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October Division 28 Newsletter

October Newsletter - Division 28

Apr 06, 2016



Mason Woods

This is October's newsletter for Division 28 of the Texas-Oklahoma District of Key Club International. This newsletter is made and published by Mason Woods, lieutenant governor of Division 28.
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OctoberDivision 28 Newsletter

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The Sirens

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Evaluation !!

The Fall Training Conference !!

The Divisional Project !!

Dues !!

Reporting + MUC !!


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EvaluationAll clubs in Division 28 will now be held to an evaluation. Essentially, every club will be checked to see if they have reported, paid dues, updated whatever was asked to be updated over the previous month(s), and whatever else is pertinent to make sure the club is successful. !Clubs will also be contacted by myself to make sure that everything is running smoothly and if there are any problems, I will try my best to help resolve the situation. !In a district wide email, I will include the status of the clubs and what parts of the evaluation were met and not met by each club. !We need to bring our division together and really get things done because we can accomplish so much more.

Remember: - to report each month

(this is the most important)

- make sure to get your dues mailed ASAP

- attendance at the FTC - COCI should be

completed - MUC needs to be

finished immediately (the instructions are in the previous newsletter)

- Complete whatever else is mentioned in the coming newsletters/emails or was mentioned in the past newsletters/emails !

Our division has so much potential guys! We can be one of the best division in the Texas-Oklahoma if we really try. We can help tons of people. We can help our local community become a better place. !The first evaluation will be at the end of November. Be prepared.

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The FaLL Training ConferenceThe FTC is a conference where members of all Key Clubs in Division 28 attend to learn more about Key Club, divisional projects, officer positions, and much more. All of the clubs are supposed to attend and I am thrilled to see all of you there!

When? Saturday, November 8th at 9am - 12pm (breakfast and lunch served) Where? Baytown Christian Academy 5555 N. Main Baytown, Texas 77521

There will be a PCM (presidential council meeting) from 12:45 until about 1:30 immediately following the FTC. Presidents, you must be present. Vice Presidents, please attend as well.

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The Divisional Project

What is it?


How does it affect me?

It might be easier to describe what gender equality is first. Gender equality is the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Gender inequality exists in every single country on Earth. Both women and men are treated differently, are offered different benefits, and receive unequal opportunities. Yes, it is a political and economic situation; however, it stems from a social perception that the sexes should be treated unequally in social situations, in politics, and in the economy.

Gender inequality affects every single one of us. It is not just women who are affected by gender inequality, but men too. For example, in many cases men are not allowed to feel sensitive because it seen as a weakness. This should not be. An example for women would be that women are objectified and dress in certain ways because they want to be seen by men in a desirable way. The same could be argued for the fashion of men. The resolution to this conflict would be that individuals should dress how they want to simply because they like to dress that way, not because someone else likes it.

What Gender Equality is not.

Feminism and gender equality are the same thing. Many people believe feminism/gender equality is the hate of men, but it is most certainly not. Gender equality (or feminism) is the love of all genders. It is simply states that people should be treated the same no matter what gender they adhere to.

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Facts about gender inequality:!!- Of the 37 million people

living below the poverty line in the US, 21 million are women !

- Women in the US earned only 77 cents for every $1 earned by a man in 2005 !

- At the rate the wage gap is closing, women in the US will not see equal earnings until 2050 !

- Women currently hold only 1 in every 10 top decision-making positions in California’s 400 largest publicly traded companies. !

- The gender wage gap in the United States is lower than in many other countries. But what is troubling is that the gap has barely narrowed since the mid-1990s. !

- Women work 2/3 of the world’s hours yet earn 1/10 of the world’s income. !

- Every day, 39,000 girls are forced into early marriage. (27 girls a minute) !

- 95% of countries have a male head of state. !

- Many boys learn from their parents and from other children that they are not supposed to express vulnerability or caring. They learn to suppress their emotional responses. !!!

*All facts come from reputable sources, ranging from prestigious universities to the UN*!

Ideas for projects:!!- Have a guest speaker

come to your school and speak on feminism at an assembly and such. Find a congresswoman or some big voice for women to speak.!!

- Hold study groups to inform and dissect statistics regarding problems about gender inequality.!!

- Play around with gender images in the media! Dissect them and find a way to make an impact with pointing a sexist position they may take.!!

- Go out and support your women’s sport team as a club!!!

- Go out and support your boys in the arts and such!!!

- Work with a local rape crisis center to hold a white ribbon campaign. (I really like this one!!

- Hold peer counseling to help people identify the inequalities in their life.!!

- It does not matter which of these your club does. You can make up a different idea! These are just some basic ideas.!!

- Essentially, come up with an idea where genders can support each other. You want to send a message that explains that “It doesn’t matter what gender you are! GO OUT DO WHAT YOU LOVE!”



Every club must participate in the divisional project by doing a service project that involves the theme of the divisional project. Your club may do multiple projects related to the divisional project.

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dUE$Remember that dues are due on November 30th. !You can still recruit new members so please continue because we need to bring our membership up. We have fairly good numbers, but if we can keep raising the total membership number, why not? !If you feel that the amount of members that your club can attain as been reached, please send in your dues immediately. Do not wait too long because this can lead to major issues. !

Send in your dues to Key Club International: !Key Club International 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Reporting + MUC

Reporting !Clubs should know how to report by now. Every club needs to be reporting regardless if there were any meetings, any activities, or anything at all (although I hope this is never the case). !The district does count points by reports; however, that should not be the only reason you send in reports. It should not be the main reason you send in reports at all. The district wants to have a record of every club and needs to account for every meeting and activity each club participates in. Rather than seeing the reports as something that is mainly used for points, see it as the medium by which the district uses to account for each club. So if you did nothing, the district wants to know. !In other words, it is very important.

The MUC (The Membership Update

Center) !The Key Club faculty advisor should update the club officers at the Membership Update Center.(Not the same thing as the COCI.) Then, the club secretary can follow the easy three-step process. 1 Round up information

from each new member, including email addresses and expected year of graduation.

2 Log in and update membership records (graduate members and add new members) at Remember to remove old members.

3 Submit payment or print an invoice and pay by check under the Finances tab.  !

Yes this payment is the same as dues.

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Governor Kaitlin Wilson

Secretary Samuel Kinnin

Treasurer Colin Gonzalez

Editor Emily Zhao

Convention Liaison Andrew Loh


Page 11: October Newsletter - Division 28


Lieutenant Governor Mason Woods or

Instagram - @masonwoods Twitter - @masonwoods1997 Facebook -

Please friend me on Facebook so I can add you to Division 28’s Facebook group, thanks!

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