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Nwowcoalition whathowwhy october2012

Nov 20, 2014




  • 1. Elke JeurissenSimplicity Day, Real Dolmen, October 2nd 2012

2. Home-working during Olympics is skivers paradise Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, summer 2012 3. Belgian job market 2014 202010 out = 10 in 10 out = 7 in Source: FOD Social Security 4. My PCMy devices My apps Work from home PC Smartphones Social networking Bring your own PC Slates & tablets Cloud apps So I can work the way I want to work 5. help Belgian companies andpeople adopt and develop thenew world of work 6. NWOW: Whats in a name? TRUST TIME & PLACE AUTONOMY SELF FULFILLMENT PRODUCTIVITY COLLABORATION OUTPUT DRIVEN Watch the video ! - 7. Founding partners 8. Open innovation philosophy 9. Learn and share around 3 clustersLEADERSHIP Share best practices Create culture of trust andWHY NWOW?accountability Prove the business case for NWOWRULES OF ENGAGEMENT Federal: adapt labor law IN WHAT FRAMEWORK Regional: economic incentives Internal company policiesUSER EXPERIENCE Technology HOW TO IMPLEMENT Infrastructure: offices, co-working spaces, homeworking HR & change management 10. 11. Become an NWOWambassador SET THE EXAMPLELEARN FROM PEERS SPREAD THE WORDSHARE YOUR NWOW EXPERIENCEBE PART OF THE NWOW AMBASSADORS CLUB 12. NWOW ambassador benefits Thought leadership Support in organising your events (content,speakers) Networking: join taskforces Annual NWOW ambassador event Monthly newsletter Visibility on NWOW platform Logo Cases Guestblogs Videos Etc. 13. Smart work locator 14. [email protected] @elkejeu