able to. Just play the games, enjoy them and try to get to know your group as much as possible. 2. Do not refrain from saying anything you want to say. Any ideas and thoughts that linger in your mind, things that you feel a little uncom-fortable about...anything! 3. On the first day, we will all just play games together. Try to be involved and try to be responding to your chairs. This is not the place you should feel shy; you will be respected no matter what. 4. Please always be with the group, it is so important that you move with the group and do nothing on your own. If you must, please inform your chairperson so that he/she knows and will not search for you every-where. 5. Last but not the least, love your officials, love your committee, love the games, love the topics and love the session! You are going to miss it when its over.

    by Zeynep Demir

    Advices from a former delegate

  • 516th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    by Furkan Kalender

    Advices from a former delegate Welcome yall!

    I hope youre as excited for the session as I am. Im sure this is the first ses-sion for most, and for others another chance to do what you love. For first timers its usually an intriguing experience. To create a group with many random people and discuss topics concerning European Politics to form a legitimate resolution isnt what a 16 year old usually accomplishes, let alone accomplishes it in 4 days.

    During this time, we, as the journalists team, will be watching you and catching every serious, funny and, yes, embarrassing moment there is! Dont shy away from standing out or doing crazy things. If you do stuff like that you just may be on the cover of an issue or be a part of the session video. I have to reveal that in my only delegate experience, I was caught up with the resolution and was never a part of neither issue nor paper. While doing all these things though, do not forget the people in the back-ground, the organisers. Thank them, hug them and take a picture with them! Let your appreciation be known. They will always be working, even if you may not see them around.

    Well, thats all from me for now, you will hear more quite soon!

  • 616th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    At the airportTypical classy, semi-formal attire (sweaters with shirts for the boys definitely scarves for the girls) carrying a suitcase and necessarily a backpack or a laptop bag, looking curiously around for organizers with same coloured t-shirts and seeming terribly lost.

    During hang-outs with friendsHe/She will be the one talking about the combination of conferences and parties, laughing and getting excited with the mere sound of the words jellyfish, bear hunts and fishermen (aka allele) and having the weirdest game ideas to pass the time

    At homeSkypeing with a bunch of people all around Europe and having necessarily a wall/corner/cabinet/shelf dedicated to EYP, session badges and all sorts of souvenirs (borrowed not stolen of course) such as airplane tickets, GA pens, hotel cards etc.

    On social mediaHaving a Facebook profile picture either with a suit in front of a podium or with a smile of pure bliss rolling around on the grass during teambuilding and writing statuses about a new kind of depression (PED- Post EYP De-pression) escorted with Macklemore or sad goodbye songs.

    EYP is a big family of dreamers and idealists! Welcome aboard!

    by Anastasia Ntracha

    How can you recognise an EYPer?

  • 716th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    If its the first time eve youre attending an EYP session, then you are likely to either hear some words you havent heard before or youre going to hear words you know, used to mean something else. Here are some terminologies that I think may be useful for you.

    Topic overviewIts a brief explanation of your topic written by your chairperson, that you should make sure to read before the committee work. (Ps: Express your appreciation to your chairperson, he/she probably spent a weekend work-ing on it.)

    OrgaOrga is actually a shortcut for organiser. Orgas are the most hardworking and altruistic people of the session. If you see someone shouting and giv-ing people directions he/she probably is an orga and you better listen to them, if you dont want to end up in the wrong committee dinner venue or something like that.

    ResolutionNO, its not the chemical process of separating or reducing something into its constituent parts. YES, it is important. A resolution is basically decisions of a committee about the issue theyve been tackling for two days of com-mittee work. In General Assembly delegates of the proposing committee get to present it and all committees vote it. (Ps: A good resolution is the key to fruitful debates in GA, I cant wait to see the outcome of 2 days of hardworking).

    by Sezen Deniz Tokadam

    EYP Dictionary

  • 816th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    Being an enthusiastic and impatient man about the next four days, I welcome you to one of the most phenomenal journeys of your lives. Hon-estly, I did some donts during my first session thats why there are some advices for you, even though its not my right to tell you how to behave:

    DOs: -Let yourself feel the joy of Teambuilding! When you participate in, it will be utter fun, although it looks weird sometimes. -Be confident in yourself! The fundamental cause of the pressure is just you. Relax and have your say in Committee Work. -Back your committee mates up! Those people will help, listen to and make the session special for you; eventually they will be your family. -Listen, evaluate, discuss and respect! Being calm and developing empathy will raise the quality level of debates.

    DONTs: -Ignore the games! After you win all of them, your chair will put you on a pedestal, of course. -Be out of the discussions! Analyse every detail of your mates words and disagree ceaselessly until they give up and throw their chairs to you. -Forget to act natural in front of the camera! Otherwise I will follow you till the moment you look creepy.

    by Cevahir Koprulu

    The road to glory

  • 916th National Selection Conference European Youth Parliament Turkey

    Hi everyone,

    Before this awesome session starts, I want to give you a heads up about the procedure of the session and the things that you will have to face during the session. To start with the good news, the first day will be all about getting to know each other and we will play lots of fun games. After this fun part of the session, you will have two days of Committee Work and one day of General Assembly, which will be definetely challenging for you. For the ones, who will have their first EYP experience, the common chair types are as follows:

    -The punctual chairs will plan everything in the session and you will be able to discern this chairtype from their specific behaviour of looking constantly at their watch. -The cool chairs are opposite of the punctual chairs and they are always relaxed, whether they are in Committee or in General Assembly. -The evil chairs usually lay down somewhere, while the delegates are working. This type of chairs tends to prohibit fun games and shortens the coffee breaks. -The mother chairs consider their delegates as children and their most conspicuous behaviour is to ask for chocolates and snacks in order to feed their delegates.

    In the end regardless of your chairpersons type, you as delegates are the ones, wh

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