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Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form · PDF file 2020. 9. 17. · Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form. Weekly Bulletin . Spring Term - Edition 115 - Friday.....

Jan 24, 2021




  • Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form

    Weekly Bulletin Spring Term - Edition 115 - Friday 24 January 2020

    PSHEE Information Evening

    Due to a lack of interest, the PSHEE Information Evening scheduled for 30 January 2020 has been cancelled.

    Friday 31 January 2020

    As it is a Staff Training Day on Friday 31 January, students are not expected to be in school.

    Car Park

    Please can we ask parents/carers to be mindful of parking in appropriate parking bays and to avoid parking in front of the disabled parking bays as they are in continuous use. Thank you for your understanding.

    Years 7, 8 and 9 Catch Up Forms due to Absence

    In order to support students missing schoolwork due to an absence and to prevent them from falling behind with their studies, we have a catch-up form policy within Key Stage 3.

    If your child in Years 7 – 9 has one or two days absence from school during a week, they will be issued with a blue catch up form by their tutor the following Monday. They will have a catch-up form issued for each day of absence. Students need to fill in their details at the top of the form and then speak to the subject teachers of the lessons that they missed. They will be set a piece of independent learning to complete and then once they have completed it, they need to have the worked signed off by that subject teacher.

    Students will have a full fortnightly cycle of their timetable to complete all independ- ent work and hand the blue form back to their tutor by the Thursday after. For in- stance if they were absent on Wednesday 22 January, they will be issued a catch up form on Monday 27 January, which is due in on Thursday 13 February.

    Failure to hand a completed catch up form in on time will result in them needing to attend a one hour supervised study session with their Head of House on Monday from 3.15pm – 4.15pm in IT3. If they arrive with the completed catch up form, they will not be required to stay for the study session.

    Failure to attend the supervised study session will result in a school detention.

    A copy of the form is attached for your reference.

    Thank you for your continued support in ensuring students do not fall behind in their studies through absence.

    Term Dates 2019-2020

    Autumn Term 2019 Monday 2 September -

    Friday 20 December Half Term

    Monday 28 October - Friday 1 November

    Spring Term 2020 Monday 6 January -

    Friday 3 April Half Term

    Monday 17 February - Friday 21 February

    Summer Term 2020 Monday 20 April - Monday 20 July

    Half Term Monday 25 May -

    Friday 29 May May Bank Holiday - Friday 8 May

    Staff Training Days Monday 2 September 2019

    Wednesday 27 November 2019 Friday 6 December 2019 Friday 31 January 2020 Tuesday 23 June 2020 Monday 20 July 2020

    Term Dates 2020-2021

    Autumn Term 2020 Wednesday 2 September -

    Friday 18 December Half Term

    Monday 26 October - Friday 30 October

    Spring Term 2021 Monday 4 January -

    Friday 26 March Half Term

    Monday 15 February - Friday 19 February

    Summer Term 2021 Monday 12 April -

    Wednesday 21 July Half Term

    Monday 31 May - Friday 4 June

    May Bank Holiday - Monday 3 May

    Staff Training Days TBA

    Sport Fixtures Monday 27 January 2020 - Friday 31 January 2020

    Wednesday 29 January 2pm - 4pm Sixth Form Football vs Moulsham High School - Home

  • Letters home this week - Monday 20 January 2020 to Friday 24 January 2020

    Students Phoning Home

    Students should not be contacting home during the school day on their mobile phones, as they are not permitted to use phones during the school day. If they do, they will have their phones confiscated for the rest of the day. If students need to contact home, they must go to Student Services, who will arrange for them to contact home if necessary. Any urgent issues or messages to do with students should be communicated via Reception, who can direct these to the most appropriate person. If students are ill and need to be sent home, a first aider will contact home and advise parents/carers.

    Parents/carers are reminded that they should not come to school to collect their children without letting us know in advance. If this happens and a child tries to sign out of school, we have no way of knowing whether or not this is a legitimate request. If a child leaves and we do not know that they have done so with a parent or carer, staff will look for the child as a safeguarding concern. This is not an effective use of staff time and can be very worrying for both staff and parents and carers. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

    Contacting the School

    If parents/carers have any concerns, the following procedure is in place:-

    Contact 1: Tutor – via email or telephone call via Student Services 01376 556300

    Contact 2: Student Support Officers – via email or telephone call via Student Services 01376 556300

    Contact 3: Head of House – via email or telephone call via Student Services 01376 556300

    We will aim to respond to contact from parents/carers within 2 school days in the first instance.

    Reporting Absence

    For parents/carers wishing to report their child/children absent, could you please do this by 8.30am on each day of absence, by using either of the following methods:

    Use the Reporting Absence link on the Edulink App, or use the absence phone lines which are as follows: Year 7 – 01376 556347 Year 8 – 01376 556348 Year 9 - 01376 556349 Year 10 - 01376 556350 Year 11 - 01376 556351

  • Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form – Catch Up Form Independent Work to Catch Up on Lessons Missed due to Absence

    If a student is absent for a day or more than a day, this form is to be completed by the student with the support of their tutor. One form is to be completed for each day of absence. The student will then speak to each of their teachers to find out what work needs to be completed. This will be detailed below. Once completed, the teacher needs to check and sign that the work has been completed. The form should then be returned to the tutor. Examples of possible work include: copy work completed in class from another student; read section from textbook and make notes; complete a suitable exercise; use an internet app (for example to complete a piece of work. Date absent, including day and week A/B Student Name Tutor Group

    Lesson, subject and teacher

    Work to be completed from missed lesson Staff signature when work complete

    Lesson 1 Subject Teacher

    Lesson 2 Subject Teacher

    Lesson 3 Subject Teacher

    Lesson 4 Subject Teacher

    Lesson 5 Subject Teacher

    Work detailed above must be completed within one week of the student returning to school following the absence. Signed by Form Tutor to confirm all work above has been completed

    Signed by Head of House once form has been completed (retained by HoH)

  • A Guide to Email Etiquette for Parents/Carers

    Please address the member of staff to whom you are sending an email by their title (Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms). If you are unsure, please refer to your child’s timetable on Edulink.

    Please always complete the subject line and include your son’s/daughter’s full name and tutor group in the subject line.

    Please allow two school days for a response. If you have not received a response in that time, contact the Head of House or Head of Department, depending on the issue.

    An email should be brief and not replace a conversation. Please remain polite and formal in your tone and language. Avoid text speak and writing in capitals as this can look like YOU ARE SHOUTING!

    Be aware that your email may be passed to other relevant members of staff, where appropriate.

    Be aware that an email is a document that is stored as a record of communications and can be used as a legal document. Emails come under the definition of ‘in writing’.

    The school has instructed staff not to respond to abusive emails.


    Last year we invited you to give your views on the possibility of restricting vehicle access to Braintree town centre. The results showed there is strong support for pedestrianisation with many recognising the benefits such as; improved attractiveness and creating a safer and healthier environment.

    Braintree District Council and Essex County Council will now put the pedestrianisation plans into action, but before we do that we want to hear from you, as this scheme opens up a unique opportunity to relook at the way we use the space.

    This is your chance to tell us what you want to see in your town, be it more events, fountains or evening entertainment; we want to hear from you.


    PT O

    Complete the online survey

  • St. Michael’s Church

    Post O�ce


    George Yard




    Braintree Museum

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