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Nuts and Bolts: Resources

Nov 01, 2014




  • 1. Nuts & Bolts
    Program Resources
  • 2. LACONI: Outreach, Programs & Promotions
    Upcoming Programs:
    Networking Roundtable
    Friday, October 28 at 9:30am
    Elk Grove Village Public Library
    Programming for Senior Adults
    Friday, March 9 at 9:30am
    Oak Park Public Library
    Best of the Best Showcase
    Friday, May 18 at 9:30am
    Morton Grove Public Library
  • 3. LACONI: Outreach, Programs & Promotions
    Best of the Best Print Resource
    Updated & compiled every 3 years
    Entries are submitted by libraries/librarians
    Access is distributed to LACONI member libraries
    Coming soon Best of the Best 2012 Website
  • 4. Systems formerly known as
    Metropolitan Library System
    North Suburban Adult Programmers (NSAP) for MLS librarians and support staff serving libraries north of Route I-55
    South Suburban Adult Programmers (SSAP)
    [email protected]
  • 5. More on former system resources
    North Suburban Library System (NSLS)
    PULSE (Programmers United for Library Service Excellence) Meets quarterly to discuss program opportunities (and occasional disasters). Group also maintains a collective wiki with program ideas.
    Cyndi Rademacher: [email protected]
    Programapedia Project of PALS and SHLS Systems
    Provides access to programming and presenter resources for use by any library. This project was created by staff of the Prairie Area Library System (PALS) and the Shawnee Library System (ShLS). Anyone may view the entries and utilize the data contained therein; however, only those librarians approved to be authors may add or edit data. (No longer updated, last update 2/09)
  • 6. American Library Association
    Public Programs Office
    Information about upcoming Grants Opportunities and Awards
    Tips for grant writers
    Discussion listserv
  • 7. More Resources
    Illinois Humanities Council
    Road Scholars Speaker Bureau
    University of Illinois Extension Program
    Chicago Tribune Speakers Bureau
    Urban Libraries Council
    Member Innovations
  • 8. Writing & Book Program Resources
    Chicago Writers Association
    Windy City Writers
    Lake Claremont Press
    Article from Programming Librarian about contacting publishers:
  • 9. Other helpful resources
    Illinois WorkNet (Job seekers)
    Best Buy/Geek Squad (Technology) or ask at your local store
    Web Junction
    Your local businesses, organizations, newspapers, and organizations! (And dont forget about the staff in your building too!)
  • 10. A little help from your library friends
    Identify regional libraries that serve a similar demographic/population. Get to know the staff who organize programs/marketing!
    Check out regional library newsletters, online calendars, Facebook and Twitter feeds. If a program catches your eye, contact the library to find out how the program went and who to contact to schedule the speaker.
    Sign up for the email lists of libraries across the country. While it may not help you identify speakers, sometimes you can get ideas for innovative programs that you can implement at your own library!
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