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Oct 27, 2021




We at NullClass help you to have a mastery in building and operating Real time projects. When you choose NullClass you get a lot benefits that help you to become better and more experienced in the field. NullClass provides you with 24X7 support from our experienced mentors that will help you to solve those late-night doubts that you have our team provide you support over Whatsapp and other platforms. NullClass helps you to build your very own real time projects like you can build your very own games like temple run or make a real time video streaming app like Netflix. After the completion of your course, you also get a certificate of experience of the course that will benefit the student in multifold ways.

NullClass also helps you to get a paid internship opportunity in which you can gain industry experience. NullClass family is already 3000+ strong and you can also get the opportunity to join them and learn and grow through NullClass.

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Here at NullClass we are bringing back the traditional way of education which was to gain real time experience not only theoretical knowledge. We provide our students with real time industry projects and help them make their own real time projects as well. We help the student to be more knowledgeable and experienced by providing them with paid internships after the completion of their course.