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Koc University Hakan Ürey Koç University – Istanbul Director of OML - Optical Microsystems Laboratory Electrical Engineering Department 5mm 1mm 2 Microlens Array on 2D MEMS Stage (2009) Micro Spectrometers and Laser Scanners on Silicon Wafer

OML - Optical Microsystems Laboratory Electrical Engineering

Feb 04, 2022



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Electrical Engineering Department
Micro Spectrometers and Laser Scanners on Silicon
Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey • Private University established by Vehbi Koç Foundation
in 1993 • Among the World's top 250 universities by THE (Times
Higher Education) rankings in 2012-2013. • ~4,000 undergraduate and ~500 graduate students
(>300 international exchange students); • Among the top Universities in Turkey based on scholarly
research articles and faculty awards
Koc University Prof. Dr. Hakan Ürey Dr. Necmettin Kilinc
Sven Holmström (Sr. Res. Eng.) Erhan Ermek (Res. Eng.)
Berker Hüsam (Res. Eng.) Selim Ölçer (Tech.)
Research Focus: • MEMS/NEMS sensors and actuators, Micro-optics,
•2D/3D Display and Imaging Systems
Graduate Students Kaan Aksit
Aref Mostafazadeh Ulas Adiyan
Onur Cakmak Osman Elde
Özgecan Karabulut Uur Aygün
Koc University Selected Patents
Koc University Projects
(MEMFIS, HELIUM3D) • FP7 IAPP Project • FET-Open Project
TÜBTAK (National Funding) • 5 projects completed • 2 projects on-going
• 3D displays (3D laser TV, 3D head-worn projection displays, 3D light-field display using LED arrays);
• Pico-projectors and Laser scanners (high- performance electromagnetic, electrostatic, and piezoelectric actuated record-performance MEMS scanners; FR4 based dynamic zoom barcode scanner);
• Micro-optics (exit pupil expanders, heads-up-display screens, Gabor super lenses);
• Endoscopic imaging (Microlens on MEMS stage based laser scanner);
• Portable Micro-Spectrometer (MEMS-based Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, Lamellar grating interferometers, FR4 based interferometers);
• Thermal imaging (MEMS bimaterial sensor array; CMOS optical readout IC; 3D CMOS integration);
• Portable Nano-Biosensor (MEMS sensor array for parallel multi-analyte screening for portable point of care diagnostics).
Koc University
Patent Licensing Agreements (consists a portfolio of about 25 patents)
• Microvision Inc. (USA): MEMS and FR4 scanners, 3D displays, novel micro-optical screen.
• Fraunhofer IPMS (DE): MEMS spectrometers
• Aselsan Inc. (TR): Thermal imaging sensor array
• Inventram Inc. (TR): Biosensors for point-of-care diagnostics of multiple diseases.
• Opet Inc. (TR): Tagging and identification of functional fluids for vehicles
Koc University
Koc University
1st Laser Scanning Display Product NOMAD à 2004
Red monochrome display with SVGA resolution Blue and green lasers were not yet commercial
(direct green LD is available only recently)
Koc University Pico Projectors (Sponsor Microvision Inc.)
• Optics and MEMS scanners for laser projectors
– >10 patents licensed to industry; – Sponsor: Microvision (USA)
1st  Pico  Projector  product  by   Microvision  -­  2009
Latest  Pico-­projector  product  by   Microvision  -­2011
Koc University MEMS Scanners
spectrometers  on  Si  wafer.
• Single coil bimagnetic actuation • WVGA Resolution 850 x 480 pixels
Yalcinkaya  JMEMS,2006  
• Electroplated multi-turn coils • PZR sensors on both flexures • Al mirror
• Backside KOH etched to reduce weight
Koc University Piezoelectric  Actuated  Fast-­Axis  Scanner  
• 1.4mm  round  mirror,     • 24V  opera=on.   • 40deg  op=cal  scan  angle   • 40kHz  resonance,   • Also  demonstrated  PZT  
angle  sensor.   Record  Performance!    
Collabora=on  with  Paul  Muralt  Group,  EPFL  
• 125um  SOI   • PZT:  2um  solgel  deposi=on  
Desired Mode
Koc University
Resonant MEMS Scanner Comparison for Dynamic Displays at 60 fps
=D is
pl ay
H or
iz on
ta l
R es
ol ut
io n
=Display Vertical Resolution
• Record performance obtained • Piezo and EM actuation preferred • Future Goal: Full HD resolution capable fast and slow axis scanners
Koc University Ice Hockey Using PicoP, Camera, and Retros
Koc University
Koc University
Built into windshield
Requires varying pitch and varying tilt angle microlenses in 2D array form to form a large eyebox
Koc University
Koc University
See-through Screens For HUDs (Sponsor: Microvision Inc.)
Koc University
Transparent displays using embedded lenses
Partially reflective coating
Thin metal dielectric mirror as the reflective surface and a narrow band-pass filter
Koc University
Auto-­stereoscopic  3D  Display
Koc University
3D Display PicoP Çalmas le Kaan Akit ve Osman Elde Austos 2012’de IMID Konferansnda Merck Award Kazandlar
Koc University 3D Head-Worn Projection Display and Retro Screen
Hakan Urey, New Project Starting Jan 2013
Koc University 3D Laser TV
Sponsor: FP7, HELIUM3D project Completed in 2011 Partners: DMU, UCL, HHI, Philips, Barco, TuE
Koc University Exit Pupil Expanders for Head-Worn Displays
θ o FOV
Exit pupil
Koc University
FR4 Board with EM actuated scanners
Sponsors: Microvision Inc (USA) NEMO (EC FP6 project)
LED / Waveguide Integrated with FR4 Scanner
Koc University Barcode Reader with Extended Depth of Focus
First barcode reader system with dynamic
focusing ability! Result of 1.5 yrs
development together with NEST, India
1st Proto
Koc University
LGI  Configura5on  
IR  Source
IR   Detector
Sample   Plane
Reference Laser
Lamellar Grating Interferometer (LGI) Based Fourier Transform Spectrometer Advantages
ü LGI  eliminates   ü reference  mirror   ü beam  spliSer   ü compansa=on  plate   ü vacuum  packaging  of  MEMS   ü interference  alignment  efforts    
ü LGI  is  Achroma=c   ü LGI  is  less  suscep=ble  to  vibra=on  noise   ü LGI  is  smaller,  more  robust  and  easier  to  
assemble   X LGI  useful  range  is  limited  by  Talbot  
O.  Ferhanoglu  et  al.,  OpNcs  Express,  2009.  
Koc University MEMS LGI Device
• Micro Fourier Transform Spectrometer – Patent licensed to Fraunhofer – IPMS (Dresden, DE) – Sponsor: FP7 / MEMFIS project Partners: Bruker, FhG-IPMS, VIGO, RHE, CTR, Sopra
MEMS Diffraction
Transmission Spectra Comparison: Commercial Desktop FTIR vs. Our Compact FTIR
Achieved spectral resolution of 20-30cm-1 in 2.5um-16um range One of the best reported performance with MEMS spectrometers
Poor SNR at >3,000cm-1
Koc University
• MEMS Thermal Imaging Sensor Array – Patent pending – Sponsor: ASELSAN (TR) – Bimaterial bending due to IR hear – Sensed using interferometric
optical readout • Nano-Biosensor for POC diagnostics
– Sponsor: TÜBTAK
Vacuum pipe
In-vitro multianalyte screening device – Patent pending – Sponsor: TÜBTAK, Inventram – Using MEMS and optical readout
Tested  MDC  <0.1  ng/ml;     Standard  ELISA  MDC  0.2ng/ml  
Robust portable system
readout PTL 2008; Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2010 and 2011 papers
Koc University Summary
Micro-optics and MEMS is a powerful combination with many applications: • MEMS scanners and pico-projectors • Special Augmented Reality (AR) screens • 3D displays • Wearable displays • FR4 as a micro-opto-mechatronic platform • Spectrometers • Thermal imaging • Biosensors for multiplexed detection
Koc University Contact Details
Prof. Dr. Hakan Urey Koç University Electrical Engineering Sariyer, 34450 Istanbul – TURKEY