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Oliver Scoot Sykes
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  • 1. Oliver Scoot Sykes

2. Oliver Sykes

  • OliverSykes (Oliver Scott Sykes), born on 20 November 1986, is the current lead singer of the band deathcoreBring Me TheHorizon, from Sheffield, England

3. Childhood

  • Likes to be called Oli, lived in Australia up to the age of five years, then moved to Stocksbridge after the change, studied at Stocksbridge High School, same school where studied four of the band Arctic Monkeys. While still a student, he began to make CDs and compilations of short tracks.

4. 5. Bring Me The Horizon

  • Oliver is the lead singer of the band since it was formed - it was formed by Oliver and former members of local bands .
  • The name Bring Me the Horizon was the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the shows of Bring Me the Horizon, Oliver prohibits his fans attend their concerts with makeup of tears, because he says that despite what he says of his vision and we do not like your band is much less a band emo. The band has also played with icons such as Heavy Metal Iron Maiden, Slayer and others .

6. 7. Other Projects

  • Oli Sykes ( "Master Syko"), Matt Nicholls, Tom Sykes and XricciX formed a rap group called Womb 2 of the Tomb.Oli Sykes and his ex-girlfriend's brother Neil Whiteley, fomaram a banda de death / thrash metal called Purple Curto.Oli Sykes has a brand of clothing called "Drop Dead" and employs his younger brother Tom, and his mother Carol to help and work with it.

8. Drop DeadClothing 9. 10. The end

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